Top 3 Postgraduate Study in Australia Courses for Nepalese Students

Are you planning to earn a postgraduate degree from an Australian university? Are you still confused about what to study in Australia? If yes, then here’s the list of top 3 PG courses in Australia that provide an excellent career prospect for international students across streams.

There are many education destinations, such as Australia, New Zealand, the US, the UK etc., but Australia is the first choice for Nepalese students. The country offers everything, from top universities, excellent student life, and a plethora of courses to post-study work options.

Let us have a look at top 3 PG courses in Australia!


Engineering is one of the fields attracting aspiring students from across the globe to Australian universities. Engineering courses in many different disciplines like electronics, civil, automotive etc. enjoy the inflow of international students from Nepal and other countries.

Exceptional research facilities, wide acknowledgement, and steady post study possibilities continue to make engineering one of the most preferred study in Australia courses. Many Australian universities offering engineering courses are included in the list of top-ranked universities in the world.

Accounting & Finance

Another course that draws the attention of overseas students is Accounting & Finance. In fact, many students planning to study in this beautiful country opt for accounting degrees over management degrees. A postgraduate accounting degree from an Australian university allows students to make a lucrative career.

Since Australia has been experiencing a shortage of expert accountants for many years now, the professional bodies have designed the Professional Year Program for international accounting students in Australia. The program is designed to address the issue of the shortage of talented accounting professional in the country.

Computer Science & Information Technology (IT)

People who had proposed the IT was a bubble perhaps didn’t foresee its impact on the life of a common man. Needless to say, a huge advancement in technologies is driving students towards this field.  Comparatively relaxed eligibility norms, research support, and a thriving industry make the course one of the most sought-after master’s programs in Australia.


Nursing is one of the most important career options for students willing to work in the healthcare industry. It enables professionals to work with medical settings to save precious lives in hospitals. Skilled nurses enjoy high job opportunities and satisfaction in the workplace. Become a part of this great profession joining in the top institution of Australia.

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