Why is studying Engineering in Australia a great career initiative?

Australia is and has always been the hub of education and learning. Amidst all those aspects which attract so many people to its shores, Australian education ranks very high. For many years, Nepali students have been choosing to study overseas and realise their career dreams. And study in Australia for Nepali students is no less than a dream.

Engineering is one of the most popular professions in the world today. In fact, the world and the technology we see today is more or less the result of engineering. With so many disciplines, the expanse and importance of Engineering are unparalleled. And as we propel towards an exciting technological future, the demand and importance of engineers are only going to increase further.

Australia, obviously, offers an array of comprehensive Engineering courses to its overseas students. In the 2015-16 Times Higher Education World University Rankings (Engineering and Technology) 7 Australian universities are listed in the top 100.

Australian degrees, diplomas and certifications have a great reputation across the globe. The Australian approach to teaching and education, especially for Engineering courses is exceptionally innovative and practical. Engineering professionals accredited in Australia are highly employable in any part of the world.

And with the huge popularity of Engineering in the Indian-sub continent, its simple to see why so many Nepali students dream to study Engineering in Australia.

Some top degrees and qualifications offered to international students are –

  • Certificate III/ IV Engineering
  • Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology
  • Associate Degree in Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • Graduate Diploma in Engineering
  • Master of Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy- Engineering

Engineers Australia is the professional accreditation body responsible for the Australian Engineering sector. Any student who completes a recognised degree in an Australian university automatically gets an associate membership with the body.

There are many further study pathways in Australia which students, under the right guidance can choose and venture into according to their interests and specialisations.

The Professional Year Program is a hugely popular initiative to bridge the gap between industry requirement and university education. It resolves the issues of skill shortage in the Australian industry by increasing the competency and employability of Engineering graduates. This 44-week training program (32-week formal learning and 12-week internship) is prevalent among the international graduates.

There is a continuing shortage of engineers in Australia, and as we head into the future, the demand is only going to increase. Thus, students from overseas have a huge opportunity to bag top Engineering jobs in Australia.

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