What are the most popular courses to study in Australia?

Engineering gets defined as the application of scientific knowledge and mathematical methods for practical purposes in machines, systems or structures. When it comes to standard of education, Australia is slowly ascending its reputation among international students, and engineering courses in Australia are quite famous among students of Nepal.

Australia is country which is famous for its beaches and wildlife, but the quality of education which is given is undeniable as it is home to over 1200 universities. Since the past decade, there has been a significant rise in the Nepalese students heading to Australia for education.

When it comes to world rankings, the following colleges are ranked pretty high for engineering studies-

  • The University of Melbourne is ranked at 32nd in the world.
  • The University of New South Wales is ranked at 33rd in the world.
  • The University of Queensland is ranked at 47th in the world.

In the University of Melbourne, the Melbourne school of engineering is a world-renowned college which has completed 150 years in 2011. In University of New South Wales, there is Australia’s first college to offer a Nuclear engineering program. In the University of Queensland, the Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Engineering (BE/ME) is the first five-year engineering degree in Australia to integrate a semester industry or research placement into a degree with master’s level coursework.

Other than engineering, the demand for nursing courses in Australia is only increasing. Nursing requires working closely with patients, their families and the other health professionals. They have to go through from some of the most challenging situations to moments of absolute joy.

The people who study nursing in Australia must complete a graduate course in Bachelor of Nursing which is a three-year professional degree course. This course helps aspirants in qualifying as General Registered Nurse. The students who want to specialise in a particular field of nursing needs to complete post-graduation.

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