Dreaming of studying in Australia? Here are the steps you need to follow

Australia is a very popular study destination for overseas students. The enormous education spectrum comprising more than 1200 institutions is supported by a robust infrastructure and the finest standard of living. Most of the major universities and institutes are located in its five major cities. The multiculturalism and quality of life in these cities, along with affordable college fees, scholarships and employment opportunities all attract multitudes of overseas students aiming to work and study in Australia.

But studying in Australia is not is not a one-step process. It requires your attention, time and energy.

Here are some basic steps-

  • Choose your preferred course and college.
  • Submit your application for the same.
  • Receive offer letter from the institution
  • Prepare financial documents and arrange the tuition fees to be sent.
  • Await the college approval for it.
  • Receive and verify the electronic Confirmation of Enrolment.
  • Apply for your student visa.

Here are some entry requirements you’ll have to meet for your college and visa applications (Genuine Temporary Entrant(GTE) Requirements)-

  • Necessary academic qualifications.
  • English language proficiency.
  • Proof that you’ve enough funds to support your higher studies.
  • Overseas Student Health Cover.

Though on paper all these steps look very simple and precise, in reality, they are very rigorous and complicated. Without expert’s advice and support, you are bound to get confused and agitated. As a result, people are looking for the help of the best consultancy in Nepal for AustraliaBut among so many education ‘shops’, it is critical to choose the right agency.

AECC Global is a well-known education agency in Nepal which has helped students in realising their dream of studying abroad. Founded in 2008 by the overseas education consultants who happen to be industry veterans, it is committed to deliver expert and ethical counselling to the students aiming for higher studies in Australia.

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