Why is Nursing an Ideal Career Option for Nepalese in Australia?

Australia has surpassed the US and the UK to be the most preferred study abroad destination for Nepalese students. Data from the Ministry of Education Nepal revealed that more than 80% of NOCs were issued for aspirants willing to study in Australia. The primary reason for choosing Australia as a study destination is the privileges available to them. The country has become not less than a haven for overseas students.

Like others, Nepalese students choose Australia due to abundant study options, career options and job opportunities in the local market. The country has 1100 educational institutions under 43 universities that are offering over 22, 000 courses in different study fields. But, nursing has become one of the most popular courses for overseas students.

Top Reasons to Study Nursing in Australia

Nursing is a unique profession that deals with helping fellow human beings to regain health again. The nurses work in various healthcare settings under the doctors to care and help in monitoring the condition of patients. Hence, it is a noble profession that involves in saving precious lives of fellow beings using medical services.

Nursing, as a profession, is both challenging and rewarding. Aspirants must acquire theoretical and practical skills to be ready for workplace challenges. Study nursing in Australia to get a quality education and international standard training in the courses. The curriculums of nursing courses are designed to the industry standards and recognised by governments across the globe. Thus, acquiring a nursing degree improves the career prospects of students globally.

Further, registered nurses enjoy high employability in the Australian market as the country is reeling under skill crisis. Graduating from an Australian university is a good opportunity for Nepalese students to grab a job in the niche industry.

Top Privileges for Students Studying in Australia

Australian education system aims at preparing professionals for the future to carry out development activities in Australia and elsewhere. In this endeavour, the country allocates an AUD 200 million as scholarships to help financially struggling aspirants. The award is available for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Australian universities.

Additionally, Nepalese students can work part-time in the departmental stores and hospitality chains. It helps in earning money for additional cost while studying at regional universities.

In addition to nursing, engineering courses in Australia are other popular study option for Nepalese students with high employment opportunities in the domestic market.

The process of studying higher education in Australia is not easy. Take guidance from the education consultant for Australia to get accurate information about top courses, institution, and immigration process. Taking the advice of experienced consultant is the first step towards a seamless study experience.

Want to study nursing in Australia?

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