Two Popular Courses for Nepalese Students in Australia

Australia is rightly called the land of opportunities for overseas students. The country has a renowned education system which offers 22, 000 courses at 1100 educational institutions in different study fields. Pursuing a right course from the top-ranked university helps students get bright career prospects. It is an important tool for the career growth and success in the professional front.

As stated above, there are ample of study options for students in Australia. However, students must select the in-demand course to enjoy high employability. This is highly important if you are eyeing for work and live in Australia after graduation.

Here are two popular courses that help international students including Nepalese to reach their end goal in Australia:


It is by far one of the popular study options for overseas students in Australia. The high employment prospect is the driving factor of its popularity. The nursing courses and programs are meticulously designed to impart high standard training to students. With the use of cutting-edge technology coupled with internationalised curriculums, the decision to study nursing in Australia proves helpful in starting a successful career in this field.

Further, the recognised degrees bring high career prospect for graduates across the globe. Most of the graduates are absorbed in Australian healthcare settings due to high demand for skilled nurses. It is a crucial opportunity for students to land their dream jobs after completion of studies.


Engineers are rightly called the architect of modern society. No country can progress without the help of skilled engineer in different fields. Unfortunately, Australia is facing a shortage of qualified professionals to carry out economic activities.

More than 40% Australian engineers are of foreign origin. It is a significant data that reflects the shortage of skilled engineers in the country. Study engineering courses in Australia to get the best value education and quality training from renowned faculties. With a greater emphasis on the practical aspects, the students get ready for professional life.

Consult with education consultants for Australia to get more information on scholarships, lifestyle, career options, institutions, and best cities for study. In fact, you will get accurate information concerning your higher studies in Australia from experts for a seamless university experience.

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Top 3 Courses Nepalese Students Choose to Study in Australia after 10+2

Australia attracts thousands of international students to pursue higher education each year. The country remains the first choice for Nepalese students when it comes to studying abroad. In 2017, more than 16,000 Nepalese students have enrolled in Australian universities to study in Australia after 10+2. Sophisticated infrastructure, world-class education system, and the perfect environment to study are some of the specialities that allure students from around the globe.

There are more than 1100 notable education institutions that offer around 22000 courses in many study areas. Availability of numerous scholarships for overseas students is another pull factor. However, students often get confused about choosing the right course and university in Australia. Though personal choice often influences the decision of selecting a course, the following are top three courses that Nepalese students choose to study in Australia:


Better known as the ‘language of business’, accounting offers a future-proof career, meaning whether it’s a recession or inflation accountants will always be needed. Students enrol in accounting courses are trained in state-of-the-art infrastructure using the latest technology available in the field. As many as six Australian universities offering accounting programs in Australia are featured in the top 50 universities in the world according to QS World University Ranking 2017.

Apart from that, you can join Professional Year Program after completing your graduation. The program will launch you into the Australian market right from the classrooms.

Information Technology (IT)

Australia is a hub of technology. Australia has it all- a skilled workforce, advanced infrastructure and tech-savvy customers. Top-ranked companies such as Canon, Google and IBM have set up their software development centres in the country for testing and implementation of advanced technologies. Students enrolled in IT courses in Australia are exposed to the latest technology and infrastructure so that they can receive advanced education and become future innovators.

Public Health

Again, top six universities in Australia offer Clinical and Health courses. Australian public health care programs are recognised globally. These courses prepare students from different disciplines to define, assess, and solve public sanitation.

As there is an increasing demand for health professionals, you can quickly get jobs after completing your studies from an Australian university.


Nursing is one of the most popular courses for international students in Australia. The country has universities offering world-class courses in nursing to aspirants. Pursuing nursing courses in Australia is considered an important step towards a successful career in healthcare industry.

So, there are the top 4 courses studied by Nepalese students. Need more help? Contact AECC Global experts and request your education counselling session.

Where to Study in Australia: Top 3 Australian Cities for Overseas Students

According to 2016 QS Best Student Cities, Australia has seven cities ranked among top 75 in the world. The country stands out as one of the most attractive countries to study abroad, offering high-quality education in stunning locations. The best Australian cities for overseas students achieve strong scores in the indicators for employer activity, student mix and desirability, while two out of seven Australian entries boast positions in the top five of the overall ranking.

So, if you want to ask where to study in Australia, the following are top three student cities in Australia- all offering at least two top-ranked universities plus an exceptional study abroad experience.


Melbourne remains second in the Best Student Cities rankings this year (2016), beaten only by Paris. Better known as the cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne offers so many things to do, especially if you are into comedy, live music or sports. The city is home to seven leading universities featuring in the international rankings. With the high standard of living and beautiful white-sand beaches, Melbourne also achieves high scores for desirability.


Sydney is Australia’s economic and financial hub and secures the fourth position in the Best Student Cities index. The city ranks first in the entire index for desirability, all thanks to a perfect combination of high-quality life packed with a paradisiacal mix of green spaces and beaches. The city has five globally ranked and recognised universities offering different courses in Australia for international students. Besides providing enjoyable student experience, the city is famous for employer activity.


Like cities mentioned above, Canberra scores well in the student mix category, reflecting its huge and internationally diverse student population. Home to Australia’s best university, no surprise that the city has attracted students from across the globe. Being the capital city of Australia, Canberra offers plenty of attractions – including its human-made lake right in the city centre, and various nature reserves all around.

Apart from that, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Darwin are the top student cities where international students prefer to go for higher education.

Role of Education Consultants

Studying abroad is not that easy as it seems from the surface. It takes much research and planning to select the best university, course, city and accommodation in the country that you might not have seen earlier, and are going to study there. No matter whether you are going to study engineering or nursing courses in Australia, you better inquire about the scope in the field.

Here is where the education consultants become crucial for overseas students. AECC Global is a top-class education consultancy and agency in Nepal which has been serving its clients for a long time. Contact the agency today and start a bright career in Australia.

Why are Nepalese Students Choosing to Study in Australia?

A few years ago, Australia was ranked third behind the UK and US as a study destination for Nepalese students.  Australia climbed to the top spot as the first choice for Nepalese students choosing to study abroad, according to the records of Nepal’s Department of Scholarship at the Ministry of Education.

Numerous factors are responsible for surging of Nepali students’ enrolment at Australian universities. The pro-student activities and initiatives of the Australian government are bringing students from different nations including Nepal.

In fact, Australia has much more than you can imagine. Let us look at the top factors responsible for the phenomenal growth of Nepalese students:

Globally Recognised Degrees and Education System

Australia is a powerhouse of the modern education system. With a robust educational infrastructure and use state-of-art technology in training, pursuing higher education from Australia is a vital step for a successful career ahead.

With over 22, 000 courses on offer at 1100 educational institutions, Australia is a haven for aspirants seeking foundation courses and applied studies. Known for globally recognised degrees, Australia courses for international students come with international standard curriculums. With accepted degrees at hand, graduates enjoy high career prospects in Australia and abroad.

Top Ranked Universities

Australia is home to seven top-ranked universities which are featured in the QS World University Ranking. The country’s University Ranking system has ranked 9th globally ahead of Germany, Japan, and New Zealand. Graduating from such universities is a confidence booster for Nepalese students while preparing well for workplace challenges.

Scholarship Scheme

The scholarship scheme is one of the top factors attracting students from nations including Nepal. There is a separate program for scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students being a partnering nation.

Aspirants can apply for the awards while pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate courses at local institutions. Selected candidates receive concessions in admission and tuition fees, contribution to living expenses, airfare, and other benefits.

In addition to scholarships, part-time jobs are available for students in the local departmental stores, retail chains and hospitality sector. Australia’s student visa allowing to work part-time is a blessing for financially struggling overseas students including Nepalese.

However, the process to study in Australia seems easier than done. Confusions and obstacles are bound to arise while processing your application for admission, selection of courses, visa process and other relevant activities. Consult with study in Australia consultants to clear your doubts and get a seamless university experience.

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Why studying nursing in Australia is a great career option?

Nursing is considered one of the noblest professions in humanity. It is more than just about earning money. It’s about saving lives. Nursing professionals have the power to bring so much positivity into the world, maybe that’s why it is called the ‘Blessed Profession’. Considering the rise in population in the world today, it is safe to say that nursing will always remain one of the most needed and regarded professions in the world. Nursing will always offer excellent job opportunities along with generous pay.

The scope of nursing is even greater in countries like Australia. Australia is considered one of the most-liveable countries in the world. The Australian government devotes a substantial quantity of the budget on healthcare to ensure world-class health services to its citizens.

In recent times, Australia has been tackling a huge shortage of qualified nurses. As a result, top universities in Australia are offering various Nursing courses and various programmes to specifically attract overseas students.

The Australian government and functioning bodies have introduced the IRON (Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses) program, a sort of bridging programme which focuses on gaining competency to start practising according to the Australian standard. Upon the completion of IRON programme, the nurses get registered in the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC) which directly enhances their employability.

There are various settings where one can practice nursing with sizeable salaries. This gives international students a huge platform to work and study in Australia.

Getting admissions into prestigious colleges in Australia is a little bit challenging. There are many rules and procedures regarding visa applications and entry requirements. Plus, having such insights about the nursing courses and registration programmes is impossible for an overseas student. So, taking the right help becomes necessary. And there are various overseas education consultants, specifically for this purpose, to guide and advise.

But again, there are a lot of these ‘education shops’ in the market only for the financial aspect of it. Only some education agencies have actually helped students through their career journeys while staying true to the values they were founded on.

But today, most Nepalese students know where to look if they require the help of the best consultancy in Nepal for Australia. AECC Global is one such group of consultants who, over the years, have helped numerous Nepalese students in outlining their career pathways.

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Why should international students study accounting in Australia?

Australia is the land of opportunities. The land down under invites thousands of international students for higher education. With various benefits like scholarships, part-time jobs and being picked up by the best employers, it’s no wonder why study in Australia is on any overseas student’s wish list.

Accounting is one of the most admired careers in the professional world. Accounting is financial backbone of the biggest of companies around the world. Australian universities provide world-class comprehensive courses in Accounting to their students.

Here are the reasons why so many international students study accounting in Australia.

  1. Advanced course curriculums

The career options in accounting field are Internal Audit, Forensic Accounting, Management Accounting, Taxation etc. The course curriculums are very advanced and devised according to the international standard by the Australian professional accounting bodies. Skill development is given precedence over everything else. That’s why many independent professional courses and programmes are there just to bridge the gap between industry demand and theoretical learning.

  1. Shortage of skilled professionals in Australia.

There is a continuing shortage of skilled professionals in Australia. The dearth of qualified accountants poses a huge challenge for the Australian industry and government. Thus, in recent years skilled overseas accountants are being hired by the top employers giving international students a great opportunity to work and settle in Australia.

  1. The brand of world-class universities.

There are 43 universities in Australia located in its major cities. 7 of them are in top 100 of QS World Ranking, and thus Australian universities are held in high regard throughout the world. The institutions offer comprehensive accounting courses in Australia. Recruiters from the biggest companies around the world prefer to hire students from Australian universities.

  1. Affordability.

Australia is arguably the most liveable place on earth. The quality of life here is superlative. Cities like Melbourne, Sydney are among the best in the world and are extremely hospitable for international students. But the most amazing thing about living in Australia is that it’s so affordable. On top of that, there are numerous part-time work opportunities for overseas students.

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How can education consultants help to study in Australia?

Over the years, Australia has attracted students from across the globe. The opportunities are tremendous, and over 2.5 million alumni have graduated over the years. There have been 15 Nobel Laureates so far from Australia which is a testament to the quality of education and facilities.

The number of aspirants to study in Australia courses have only been increasing continually and expected to rise even further in future. The reasons why Australia is an ideal destination for international students-

  • Australia allocates AUD 200 million as scholarships to offer to deserving students for their higher education.
  • The quality of education is on par with those of US and UK. The Australian universities are ranked 9th globally ahead of countries like Germany, Japan and New Zealand.
  • The Australian visa allows the student to work their part-time at local stores, thus, help the financially struggling students to earn money for the tuition fee and other additional expenses.
  • The career prospects are good for the international students as most of the industries depend upon the skilled professionals from overseas.

The students often have confusion regarding the whole procedure of applying to Australia. To remove this ambiguity, Australian education consultants may help students to find a seamless study experience. The entire process of applying for an overseas visa to the selection of institution for admission can be resolved.

However, you need to select a consultant reading the reviews and certification from the concerned authority. All the relevant questions regarding the visa and the documents should be asked from the consultants. The expert education consultants will provide you with the necessary information regarding the universities and what to study in Australia.

They have the complete details of admission procedure, scholarships, visa application, the courses offered and the accommodation options for the students.

AECC Nepal is an excellent choice for the students looking to take the services of education consultants. They have a student satisfaction rate of 99% and have offices in 9 countries. They are a partner or an authorised representative of leading universities and can often offer on-spot admissions saving you time and money.

Top 3 Courses Nepalese Students Choose to Study in Australia after 10+2

Various surveys exhibited that the number of Nepalese students looking to study in Australia after 10+2 has increased over the years. Though they choose the countries like New Zealand, India, Canada etc., Australian remains the first choice for them.

Simplified student visa process, lower fees, many different scholarships, part-time jobs, and excellent career prospects are some of the most compelling reasons that attract Nepalese students towards Australia. At present, more than 20,000 Nepalese students are enrolled in different Australian universities and educational institutions.

What about the programs or courses? What are those popular courses that Nepalese students opt to study abroad?

Generally speaking, students tend to select programs and courses based on their interest in a particular subject. Nepalese students are no exception. But, their choice of courses is impacted significantly by the availability of growth prospects and job opportunities available in a field in the given country. The following are top three courses for Nepalese students to study in Australia:


Australia has seven top-ranked universities offering many different courses in engineering and technology. Australian engineering programs are known and recognised globally for their qualities coupled with modern training amenities that help students gain skills needed for career development. Programs such as Professional Year allow Nepalese students to gain some practical knowledge of the field through an internship program and get a job of their choice in the Australian workplace.


Nursing is a remarkable career option for the ones who are looking to work as a health professional in Australia. Nursing programs in Australia are ideal ones to reach towards the goal of becoming a successful nurse. In Australia, you can pursue bachelor’s and master’s degree in nursing with a specialisation in the regional university.

Again, Australian nursing courses are accepted and recognised worldwide due to the inclusion of advanced practices in the training.

Information Technology (IT)

A career in IT will mean that you have chosen a future-proof profession. Studying IT courses in Australia helps Nepalese students acquire top-quality education and skills to move ahead in their career. Australian educational institutions offer certificate, diploma, bachelor and master’s courses in IT. In addition to that, you can join Professional Year program to make yourself prepared for the local market.

Australia is home to many IT conglomerates who have settled their facilities and stores to provide customer services across the globe. In short, you will enjoy the opportunity to work with leading IT firms.

So, these were the top three courses for Nepalese students. For more, you can contact our education experts at AECC Global.

Why Nepalese Students Prefer Studying Engineering in Australia?

Engineering is one of the most preferred courses that students around the world choose to study. A career in engineering provides you with high job satisfaction and poses different challenges. If you want to earn an engineering degree which is recognised all over the world, then you must reach Australia to make that happen.

Top-ranked Australian universities offer numerous engineering courses in Australia for both local and overseas students. In fact, ANET (Australian National Engineering Taskforce) reveals that international enrolments in engineering courses have increased by more than 80 percent between 2002 to 2010.

So, why is Australia a popular destination for engineering aspirants? Read this piece to find out the major benefits of earning an engineering degree from an Australian institution.

A Variety of Courses

No matter whether it’s mechanical, civil, electronics, chemical, marine, petroleum or aerospace, Australian institutions offer a variety of engineering courses right across the country. This gives you an opportunity to specialise in the field of your choice. If you are already working as an engineer, Australian universities offer a wide range of postgraduate programs in engineering, which will make you take next step in your career.

Excellent Career Prospects

At present, Australia is experiencing a shortage of engineers, especially in the cities and states that are experiencing the high growth in mining and resources. This high demand for skilled workforce means that Nepalese students pursuing engineering have powerful prospects of gaining employment in Australia. Overseas graduates are crucial to meeting the country’s engineering skill shortage. You will see many Nepalese students seeking advice from education consultants for Australia to make an excellent career in engineering in Australia.

Work Experience Opportunities

Work experience is an essential part of Australian engineering programs, ensuring that engineering graduates have the practical knowledge and skills needed by employers in the workforce. The Australian Government and professional bodies have launched Professional Year Program for international students who have completed an engineering degree in Australia. The program lets overseas graduates gain experience through an internship program in an Australian company.

In addition to that, Engineers Australia (EA) is the professional body which is responsible for the accreditation of the undergraduate engineering programs. The accreditation ensures that Australian universities and institutions offering engineering programs meet high standards and produce professionals with the skills and knowledge required by employers in the local market.

So, if you have plans to pursue engineering, study nursing in Australia, or studying anything else, you better hire an expert consultant from AECC Global, a top-class education consultancy and agency in Nepal.

3 Things that Attract Nepalese Students Towards Australia

Do you have a dream of studying abroad? If yes, you might have selected your study abroad destination. Countries like New Zealand, Canada and the US are popular among Nepalese students, but Australia is the most preferred destination for them. A recent survey reveals that during 2016, more than 20000 Nepalese students had enrolled in Australian universities. In Nepal, you will see many aspiring students seeking help from the renowned study in Australia consultants and receiving information about the Australian education system, courses, lifestyle etc.

So, what are those things that convince Nepalese students to pursue higher studies in Australia? Do you have the curiosity to know? Let us find out!

A Variety of Courses

The best Nepalese universities offer numerous courses, but you may have something else in mind. Niche courses like environmental engineering, accounting & finance, or healthcare may not be available in the local universities. Also, highly popular programs such as Engineering, Nursing, Accounting etc. can be competitive to get, as the seats are limited. Therefore, top-ranked Australian institutions and universities can assist in supplementing the shortage and offer more opportunities for students. These universities offer more than 22000 Australia courses for international students.

Lifelong Friends

An important part of your Australian journey is meeting with new people hailing from different cultures and nationalities. Since everyone has a personality, character and story, you will come to know about more beyond your own culture and country. You will receive several opportunities to participate in programs and events organised by student leaders and the university staff.

Extensive Career Opportunities

Your experience as a student in Australia can be an interesting factor for potential employers. Having survived in an unknown country reflects your determination and ability to coordinate with local students. Your unique traits such as adaptability, flexibility and enthusiasm may prove to be the real charm for future employers.

On the other hand, Australian qualifications are recognised everywhere in the world, meaning you will be able to find a job anywhere you want.

These are some of the most common things that can attract not only Nepalese students but also other overseas students towards Australia. To know more about scholarships in Australia for Nepalese students, available courses, and top universities, you can get in touch with our education consultants at AECC Global.

AECC Global is a top-class education consultancy in Nepal.