Why Are More Nepalese Students Enrolling in Accounting Courses in Australia?

There is no denying that Australia has been a land of opportunities for international students, and that’s the reason why the number of Nepalese students enrolling in different Australia universities has risen significantly. Australia welcomes thousands of overseas students each year and provides them privileges like part-time job facilities, scholarships, and high employment opportunities.

Over the years, the country has encountered an acute shortage of skilled professionals, especially in the fields of engineering, accounting, nursing and information technology. The Australian government is taking different initiatives to attract overseas students to study engineering, nursing IT and study accounting courses in Australia. And, seeing the latest numbers, one can easily say that the government has achieved success for its efforts. In fact, the number of overseas students enrolling only in accounting courses has registered a whopping 500 percent surge between 2001 to 2014.

So, what are those compelling reasons that make overseas students pursue accounting career in Australia? Let us find out!

Australia is home to some top-ranked universities offering different programs in accounting and finance. These programs are designed keeping mind the international accounting standards and monitored closely by the Australian Qualification Framework. In addition to that, technology-oriented learning helps overseas students gain practical skills and knowledge required to enhance career prospects in Australia. Simulated projects used while training ensures industrial exposure for students.

International recognition of Australian qualifications and degrees also inspires overseas students to study accounting in Australia. In short, you can work anywhere around the globe with an Australian accounting degree. Once you have earned an Australian accounting degree, you will get several opportunities to work in government offices, multinational companies, and other private agencies in Australia and outside.

If you are a fresh graduate, then you can enhance your employability and gain practical work experience through joining Professional Year program. The program will also help you know about the Australian workplace, its ethics and culture. It’s a perfect way to launch yourself in the local market right from the college classrooms. Isn’t it?

Apart from that, the country has welcoming natives, exotic flora and fauna, laid-back environment and much more making Australia a dream study abroad destination. These are some of the reasons why study in Australia is like a dream for many Nepalese students, and why not?

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