Top 3 Courses for Nepalese Students to Study in Australia After 10+2

The white-sand beaches, clear water and air, amazing landscapes, and rare species of animals are some of the images that often come to our mind when thinking about Australia. But, these days, the country is getting popularity for some other reasons. In fact, Australia has become one of the top 3 study abroad destinations in the world.

Like other international students from different countries, Nepalese students also choose to study in Australia after 10+2. Even the country remains the first choice for Nepalese students looking to pursue their higher studies abroad.

Though the Australian universities and institutions offer more than 22000 courses for both local and international students, the following are some most popular courses chosen by the Nepalese students. Let us find out what makes them get into these courses!

Accounting Courses

Australia has been experiencing the shortage of qualified accounting professionals for last few years. In order to address the issue, the Australian Government, in association with the professional bodies, has taken the initiative to promote the accounting profession in the country- Professional Year Program is one such initiative.

Apart from that, accounting students in Australia are trained using the latest technology available in the field. The perfect blend of formal and practical education allows overseas students to gain maximum knowledge of the field and reap excellent results. Not to mention, accounting is one of the best Australian courses for international students.

Nursing Courses

Do you know about NAATI program? If not, you should know about it. The program is designed for overseas nurses to attract them towards Australian healthcare settings. Again, the program is developed to address the issue of the shortage of nursing professionals in Australia.

Nepalese students choose nursing courses to be trained in state-of-the-art healthcare settings, under the supervision and guidance of expert faculty members. With abundant job opportunities beckoning recent graduates, nursing offers a future-proof career.

Engineering Courses

An Australian engineering degree will provide you countless job opportunities in and outside Australia. According to 2015-16 Times Rankings, Australia is home to seven top-ranked universities offering engineering courses. Australian engineers are known for inventing the bionic ear, the pacemaker, plastic disposal syringe, and more.

Leading companies and employers throughout the world recognise Australian degrees and qualifications. In short, engineering is the right course to study in Australia.

For more information about the Australian courses, universities, accommodation options etc., you can reach out one of our education consultants at AECC Global.

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