What are the unique features of studying accounting in Australia?

Accounting is a vital activity in any organisation or business. So, the inclination of aspirants to study accounting in Australia or elsewhere is no surprise. About half of the undergraduate students who studied accounting in Australia are foreign nationals. It reflects the immense popularity of the course in the country.

Top Reasons to Study Accounting in Australia

Many reasons are responsible for growing enrolment of students in accounting studies. The country has top-ranked universities ranked in the Top 100 QS World University Ranking.

Excellent foundation and niche courses are being offered from the universities to local and international students. The accounting courses in Australia are famous and known in the academic world for quality and cutting-edge training facilities. Studying at Australian universities helps in create an edge over others and get jobs in the market.

Abundant Study and Career Options

The accounting profession is no longer a bean counting profession. Diverse career options and exciting profiles are available for accounting graduates depending upon the degrees. The Outlook Job Portal of Australia stated that the total opening for accounting professionals will be 40k by 2020.

Some of the popular career options for students are:

  • Taxing
  • Financial analyst
  • Accounting services to companies
  • Auditor
  • Financial counsellor
  • And others.

Privileges Available for Overseas Students

Australia aims for a collective development and takes part in progressive works around the globe. The country offers scholarship scheme to help financially struggling students to get quality education and move ahead in their chosen career. However, the awards are available to selective candidates meeting eligibilities, qualification and other factors.

As studying in Australia is not cheap. The international students can work part-time to earn money for additional expenses while pursuing higher education. Both scholarship and part-time job help students to pursue higher education in Australia.

Are you still not convinced why study in Australia?

Additional reasons attracting students from 200 nations to study in Australia:

  • Relaxed immigration process
  • Affordable living and tuition fees
  • Experience career growth and personality
  • Presence of best student cities
  • Conducive environment for thrilling activities and higher learning
  • Supporting locals and protection from Australian government

Do you want to study higher education in Australia?

Consult with AECC Global education consultants to get counselling and outline your career pathway. Speak to our experts for help today.

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