Why should international students study accounting in Australia?

Australia is the land of opportunities. The land down under invites thousands of international students for higher education. With various benefits like scholarships, part-time jobs and being picked up by the best employers, it’s no wonder why study in Australia is on any overseas student’s wish list.

Accounting is one of the most admired careers in the professional world. Accounting is financial backbone of the biggest of companies around the world. Australian universities provide world-class comprehensive courses in Accounting to their students.

Here are the reasons why so many international students study accounting in Australia.

  1. Advanced course curriculums

The career options in accounting field are Internal Audit, Forensic Accounting, Management Accounting, Taxation etc. The course curriculums are very advanced and devised according to the international standard by the Australian professional accounting bodies. Skill development is given precedence over everything else. That’s why many independent professional courses and programmes are there just to bridge the gap between industry demand and theoretical learning.

  1. Shortage of skilled professionals in Australia.

There is a continuing shortage of skilled professionals in Australia. The dearth of qualified accountants poses a huge challenge for the Australian industry and government. Thus, in recent years skilled overseas accountants are being hired by the top employers giving international students a great opportunity to work and settle in Australia.

  1. The brand of world-class universities.

There are 43 universities in Australia located in its major cities. 7 of them are in top 100 of QS World Ranking, and thus Australian universities are held in high regard throughout the world. The institutions offer comprehensive accounting courses in Australia. Recruiters from the biggest companies around the world prefer to hire students from Australian universities.

  1. Affordability.

Australia is arguably the most liveable place on earth. The quality of life here is superlative. Cities like Melbourne, Sydney are among the best in the world and are extremely hospitable for international students. But the most amazing thing about living in Australia is that it’s so affordable. On top of that, there are numerous part-time work opportunities for overseas students.

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