Why is Nursing a Top Choice for Nepalese Students in Australia?

Nepalese students are going abroad for higher education these days. The primary destinations are Australia, New Zealand, US, UK, and others. Majority of students are moving to Australia for further education.

Over 22, 000 courses are provided at 1100 educational institutions, but nursing is one of the most favourite courses for undergraduate study in Australia for international students. Excellent benefits are associated with studying nursing in the regional universities of the country.

Let us see the benefits of studying nursing for Nepalese students in Australia.

Recognised and Quality Education System

Australia has a quality education system which is known worldwide. Australian Quality Framework (AQF) is the body responsible for maintaining the quality of courses and programs offered in the local universities. The curriculums of the courses are strictly checked to ensure international standard education for overseas students.

The nursing courses in Australia are recognised and accepted by governments worldwide. Training is offered on the simulated projects help students to acquire professional skills and get ready for the healthcare industry.

Top Cities to Study Nursing Courses     

Australia has many student cities which are famous for providing a perfect environment for higher study and modern lifestyle. Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Gold Coast are the favourite student cities for overseas students. Decide where to study in Australia from these cities based on your preference for living standard and universities.

High Career Prospects

The nursing degrees are of Australia are recognised and accepted by different countries. After graduation in nursing, you will enjoy high employment opportunities globally.

Many countries are experiencing a shortage of nursing professionals. Australia is one such country facing this crisis. Studying nursing in Australia is a crucial step if you are looking to work in Australia after graduation. Upon completion of studies, you will enjoy high employment opportunities in the domestic market of Australia.

Scholarship Opportunities

Australia offers AUD 200 million as scholarships to the international students every year. Being from a partner nation, Nepalese students too can apply for a scholarship while studying nursing at the regional universities. Selected candidates will get concession in admission and tuition fees, airfare, and contribution to living expenses.

Do you want to study nursing in Australia?

Consult with our AECC Global Nepal education experts for help and outline your career pathway. Our experts will ensure that you get a smooth education journey to Australia.

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