Studying Abroad: Study in Australia Cost for Nepalese Students

Australia attracts thousands of Nepalese students every year. The state-of-the-art infrastructure, quality education, world-class student cities, and scholarship options are some of the prime reasons why Australia is the first choice for Nepalese students to continue higher studies. The country is home to more than 1100 institutions offering over 22000 courses in different study fields.

If you have a dream of studying in Australia but are facing financial problems, you should do some research about the scholarships available and Study in Australia Cost for Nepalese students.

The expenses may vary depending more on the chosen course or institution when it comes to pursuing higher education in Australia. For instance, a master’s degree will cost you between AUD18000 to AUD37000 each year. At the same time, a doctoral degree may cost you around AUD14000 to AUD37000. On the other hand, the living cost also differs from one city to the other.

An international student is required to have a minimum balance of AUD19830 to study in Australia. If you don’t have that minimum amount, you won’t be issued a student visa. The type of accommodation option you choose to stay is another factor in the calculation of costs. For example, the accommodation rent in urban areas will undoubtedly be higher while staying in hostels will cost you between AUD80 to AUD135.

Work While Study in Australia

In Australia, you will enjoy the opportunity to work 20 hours a week during the semester and unlimited hours during the semester breaks. The student visa makes it easy to work and study in Australia for Nepalis students. Therefore, you can manage your personal expenses like accommodation, tuition fee etc., working part-time in Australia.

In addition to that, you will gain significant work experience and make new friends in a country unknown to you. Don’t you think it’s something awesome? As a student, you can find employment in many different sectors, including retail, agriculture, tourism, hospitality, marketing, tutoring etc.

Courses for Overseas Students

As already mentioned in this piece, Australian institutions offer more than 22000 courses for both local as well as international students. In short, you can study engineering in Australia, opt for social work or choose anything else depending on your career goals and interest.

To know more about courses, scholarships, accommodation etc., you can have a chat with one of our education expert at AECC Global.

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