Studying Abroad: Study in Australia Cost for Nepalese Students

Australia attracts thousands of Nepalese students every year. The state-of-the-art infrastructure, quality education, world-class student cities, and scholarship options are some of the prime reasons why Australia is the first choice for Nepalese students to continue higher studies. The country is home to more than 1100 institutions offering over 22000 courses in different study fields.

If you have a dream of studying in Australia but are facing financial problems, you should do some research about the scholarships available and Study in Australia Cost for Nepalese students.

The expenses may vary depending more on the chosen course or institution when it comes to pursuing higher education in Australia. For instance, a master’s degree will cost you between AUD18000 to AUD37000 each year. At the same time, a doctoral degree may cost you around AUD14000 to AUD37000. On the other hand, the living cost also differs from one city to the other.

An international student is required to have a minimum balance of AUD19830 to study in Australia. If you don’t have that minimum amount, you won’t be issued a student visa. The type of accommodation option you choose to stay is another factor in the calculation of costs. For example, the accommodation rent in urban areas will undoubtedly be higher while staying in hostels will cost you between AUD80 to AUD135.

Work While Study in Australia

In Australia, you will enjoy the opportunity to work 20 hours a week during the semester and unlimited hours during the semester breaks. The student visa makes it easy to work and study in Australia for Nepalis students. Therefore, you can manage your personal expenses like accommodation, tuition fee etc., working part-time in Australia.

In addition to that, you will gain significant work experience and make new friends in a country unknown to you. Don’t you think it’s something awesome? As a student, you can find employment in many different sectors, including retail, agriculture, tourism, hospitality, marketing, tutoring etc.

Courses for Overseas Students

As already mentioned in this piece, Australian institutions offer more than 22000 courses for both local as well as international students. In short, you can study engineering in Australia, opt for social work or choose anything else depending on your career goals and interest.

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Nursing in Australia- Courses and opportunities

Nursing is considered one of the noblest professions in the world. The popularity of nursing is only increasing with time. Throughout the world, nursing professionals are held in high regard. It is a versatile and rewarding career which enables you to do your bit for humanity. And hence, many students take up nursing as the definitive career option with an aim to study abroad.

Australia is the third most popular global study destination. Its strong educational infrastructure and innovative approach to education have established Australian education system on the highest pedestal in the academic world. All 43 universities offer various top-quality courses in Australia for international students.

Studying nursing in Australia is no less than a dream. The nursing courses in Australia are impeccably designed to give theoretical knowledge and practical skills required in the healthcare industry.

International students have the opportunity to select from various nursing courses in Australia.

A few of them are-

Bachelor of Nursing

It includes undergraduate qualification in Nursing or midwifery. The completion of this course qualifies students as a nurse at ‘registered’ level or ‘division 1’. Some undergraduate degrees even facilitate students to specialise in specific areas and complete additional study to work in the area in which they aim to specialise.

Master of Science (Nursing)

The postgraduate courses are designed for qualified nursing professionals who wish to upgrade and acquire newer specialisations like critical care nursing, mental health nursing, aged care nursing, midwifery, paediatric nursing etc. Some courses even provide nursing management and administration training.

VET in Nursing

Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses consist of diplomas and advanced nursing diplomas. Under which graduates are qualified to work in the ‘enrolled’ level or ‘division 2’ in more advanced and wider range of jobs than the ‘registered’ course.

PhD (Nursing)

Further research studies in nursing are available in the form of Research-Doctorate programmes. With a majority of doctorate students opting to become educators and professors in nursing.

It is also noted that Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) Registration and Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses (IRON) programme are also the necessary steps to be taken to practice in Australia as a full-fledged healthcare professional.

Healthcare and nursing as a profession are taken very seriously in Australia. The demand for nursing professionals has been on a steep rise and will continue even in future. With exciting innovation and superlative health facilities, Australia is the best place to practice nursing.

Over the years, many Nepalese students under the proper guidance have opted to study and work in Australia, and it has turned out to be tremendously fruitful. From applying for the best courses to choosing where to study in Australia, right advice has always helped.

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Things that Make Nepalese Students to Pursue Higher Education in Australia

Australia has become the centre of attraction for Nepalese students seeking quality education abroad. The country is home to some world-class student cities and globally recognised universities. The Australian education system consists of the quality in which practical learning gets emphasised. Australian universities and education institutions offer more than 22000 coursesin Australia for international students, giving you a variety of options to choose from.

Moreover, over 1100 top-ranked Australian education institutions are scattered around cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Canberra. These cities have their own attractions capturing the hearts of tourists as well as overseas students.

Undergraduate study for Nepalese students in Australia

The land down under presents immense scope for students hailing from different countries to build a career by offering many choices. Accounting, engineering, IT, and nursing courses in Australia are some of the most popular courses that Nepalese students choose to study. In fact, these courses are a vital part of the undergraduate study in the country for aspiring Nepalese students. After completing graduation in accounting, IT or engineering from an Australian university, you will be eligible for joining Professional Year Program. The program is tailored to equip international students with the necessary skill sets required to get a dream job in Australia.

Why is Australia the first choice for Nepalese students?

Australia can be called a land of opportunities. Excellence and quality have become synonyms to the Australian higher education. Technical and vocational education has gained worldwide popularity for quality and innovation. The courses are designed in a way that they deliver practical and career-oriented training to the students, both native and international. The state-of-the-art infrastructure, latest technology, and world-class teaching standards are the aspects that distinguish Australia universities from other institutions around the world.

In short, ever-growing job opportunities, Australian scholarships, leading universities, many different courses, and safe student cities are some of the factors that pull in Nepalese students to pursue higher education in Australia.

If you have any queries, such as where to study in Australia, how to pick the best university, which course to study etc., you can sort them out by contacting an education expert at AECC Global, a renowned education consultancy and agency in Nepal.

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How can you make your dream of studying in Australia a reality?

Most of us have goals, aspirations and dreams to know more, to be more. Education is the most significant mode to achieve your dreams. It makes us rational, able, skilled and confident. While schooling is the cardinal aspect of formal education, we all agree that higher studies are a must for specific skill development and much more.

The scope and size of higher education as an entity in itself has boomed in the years gone by. While some decades ago, there was an absolute dearth of quality educational institutes for higher studies, but now, there are much more good and even better options out there, and many students have actually benefitted from choosing the right ones.

With time, the spectrum of higher studies overseas has touched astonishing levels, and every year the number of students studying abroad is increasing, especially from countries like Nepal where the institutes for higher studies struggle in terms of quality as well as quantity.

Out of the many countries who invite students for higher studies, there’s only a handful which can provide you with a life-altering experience. Australia shines the brightest among them. Regarded as one of the most liveable places on earth, Australia provides education in various courses in universities, whether you aim to study hospitality and management, accounting, engineering, social work, languages, or if you wish to study engineering in Australia, you have some amazing options and exciting opportunities.

The study in Australia for Nepali students have been nothing less than a dream, but a goal which gave them an immense skillset and opened the door to incredible opportunities. The privileges of getting scholarships, part-time jobs availability, conducive environment and best student cities also influence their decisions to study in the country.

But it is much easier said than done. Without proper guidance and support, this dream of studying in Australia can turn into a nightmare. The process might feel too rigorous or confuse for a while. In fact, all you need is a little support. Education consultants can offer help in visa procedure, legal, and sound financial advice to know the average study in Australia cost to avoid hardships and get a seamless university experience.

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Why is Australia the preferred overseas study destination today?

The beauty of Australia has always amused the world. The golden beaches, azure waters and laid-back environment make it one of the best places to live in.

Australia has emerged as a land of opportunities where dreams are made and fulfilled. Thus, Australia is one of the most admired countries in terms of its higher education for overseas students. In fact, it is the 3rd most popular international student destination in the world.

Wondering how Australia has achieved the status of preferred study destination among the overseas students?

Here are some of the reasons.

Australia offers top-quality education

Australia has more than 1200 institutions under 43 universities offering more than 22000 courses. The Australian education system consistently features in global rankings. According to QS rankings, 7 Australian universities are ranked in top 100. The Australian University System is ranked 9th in the world. In Australia courses for international students are aplenty. From mainstream disciplines to niche courses, Australia offers comprehensive and superlative learning.

Australia offers scholarships

Most of the students who travel to Australia for higher studies belong to South Asia, particularly from developing countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Australian government and universities offer scholarships specifically to the overseas students to encourage them and relieve them of the financial strain. In fact, the Australian government invests more than AUD$ 200,000,000 annually on international scholarships.

For example, a separate scheme for scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students is available in many Australian universities.

Cultural Diversity

Australia is one of the most culturally vibrant countries in the world despite having a population of only 23 million. There is large population of overseas students which makes one feel homely. Australia has some of the best student cities in the world which in terms of livability are often ranked higher than cities like London, Tokyo, New York.

Great work opportunities

International students have loads of opportunities to work in part-time jobs. After graduation, there are plenty of jobs in various fields which give a chance to stay and work in Australia. Many recruiters there prefer the overseas students for their adaptability and diligence.

In Nepal, more and more students aim to study in Australia to achieve their dreams and goals they have set for themselves. Getting into Australia Universities can at times be a gruelling experience. From visa application, to scholarships, to qualifying tests to the final admission, the process can be detailed and confusing at times. It demands your time, energy and money. You require guidance and support. Thus, to study in Australia consultants are a must.

Consult with AECC Global to outline your career pathway and get a seamless study experience in Australia.

How to Get A Seamless Experience Studying in Australia?

Have you made up your mind to pursue higher education in Australia?

If it is the case, you have made one of the best decisions of your life. Australia is the third most preferred destination for overseas students. Known for its quality education system and robust infrastructure for world-class training facilities and faculties. Australian Quality Framework maintains the quality of courses to uphold the international standard. Thus, studying in Australia is considered a vital step towards your successful career in life.

Before Flying to Australia

The task of processing your study in Australia is not an easy one. You can expect a seamless experience studying in Australia with proper preparation. Consult with Australian education consultants to get guidance related to your education journey.  Start from applying for a course to the universities you intended to study. If the institution approves your application confirming enrolment, the consultant will aid in visa process or immigrate to Australia. The experts assist in collecting documents related to Australia visa requirement to avoid refusal of your application from the embassy.

Consultants are experienced professionals who can guide for a fantastic university experience. Acquiring information about the education system, in-demand courses, and institutions help in making an informed career decision. Then, you can decide what to study in Australia gathering the information and aim of your life. You will be told about the living standard, the best cities, and things to avoid doing to avoid obstacles.

Australia has 1100 educational institutions including 43 universities offering over 22, 000 courses in different study fields. Seeing the rating and reviews of previous students, you can choose the best universities in Australia. Students have many ‘study in Australia courses to choose from at the universities. However, you need to select the right one based on your career goal.

Here are some of the popular courses that overseas students prefer to study in Australian universities:

  • Nursing
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Hospitality and Management
  • Public Health
  • Social Work

While pursuing each course, the students may be eligible for scholarships from the institution. However, you need to apply through the right channel to avoid rejection.

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Dreaming of studying in Australia? Here are the steps you need to follow

Australia is a very popular study destination for overseas students. The enormous education spectrum comprising more than 1200 institutions is supported by a robust infrastructure and the finest standard of living. Most of the major universities and institutes are located in its five major cities. The multiculturalism and quality of life in these cities, along with affordable college fees, scholarships and employment opportunities all attract multitudes of overseas students aiming to work and study in Australia.

But studying in Australia is not is not a one-step process. It requires your attention, time and energy.

Here are some basic steps-

  • Choose your preferred course and college.
  • Submit your application for the same.
  • Receive offer letter from the institution
  • Prepare financial documents and arrange the tuition fees to be sent.
  • Await the college approval for it.
  • Receive and verify the electronic Confirmation of Enrolment.
  • Apply for your student visa.

Here are some entry requirements you’ll have to meet for your college and visa applications (Genuine Temporary Entrant(GTE) Requirements)-

  • Necessary academic qualifications.
  • English language proficiency.
  • Proof that you’ve enough funds to support your higher studies.
  • Overseas Student Health Cover.

Though on paper all these steps look very simple and precise, in reality, they are very rigorous and complicated. Without expert’s advice and support, you are bound to get confused and agitated. As a result, people are looking for the help of the best consultancy in Nepal for AustraliaBut among so many education ‘shops’, it is critical to choose the right agency.

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Uncomplicating your route to higher education in Australia.

Engineers are the people responsible for making life more convenient through the help of their creations. It is no secret that Engineering is a highly coveted and respected profession in the society. Those having an aim of becoming a successful engineer should have their basics strong and ample skills.

Australia is a nation with an abundance of great universities and offering diverse courses including engineering. The courses are designed for providing highest quality education. Students opt for engineering courses in Australia to have exposure to latest advancements in technology. International students have employment opportunities in Australia and their own countries due to the certifications they acquire.

Another course which is preferred by students going to Australia is nursing. The nursing courses are designed in a detailed way to impart skills and training of the highest quality. These graduates become ready for the challenges of the healthcare industry, and that’s why students from all over the globe opt to study nursing in Australia.

The IRON program for nurses is an important initiative by the Australian government to bridge the differences between nations and Australian work culture. This program also helps students in learning the value of teamwork, responsibility and the other tricks of their job with the help of internship. On completion of this course, graduates get recognition from Australian Health Practitioners and Regulation Agency (AHPRA) which raises their employability and demand in the healthcare sector to a whole new level.

The process of applying to Australia for higher studies can be a daunting task for some people. So, taking the help of education consultants for Australia helps students in making the right steps to avoid rejection from institutions and other authorities. Choosing the right consultant thus become vital. However, you need to look things like visa success rate, certification, and expertise in this field.

Do you want to know more about the Australian education system?

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Why Should Nepalese Students Study Accounting in Australia?

Gone are the days the job of an account was restricted to just making annual financial reports for an organisation. Nowadays, accountants actively take part in financial decision-making and formulating strategies to dodge the possible financial threats to a business. Of course, the decisions are made keeping in mind the current market trends. No surprise, accounting offers a future-proof career. This is the reason why thousands of Nepalese students opt to study accounting in Australia each year.

If you also want to make a career in the accounting field, your journey will begin with a top-class university. And, Australia is home to many top-ranked universities offering accounting courses in different specialities. Choosing the right institution in Australia will allow you to acquire industry-specific knowledge under the supreme guidance of qualified and experienced faculty members. Australian universities use the latest technology and world-class teaching methods, making graduates find employment anywhere in the world.

Pursuing accounting courses in Australia will be an essential move for Nepalese students to make a right start in their chosen career. Besides the advanced theoretical knowledge of the field, accounting aspirants receive practical knowledge by working on live projects.

On the other hand, the rising demand for qualified and skilled accounting professionals in Australian industries have paved the way for overseas students to make a bright career in accounting. Recently, the Job Outlook has revealed that the Australian industries will need more 40,000 accounting professionals by 2020.

And it’s evident with the inclusion of accounting-related professions in the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List and the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List. It signifies that the sector is facing a shortage of qualified accountants offering some excellent opportunities for overseas graduates.

However, getting the job of your choice in the local market is not possible unless you have some real work experience and other skills. Since recruiters expect candidates to have some practical skills, the Australian professional bodies have designed Professional Year Program for accounting graduates. The program allows fresh accounting graduates to gain hands-on experience in the Australian workplace and learn the workplace ethics and language.

If you are facing visa related problems or finding an answer for why study in Australia, then you should meet an expert education consultant at AECC Global, a top-class education consultancy and agency in Nepal and other parts of the world.

Top Undergraduate Courses for Nepalese Students in Australia

Australia is the 3rd most preferred study abroad destination for international students to pursue higher education. However, the country remains the first choice for Nepalese students looking to study overseas. Where Australian universities offer training on state-of-the-art infrastructures on a quality education system helping overseas students to start a successful career, the Australian Government has allocated millions for scholarships to encourage Nepalese students to study in Australia after 10+2.

There are 1100 premier education institutes in Australia offering more than 22000 courses in diverse fields. The following are some popular courses that are preferred by Nepalese students:

IT Courses

The Information Technology (IT) industry has revolutionised the method of performing works in the offices using the computer. Nowadays, handling large projects has turned out to be very easy, but it needs skills to operate the computer. Thus, it’s vital to study IT courses from reputed institutes to get expertise required to succeed in the field.

Here is where Australia proves to be a hotbed for international students to earn an IT degree from top-ranked universities. IT Courses in Australia are designed to deliver the highest quality education needed by the employers.

Accounting Courses

Accounting is a good career choice for aspirants in today’s business world. Accountants are mainly responsible for making annual reports and financial strategies for the organisations they’re working with. Practically, not a single company can survive without hiring an experienced accountant.

Accounting professionals require analytical thinking, knowledge of mathematics, and qualification to get success in the profession. Learn the language of business through Australian accounting courses. These courses are tailored to provide the highest quality knowledge to candidates.

Engineering Courses

Australian universities are known for offering numerous engineering courses in different disciplines. The training module is designed keeping in mind the global standards and skill sets demanded by the employers. Course curriculums are advanced that allow students to gain market-ready skills.

Join engineering courses to study in Australia and kick-start your career quickly. Apart from that, overseas students can join Professional Year program right after completing their graduation and get a dream job.

Know more about Australian universities, courses, scholarships etc., you can reach out an education consultant at AECC Global, an education consultancy in Nepal.