Why is Nursing a Top Choice for Nepalese Students in Australia?

Nepalese students are going abroad for higher education these days. The primary destinations are Australia, New Zealand, US, UK, and others. Majority of students are moving to Australia for further education.

Over 22, 000 courses are provided at 1100 educational institutions, but nursing is one of the most favourite courses for undergraduate study in Australia for international students. Excellent benefits are associated with studying nursing in the regional universities of the country.

Let us see the benefits of studying nursing for Nepalese students in Australia.

Recognised and Quality Education System

Australia has a quality education system which is known worldwide. Australian Quality Framework (AQF) is the body responsible for maintaining the quality of courses and programs offered in the local universities. The curriculums of the courses are strictly checked to ensure international standard education for overseas students.

The nursing courses in Australia are recognised and accepted by governments worldwide. Training is offered on the simulated projects help students to acquire professional skills and get ready for the healthcare industry.

Top Cities to Study Nursing Courses     

Australia has many student cities which are famous for providing a perfect environment for higher study and modern lifestyle. Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Gold Coast are the favourite student cities for overseas students. Decide where to study in Australia from these cities based on your preference for living standard and universities.

High Career Prospects

The nursing degrees are of Australia are recognised and accepted by different countries. After graduation in nursing, you will enjoy high employment opportunities globally.

Many countries are experiencing a shortage of nursing professionals. Australia is one such country facing this crisis. Studying nursing in Australia is a crucial step if you are looking to work in Australia after graduation. Upon completion of studies, you will enjoy high employment opportunities in the domestic market of Australia.

Scholarship Opportunities

Australia offers AUD 200 million as scholarships to the international students every year. Being from a partner nation, Nepalese students too can apply for a scholarship while studying nursing at the regional universities. Selected candidates will get concession in admission and tuition fees, airfare, and contribution to living expenses.

Do you want to study nursing in Australia?

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Why You Need to Contact Study in Australia Consultants?

In recent times, more and more Nepalese students have inclined towards Australia to pursue their higher studies. Since the decision of studying abroad is not an easy one, you need to have a person who could help you out.

And, if you’re looking for assistance, you cannot find a better option than expert study in Australia consultants. An education consultant will tell you how to meet the requirements and apply for an Australian university. There is no denying that the expertise of an overseas education consultant or agent will make your way easy, but you need to hire them from a reputed agency.

Why Choose an Overseas Education Consultant?

Study abroad consultants are experts in the field of international education. They will help you pick the right university and course. Though the course selection is often influenced by the personal leanings of the students towards a field, an expert can suggest you where to apply and help you with the admission process. Their guidance is indispensable, specifically in the scope of education and career for you in the country you choose.

A consultant can also offer alternatives if you fail to qualify for the course or university of your choice. They will guide you regarding the proper admission seasons in different institutions and universities, tuition fees, living expenses, scholarships in Australia for Nepalese students, and other pertinent facts about studying in Australia.

Apart from these aspects, a consultant will also be able to help you with the visa process. They ensure that potential overseas students are eligible for the course they’ve opted for and that the paperwork is in accordance with the requirements of the DIBP.

Some Qualities of an Overseas Education Consultant

A good consultant can support you in the English language test process. There are many such education consultants who provide coaching and counselling for popular tests such as the IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL- these tests are standardised exams recognised by the most of English-speaking nations.

No matter whether you want study nursing or IT courses in Australia, seeking advice from an expert consultant is imperative.

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Top 3 Courses for Nepalese Students to Study in Australia after 10+2

Though Australia is one of the top three study abroad destinations in the world, it has now become the first choice for Nepalese students. Each year, thousands of Nepalese students apply for a student visa to study in Australia after 10+2.

Comparatively simple student visa process, world-class education, low tuition and living costs, and beautiful landscapes are some of the most common traits of Australia that allure overseas students not only from Nepal but also across the globe.

However, there are certain things/tasks that often leave us confused. What to study, where to study, what are the available scholarship options etc. are some of the frequently asked questions that occur to every aspiring student with an Australian dream.

In an attempt to ease your efforts, we are discussing here top Australia courses for international students:


Never seems going out of the trend, accounting professionals are always in demand on both personal finance and corporate levels. In the majority of cases, accounting students gain professional status through an accredited university course, work experience and further study. Australian-qualified accounting professionals often find employment overseas.


Nepalese students pursuing an engineering degree in Australia have the peace of mind knowing that they’re obtaining a quality degree. Thanks to Engineers Australia (EA) who ensures that Australian degrees are equivalent to degrees in countries like the UK, the US, Canada and Japan.

Computer Science/Information Technology

With advanced infrastructure and latest technology, several IT conglomerates such as Canon, Google System and IBM have set up their software developments in Australia. If you study in Australia, you will be exposed to the latest technology and infrastructure, making you receive advanced education and become future innovators.

The University of New South Wales and Charles Sturt University are two leading institutions offering several IT courses for native and international students.

If you know more about Australian courses and degrees, scholarships options, top Australian universities etc., you can get in touch with one of our education consultants at AECC Global.

Top Three Student Cities for International Students in Australia

With over 22,000 courses and 1,100 institutions, there is an excellent scope for undergraduate study in Australia for international students. 7 out of the best 100 universities in the world are in Australia. The Australian university system ranks 8th in the world, ahead of countries like the UK, Japan, and Germany. Moreover, Australian qualifications and degrees are recognised by universities and organisations across the globe, meaning you can work anywhere you wish to.

Apart from the quality education, the country is home to 6 of the 40 best student cities in the world. In 2012, a survey revealed that 88 percent overseas students are satisfied or very satisfied with living in Australia. No surprise, Australia is one of the four happiest countries in the world.

There are many world-class places/cities for overseas students to study in Australia, but the ‘problem of plenty’ often creates chaos for students. That’s the reason why the question ‘why and where to study in Australia’ keeps bothering Nepalese and other international students planning to study on this fantastic land of opportunities.

Providing an answer to the question mentioned above, we are telling you about top three Australian cities best for international students.


According to 2013’s QS City Index, Sydney is the fourth best city for students in the world. It’s also the most populous city in Australia. It’s a popular tourist destination for its marvellous structures such as the Sydney Opera house and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Also, the city is home to the oldest Australian university, the University of Sydney.


Better known for being an international centre for arts, Melbourne is recognised as a UNESCO City of Literature. It has the Royal Exhibition Building and the National Gallery of Victoria. Melbourne has the world’s largest tram network.


With two million houses and three major universities, Brisbane has the world’s highest student ratio. It is also popular among tourists for its proximity to spectacular white-sand beaches.

So, these were the top three student cities in Australia. If you want information on IT, engineering or nursing courses in Australia, visa process, accommodation etc., you should meet one of our expert education consultants at AECC Global.

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Top Three Courses for Nepalese Students to Study in Australia after 10+2

Australia is one of the best three education destinations for international students. Each year, thousands of Nepalese students opt to study in Australia after 10+2. In fact, Australia is the first choice for Nepalese students planning to pursue courses in engineering, accounting & finance, IT, nursing etc. in Australia.

Let us find out more about the popular courses offered by the top-ranked Australian universities!


Engineering field continues to be the first choice for Nepalese students in Australia. Top engineering specialisations include mechanical, computer, civil, electrical, nuclear and others. According to the Australian National Engineering Taskforce, the states of Western Australia and Queensland are growing at a faster rate and will need more engineers, which means plenty of work opportunities for local and international engineering graduates in coming years.

Some of the leading Australian universities offering engineering courses are Monash University, the University of New South Wales, the University of Sydney, and the University of Queensland.

Accounting & Finance

With accounting becoming more complicated than just simple reporting, there’s a high demand for world-class accounting courses and programs among Nepalese students. Australia offers many of these, with some top-ranked universities offering Accounting & Finance courses. Universities, such as the Australian National University, the University of Queensland, and the University of Sydney, offer many Australia courses for international students in the Accounting & Finance field.

Once you have earned an Australia accounting degree, you can work as a financial planner, auditor, financial advisor, accountant, tax agent, budget manager, investment analyst etc.

Nursing Course

Australia is globally known for providing quality education. The Australian Nursing courses and programs have been designed based on the international standards to impart advance theoretical and practical skills required in offering top-quality healthcare services.

The inclusion of nursing profession in the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List validates the fact of growing demands for expert nurses in Australia and beyond. On the other hand, allied healthcare services have made nursing courses popular in the country.

So, these were top three Australia courses popular among Nepalese students. In case you have any confusion related to choosing the right university or course to study in Australia, Australian visa process, accommodation etc., you can reach our experts at AECC Global, a globally renowned education consultancy and agency.

Why is Australia an Ideal Destination for Engineering Study?

The road to becoming a successful engineer is long and complicated. Hundred hours of dedicated studies required to keep pace with lengthy syllabi and improve grades in semesters. Rigorous practical training in the lab to develop critical and rational thinking to get the best solution for a problem. It is an essential hardening process that every aspiring engineer undergoes during the engineering study.

The efforts and dedication put in the studies bring a colourful result for the aspirants. Engineering graduates are one of the best-paid professionals in the world now. Further, engineering is a future-proof career option. Meaning no matter how is the economic condition, engineers will always be in demand in the industry.

Why Study in Australia?

Australia is the third most popular destination for the international students for further education. The country has a quality education system and robust educational infrastructure for modern training. It is also home to 1100 educational institutions providing over 22000 courses in a variety of study fields, enabling students to find their ideal career path easily. The study in Australia cost is higher than the developing countries but lower than the US and UK.

Australia is a home to 7 universities which have been featured in the Top 100 QS World University Ranking offering engineering programs and courses. Besides, Australia’s University Ranking System has ranked 9th globally ahead of developed countries like Germany, Japan, and New Zealand.

The journey to study engineering in Australia will add value to your career getting advanced knowledge and professional skills needed to find a job in the industry. The engineering degrees of Australian universities are recognised and accepted by governments across the globe.

Higher Career Prospects and Job Opportunities

More than 40% of the Australian engineering taskforce is of foreign origin. It means most of the Australian engineers have either studied in regional universities or hired from overseas countries. Engineering is added in the MLTSSL and STSOL categories, reflecting the shortage of skilled engineers in the country. This made engineering one of the most popular courses in Australia for international students.

Additionally, aspirants get many career options and avenues to choose from depending on the specialisation in the degrees. Some of the popular choices are civil, electrical, mechanical, and so on.

Do you wish to study engineering in Australia?

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Top 3 Postgraduate Study in Australia Courses for Nepalese Students

Are you planning to earn a postgraduate degree from an Australian university? Are you still confused about what to study in Australia? If yes, then here’s the list of top 3 PG courses in Australia that provide an excellent career prospect for international students across streams.

There are many education destinations, such as Australia, New Zealand, the US, the UK etc., but Australia is the first choice for Nepalese students. The country offers everything, from top universities, excellent student life, and a plethora of courses to post-study work options.

Let us have a look at top 3 PG courses in Australia!


Engineering is one of the fields attracting aspiring students from across the globe to Australian universities. Engineering courses in many different disciplines like electronics, civil, automotive etc. enjoy the inflow of international students from Nepal and other countries.

Exceptional research facilities, wide acknowledgement, and steady post study possibilities continue to make engineering one of the most preferred study in Australia courses. Many Australian universities offering engineering courses are included in the list of top-ranked universities in the world.

Accounting & Finance

Another course that draws the attention of overseas students is Accounting & Finance. In fact, many students planning to study in this beautiful country opt for accounting degrees over management degrees. A postgraduate accounting degree from an Australian university allows students to make a lucrative career.

Since Australia has been experiencing a shortage of expert accountants for many years now, the professional bodies have designed the Professional Year Program for international accounting students in Australia. The program is designed to address the issue of the shortage of talented accounting professional in the country.

Computer Science & Information Technology (IT)

People who had proposed the IT was a bubble perhaps didn’t foresee its impact on the life of a common man. Needless to say, a huge advancement in technologies is driving students towards this field.  Comparatively relaxed eligibility norms, research support, and a thriving industry make the course one of the most sought-after master’s programs in Australia.


Nursing is one of the most important career options for students willing to work in the healthcare industry. It enables professionals to work with medical settings to save precious lives in hospitals. Skilled nurses enjoy high job opportunities and satisfaction in the workplace. Become a part of this great profession joining in the top institution of Australia.

To know more about the best Australian courses, institutions, scholarships etc., you can contact one of our expert education consultants at AECC Global. Our experts will provide you with the best consultancy in Nepal for Australia.

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Five Things to Remember Before Going to Study in Australia

If you are a Nepali student and thinking about Australia, the images of kangaroos, boomerangs, and the outback would have come to your mind. But, did you know the country has now become the first choice for Nepalese students who wish to study abroad?

Though the country offers much to overseas students, certain things leave us befuddled. For example, what to study in Australia, where to stay, which is the best university, what are the available scholarships etc. are some of the most common questions that occur to the most of us.

Here, we are going to discuss five things that every aspiring student should know before going to Australia:

You need to have a visa

Studying in Australia or any other country in the world will require you to have a student visa. The type of visa you need depends more on the duration of your stay. Visa application can be done online. To learn more about obtaining an Australian student visa, you can seek help from the best consultancy in Nepal for Australia.

You must have a health cover

You need to make sure that you choose the right health insurance. In Australia, medical bills can be high and take out insurance will mean you will not find yourself out of pocket if you fall ill. Having a health insurance will also put your mind at ease.

Consider the Expenses

You should be realistic about the expenses of studying abroad. There is the fee for studying, expenses for accommodation, and costs for food and entertainment. Ensure that you’ve sufficient funds to bear all these expenses. However, in Australia, you have an option to work during study.

Do your research on the country

When finally moving to Australia it’s vital to do your research, and more importantly, research the very area you are travelling to. Be sure to look up the best study in Australia courses, universities, public transport, supermarkets, local stores, medical centres and entertainment spots. If you plan to drive a vehicle, make sure that you have a suitable driving license and understand the Australian road rules.

Australia is fun

Australia is a beautiful country which offers the highest quality education and quality of life. Melbourne is voted one of the best student cities in the world. No wonder people don’t want to leave this amazing country!

For more information, you can meet our expert education consultants at AECC Global.

How Australian Education Consultants Help Realise Your Australian Dreams?

If you wish to work and study in Australia, you must have an Australian visa to begin your journey in this beautiful country. However, applying for an Australian visa can be a bit chaotic, especially when you are unaware of what documents you need to prepare and what’re the requirements.

Following are some of the tips to help you prepare your application for the visa.

What You Need to Do When Applying for an Australian Visa

Before applying for an Australian student visa, you need to get an acceptance by an Australian university or educational institution. To be eligible for the visa, you are required to take part in either primary or high school, a short course, undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate course etc.

Once you choose a course that fits you, you will need to contact an education provider directly. If you are applying with experienced Australian education consultants or agents, the process of applying for a student visa will become much easier for you. Make sure that you reach out an education provider in advance to clarify the application process as some institutions would accept the applicants who have consulted their qualified education agents.

You must prepare a 2000-word statement explaining why you want to study in Australia. The statement should include why you have chosen a specific university or course and what advantage you will gain by pursuing your selected program.

You are required to complete your health examinations even before initiating the visa application process. You also need to prove that you can cover all the expenses related to tuition fee, living cost, airfare etc.

Consider Seeking Help from Education Consultants

If you want a hassle-free processing of your visa application and complete the requirements easily, overseas education consultants can be of great use. Expert education consultants and experts will provide you with the necessary information related to universities, admission procedure, scholarships opportunities, visa application, courses etc. They will offer detailed information about the tuition fee, living costs, accommodation options and more. They ensure that you have all relevant documents ready to pass your visa application.

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What Does It Mean to Study Accounting Courses in Australia?

The role of an accountant is to produce data that assist companies making the right decisions. Without accountants, it wouldn’t be possible for businesses and organisations to measure performance easily. And, the decision making would be guesswork. Following are some reasons why study accounting in Australia is still an excellent choice for international students.

Job Security

Australia has been experiencing a shortage of skilled accounting professionals for a very long time. That’s the reason why professional bodies are putting significant efforts to attract aspiring accountants in the country. In short, there is no shortage of job opportunities for qualified accountants in the country.

On the other hand, being a stable economy, Australia always needs expert accountants. If you are an accounting graduate in the country, you may get the opportunity to work in leading firms, such as Ernst and Young, KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Deloitte.

Study Accounting for Its Diversity

There are plenty of different fields available to students who pursue Accounting Courses in Australia. For instance, you can go into management accounting, internal auditing, cost accounting, forensic accounting- the list goes on. With an accounting degree, your pathways are far and wide.

Accounting Allows You to Advance Up the Career Ladder

In recent times, expert accounting professionals are making their way to the top of the corporate ladder. The rise of chief financial officer (CFO) is unrivalled by any other job position, and renowned companies like Phillip Morris, Applebee’s and Krispy Kreme have promoted their CFOs to CEOs over the last few years.

Accounting Enables You Move into Other Areas

Accounting often serves as the financial backbone of any business, and an accountant role will allow you to interact and forge relationships with many different departments of the company. Your acquaintance with various fields within the company will make it easy for you to turn to another unit if you feel like a change.

If you are a wizard with numbers, have a passion for performance why not study accounting in a top-ranked university in Australia.

We at AECC Global have a team of expert education consultants who will tell you where and what to study in Australia. No matter whether you wish to pursue accounting or engineering courses in Australia, our consultants will answer all your queries.

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