Top 3 Convincing Reasons to Study in Australia

If you want to pursue your higher education outside your country and confused about picking the right education destination, you can choose Australia. A ‘true paradise’ for Nepalese students, Australia offer many different courses in Australia for international students. The Government of Australia has also allocated a budget of AUD200 million for international scholarships. Here is a list of some convincing reasons to study in Australia.

Excellent education system

Australia maintains a world-class education system. The country has more than 1100 educational institutions which offer over 22000 courses in different study areas. About 8 Australian universities are included in the world’s top 50 universities.

An interesting aspect of Australian education is that it focuses on developing the practical skills along with the theoretical one.

Work and study in Australia

Recent studies reveal that the permission of work during study often attracts international students. In Australia, you are allowed to work 20 hours a week during your semesters and unlimited hours during the breaks. This makes you gain some hands-on work experience, and bear your living expenses.

Secondly, you will hardly have confusion about where to study in Australia as the country has many top-ranked student cities in the world. In short, you can afford to live in any Australian city just because you can bear your expenses by working while studying.

High living standards

A high living standard is another compelling reason which attracts Nepalese as well other international students towards Australia. With exotic flora and fauna, fresh air, multicultural society, down-to-earth people and several museums and landmarks, Australia is no less than a dream country to live, study and work.

Australian government and universities offer many scholarships and fellowships to assist international students financially. What else can you expect from an ideal study abroad destination?


No matter whether you study engineering, accounting, IT or nursing courses in Australia, the country has so much to offer.  In case you are unable to choose a student city, accommodation, scholarship option, university etc., you can seek help from expert education consultants at AECC Global.

AECC Global education experts have vast experience in dealing with issues related to the international students. Being a top-class education consultancy and agency, AECC Global ensures that all its clients are served carefully.

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