Why is studying in Australia an educated choice?

Australia is the third most popular study destination in the world. Though the country has always been preferred by thousands of international students, its current state of popularity shows how much distance Australian education system has covered and how much we have grown to love Australia.

Over the years, thousands of Nepalese students have aimed for and (in most of the cases) realised their dream to work and study in Australia.

But what exactly makes studying in Australia a dream?

Australian education system is ingrained with the ideals of excellence and innovation. Its impetus on quality and maintenance of its standards is reflected on the students who pass out of its universities and colleges every year.

Australia has more than 43 universities and 1200 institutes. Out of those, seven universities are ranked among the top 100 universities in the world in the QS world university rankings, and 37 are ranked among the top 500. There are 22000 courses currently being provided in the country. Just imagine any subject or discipline in your wildest dreams and Australia will already be offering a course for that.

There are plenty of scholarships of various being offered in Australian universities and institutions. An added focus is on encouraging international students to come and study here to increase inclusivity and diversity in the education spectrum here. The Australian government sets aside a budget of A$ 200 million for this purpose. And with the right help from overseas education consultantsstudents have availed wide-ranging advantages.

Australia is one of the safest, most peaceful places on earth with very welcoming locals. The lifestyle here is quite laid-back, calm and breezy. Along with that, cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane provide the best standards of living making Australia one of those rare gems on earth.

It has an admirable cultural legacy and boundless natural beauty which makes it a prime tourist attraction too.

With the help of the right guidance, thousands of Nepalese students have achieved their dreams of studying and working in Australia.

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