Why Nepalese Students Choose IT Courses to Study in Australia after 10+2?

Your successful career begins right after when you choose a top-ranked university to study in Australia after 10+2. Home to many such high-ranked universities offering numerous courses and globally recognised qualifications, Australia is no less than a paradise to study abroad. A world-class education system clubbed with the latest technology provides advanced training to prepare you for an illustrious career.

International students in Australia can join an advanced diploma, degree or doctorate program of their choice at Australian universities. The courses and programs in Australia are designed to deliver skills necessary to find a job in Australia and anywhere else in the world. Also, students get life-enriching experiences along with their certificates.

Studying IT in Australia

Australia is an ideal destination for pursuing a degree in information technology (IT) field. The world-class Australian universities offer many different IT courses in Australia in a variety of specialisations such as software and hardware support, design, administration, design, and operation tasks. As an aspiring student, you can join the course of your choice. You can study IT courses to get the high-quality education in the relevant area working on real projects, meaning you will gain technical knowledge as well as practical skills for offering IT solutions.

Role of Professional Year for IT Graduates

Australia has been encountering the problem of shortage of qualified IT professionals for a long time. Hence, there is a high demand for IT professionals. And to supply skilled IT workforce to Australian job market, the concerned professional bodies have launched Professional Year program to make international IT graduates aware of the Australian workplace rules and regulations. In short, joining PY in IT after their graduation will help overseas students find a job of their choice in Australia.

Approved by the DIBP to enhance the employability skills of international students, Professional Year is an excellent way to make a smooth entry into Australian workforce. It’s a 44-week program which consists of fundamental learning and internship training with a local host company. So you can maximise your Study in Australia stint simply by joining PY program.

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