Top 3 Study Areas You Can Choose to Make a Successful Career in Australia

There’s been a consistent growth in the number of Nepalese students enrolling in Australian universities to pursue higher education. In fact, Australia is the most preferred destination for them when it comes to studying overseas. Relatively lower fees, a simplified visa process, many scholarships, part-time job opportunities, and top-ranked universities are some main reasons for choosing Australia to study. A recent survey exhibited that well over 20 thousand Nepalese students were studying in Australian universities in 2016.

What about the courses?

Students often choose courses based on their areas of interest, and Nepalese are no different. Nonetheless, here is a list of top programs popular among Nepalese students studying in Australia.


If you are eyeing an excellent career in a field related to the healthcare industry, you can choose to study nursing in Australia. But, extensive study and skills are needed to become a successful career. Australian nursing courses are developed keeping in mind the modern healthcare system and are ideal to reach the goal of becoming a successful nurse not only in Australia but also worldwide. Students can opt to pursue diploma, bachelor or master degree in nursing in Australia.

Australian nursing programs and qualifications are recognised everywhere in the world due to the inclusion of modern practices in the training. Getting a nursing degree enables a student to enjoy high career prospects. As the Australian healthcare industry is facing the shortage of skilled nurses, nursing graduates can avail excellent employment opportunities in the local market.


Based on THE World University Rankings, Australia is home to seven top-ranked universities offering engineering courses in Australia. Australian engineering programs are known globally for its high quality clubbed with advanced training facilities, helping students to gain skills required for career development. Availability of plenty of scholarships, internship programs for recent graduates, and higher job opportunities attract international students to explore engineering field in Australia.

Information Technology

A career in IT is one of the leading career options for Nepalese students in Australia. Studying information technology in top-ranked Australian universities assists students in acquiring quality education to move ahead in the career. Students can pursue certificate, diploma and degree courses in the IT field. Also, you can join Professional Year in IT to launch yourself into the Australian job market quickly.

Many IT firms and companies have settled their units in Australia to provide customer care services across the world. There are plenty of job opportunities for Nepalese students to start their dream career in Australia.

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