Why Should Nepalese Students Study Accounting in Australia?

Gone are the days the job of an account was restricted to just making annual financial reports for an organisation. Nowadays, accountants actively take part in financial decision-making and formulating strategies to dodge the possible financial threats to a business. Of course, the decisions are made keeping in mind the current market trends. No surprise, accounting offers a future-proof career. This is the reason why thousands of Nepalese students opt to study accounting in Australia each year.

If you also want to make a career in the accounting field, your journey will begin with a top-class university. And, Australia is home to many top-ranked universities offering accounting courses in different specialities. Choosing the right institution in Australia will allow you to acquire industry-specific knowledge under the supreme guidance of qualified and experienced faculty members. Australian universities use the latest technology and world-class teaching methods, making graduates find employment anywhere in the world.

Pursuing accounting courses in Australia will be an essential move for Nepalese students to make a right start in their chosen career. Besides the advanced theoretical knowledge of the field, accounting aspirants receive practical knowledge by working on live projects.

On the other hand, the rising demand for qualified and skilled accounting professionals in Australian industries have paved the way for overseas students to make a bright career in accounting. Recently, the Job Outlook has revealed that the Australian industries will need more 40,000 accounting professionals by 2020.

And it’s evident with the inclusion of accounting-related professions in the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List and the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List. It signifies that the sector is facing a shortage of qualified accountants offering some excellent opportunities for overseas graduates.

However, getting the job of your choice in the local market is not possible unless you have some real work experience and other skills. Since recruiters expect candidates to have some practical skills, the Australian professional bodies have designed Professional Year Program for accounting graduates. The program allows fresh accounting graduates to gain hands-on experience in the Australian workplace and learn the workplace ethics and language.

If you are facing visa related problems or finding an answer for why study in Australia, then you should meet an expert education consultant at AECC Global, a top-class education consultancy and agency in Nepal and other parts of the world.

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