What are the opportunities available for International students in Australia?

Australia has emerged as a new favourite destination for students around the globe. The quality of education which gets provided in Australia is one of the reasons, and there are 1100 institutes which have over 22,000 Australia courses for international students.

Students are given training and education from primary and secondary level education to vocational training. The knowledge provided is of English language courses to higher level studies. The laws for International students are friendly, and they ensure full protection and quality education to them.

While the Nepalese students work in Australia, they can contribute to their tuition fee and living expenses by working part-time. A student visa allows students to work for a total of 40-hours every two weeks and unrestricted hours during any scheduled course break.

If any student wants to work in Australia, they can opt to join the following industries to work part-time-

  • Retail- Supermarkets, department and clothing stores.
  • Hospitality- Cafes, bars and restaurants.
  • Agriculture- Farming and fruit picking.
  • Sales and telemarketing
  • Tutoring

Other than these industries, students can join paid or unpaid internship to get exposure to the professional world.

Australian government and universities help the students with a weak economic background in attaining education in Australia by providing scholarships. Some of the scholarships in Australia for Nepalese students are- Australia awards which aim at promoting knowledge, education links, and enduring ties between Australia and neighbouring countries, Australian Government Research Training Program and Australia APEC Women in Research Fellowship.

The scholarships which are listed here are available to international students. Individual universities provide some scholarships and to know about the eligibility; students must contact these schools.

To study in Australia consultants, help students to find the right course and institute. AECC Nepal is determined to assist students in arranging visa, applying to the universities and in finding accommodation. For more information, contact- AECC Nepal.

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