Why are Nepalese Students Choosing to Study in Australia?

A few years ago, Australia was ranked third behind the UK and US as a study destination for Nepalese students.  Australia climbed to the top spot as the first choice for Nepalese students choosing to study abroad, according to the records of Nepal’s Department of Scholarship at the Ministry of Education.

Numerous factors are responsible for surging of Nepali students’ enrolment at Australian universities. The pro-student activities and initiatives of the Australian government are bringing students from different nations including Nepal.

In fact, Australia has much more than you can imagine. Let us look at the top factors responsible for the phenomenal growth of Nepalese students:

Globally Recognised Degrees and Education System

Australia is a powerhouse of the modern education system. With a robust educational infrastructure and use state-of-art technology in training, pursuing higher education from Australia is a vital step for a successful career ahead.

With over 22, 000 courses on offer at 1100 educational institutions, Australia is a haven for aspirants seeking foundation courses and applied studies. Known for globally recognised degrees, Australia courses for international students come with international standard curriculums. With accepted degrees at hand, graduates enjoy high career prospects in Australia and abroad.

Top Ranked Universities

Australia is home to seven top-ranked universities which are featured in the QS World University Ranking. The country’s University Ranking system has ranked 9th globally ahead of Germany, Japan, and New Zealand. Graduating from such universities is a confidence booster for Nepalese students while preparing well for workplace challenges.

Scholarship Scheme

The scholarship scheme is one of the top factors attracting students from nations including Nepal. There is a separate program for scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students being a partnering nation.

Aspirants can apply for the awards while pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate courses at local institutions. Selected candidates receive concessions in admission and tuition fees, contribution to living expenses, airfare, and other benefits.

In addition to scholarships, part-time jobs are available for students in the local departmental stores, retail chains and hospitality sector. Australia’s student visa allowing to work part-time is a blessing for financially struggling overseas students including Nepalese.

However, the process to study in Australia seems easier than done. Confusions and obstacles are bound to arise while processing your application for admission, selection of courses, visa process and other relevant activities. Consult with study in Australia consultants to clear your doubts and get a seamless university experience.

Willing to study higher education in Australia?

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