Study in Australia: Some Facts About the Country

Australia promotes creativity, innovation and independent thinking throughout all its universities. Overseas students who study in Australia soon find that their education is fun, challenging and rewarding. As a Nepalese student in Australia, you can expect to live, grow and learn new things in an energetic, and friendly country packed with opportunities.

For the ones who successfully complete their degrees, they’ll find that they are competitive in the international job market. The following are some facts about undergraduate study in Australia for international students:

Living in Australia

Australia is knowns for its diversity and culture. Living in a foreign country can be a bit difficult, and your lifestyle will undoubtedly change.

The Australian climate varies depending more on the area, as the country consists of a variety of environments: from white-sand beaches to deserts and grazing lands to coral reefs.

Being an international student in Australia, one of the first things you will have to determine is where to live. Some Australian students live off-campuses, hotels, rentals or through homestay programs while others prefer housing options provided by the Australian universities.

Choosing the Right Programs

Australia provides overseas students with many study options, from graduate degrees to ESL programs. The country also has substantial technical and vocational programs through the TAFE system. When it comes to Nepalese students, they often choose to study engineering, accounting, social work and nursing courses in Australia.

Work While Study

One significant benefit of being an overseas student in Australia is that you can work part-time while completing your degree. Australia gives those with an Australian student visa automatic permission to work.

Overseas students in Australia must find a job on their own, but once hired, they’ll gain hands-on experience in various fields including retail, hospitality, and administration. This is not only a unique opportunity for international students to gain real work experience in Australia but also helps them to cover their living and miscellaneous expenses along with improving their business English fluency.

If you have more questions, like where to study in Australia, what to study, what are the scholarship options etc., you can reach out an education consultant at AECC Global.

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