Where to Study in Australia: Top 3 Australian Cities for Overseas Students

According to 2016 QS Best Student Cities, Australia has seven cities ranked among top 75 in the world. The country stands out as one of the most attractive countries to study abroad, offering high-quality education in stunning locations. The best Australian cities for overseas students achieve strong scores in the indicators for employer activity, student mix and desirability, while two out of seven Australian entries boast positions in the top five of the overall ranking.

So, if you want to ask where to study in Australia, the following are top three student cities in Australia- all offering at least two top-ranked universities plus an exceptional study abroad experience.


Melbourne remains second in the Best Student Cities rankings this year (2016), beaten only by Paris. Better known as the cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne offers so many things to do, especially if you are into comedy, live music or sports. The city is home to seven leading universities featuring in the international rankings. With the high standard of living and beautiful white-sand beaches, Melbourne also achieves high scores for desirability.


Sydney is Australia’s economic and financial hub and secures the fourth position in the Best Student Cities index. The city ranks first in the entire index for desirability, all thanks to a perfect combination of high-quality life packed with a paradisiacal mix of green spaces and beaches. The city has five globally ranked and recognised universities offering different courses in Australia for international students. Besides providing enjoyable student experience, the city is famous for employer activity.


Like cities mentioned above, Canberra scores well in the student mix category, reflecting its huge and internationally diverse student population. Home to Australia’s best university, no surprise that the city has attracted students from across the globe. Being the capital city of Australia, Canberra offers plenty of attractions – including its human-made lake right in the city centre, and various nature reserves all around.

Apart from that, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Darwin are the top student cities where international students prefer to go for higher education.

Role of Education Consultants

Studying abroad is not that easy as it seems from the surface. It takes much research and planning to select the best university, course, city and accommodation in the country that you might not have seen earlier, and are going to study there. No matter whether you are going to study engineering or nursing courses in Australia, you better inquire about the scope in the field.

Here is where the education consultants become crucial for overseas students. AECC Global is a top-class education consultancy and agency in Nepal which has been serving its clients for a long time. Contact the agency today and start a bright career in Australia.

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