What to Study in Australia after 12th in Nepal?

The trend of going abroad for higher education is an all-time high phenomenon. Studying abroad needs dedicated efforts and pain of moving to another country. Not to mention the pain requires in adjusting to a new environment and place. However, every strive or pains worth as it helps to achieve career excellence in the professional front.

Australia has become the top choice for Nepalese students to pursue higher education after completion of secondary school. More than 80% of No Objection Certificates (NOC) are issued for Australia according to the report of Ministry of Nepal. It reflects the rising number of Nepalese students choosing to study in Australia over the US and UK.

Top Reasons to Study in Australia

Australia has a quality education system that is lauded in the academic world. Use of cutting-edge technology and qualified faculty are prevalent enabling students to start a successful career in life. The country is home to seven universities which are ranked in the Top 100 QS World University Ranking. Further, the country’s University System Ranking is placed 9th ahead of Germany, Japan, and New Zealand.

Popular Courses to Study in Australia

Overseas students never run out of study options while pursuing higher education from Australian universities. The Australian Government Department of Education and Training has 22, 000 approved courses which are offered at 1100 educational institutions under 43 universities.

Abundant courses are available to study in Australia after 12th for Nepalese students. However, not all courses are suited nor preferred by Nepalese students.

Here are popular courses for the students:

  • Nursing
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Hospitality and management
  • Public health
  • Social work
  • And others.

Australia depends upon skilled immigrants to address the shortage of professionals in many sectors. It is a good opportunity for overseas students to get jobs after studying the courses at Australian universities.

For instance, the international IT graduates can enjoy high employability in the domestic market after studying IT courses in Australia. To get a smooth transition from the college to a workplace, students can join in the internship program.

Want to study in Australia?

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