Why studying nursing in Australia is a great career option?

Nursing is considered one of the noblest professions in humanity. It is more than just about earning money. It’s about saving lives. Nursing professionals have the power to bring so much positivity into the world, maybe that’s why it is called the ‘Blessed Profession’. Considering the rise in population in the world today, it is safe to say that nursing will always remain one of the most needed and regarded professions in the world. Nursing will always offer excellent job opportunities along with generous pay.

The scope of nursing is even greater in countries like Australia. Australia is considered one of the most-liveable countries in the world. The Australian government devotes a substantial quantity of the budget on healthcare to ensure world-class health services to its citizens.

In recent times, Australia has been tackling a huge shortage of qualified nurses. As a result, top universities in Australia are offering various Nursing courses and various programmes to specifically attract overseas students.

The Australian government and functioning bodies have introduced the IRON (Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses) program, a sort of bridging programme which focuses on gaining competency to start practising according to the Australian standard. Upon the completion of IRON programme, the nurses get registered in the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC) which directly enhances their employability.

There are various settings where one can practice nursing with sizeable salaries. This gives international students a huge platform to work and study in Australia.

Getting admissions into prestigious colleges in Australia is a little bit challenging. There are many rules and procedures regarding visa applications and entry requirements. Plus, having such insights about the nursing courses and registration programmes is impossible for an overseas student. So, taking the right help becomes necessary. And there are various overseas education consultants, specifically for this purpose, to guide and advise.

But again, there are a lot of these ‘education shops’ in the market only for the financial aspect of it. Only some education agencies have actually helped students through their career journeys while staying true to the values they were founded on.

But today, most Nepalese students know where to look if they require the help of the best consultancy in Nepal for Australia. AECC Global is one such group of consultants who, over the years, have helped numerous Nepalese students in outlining their career pathways.

Contact them today.

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