Find Out the Top Benefits of Hiring an Education Consultant

Pursuing higher education in an alien country may be a thrilling, adventure and exhaustive process for students. The students often have numerous queries and confusion about the selected destination. It may be about the admission process, education system, lifestyle, top cities, living standard, accommodation facilities, etc. It is where overseas education consultants are needed for guidance and help to start a successful career abroad.

The education consultants are professionals who possess skill and experience in guiding students to realise their dream career. In Australia, the universities authorised certified education expert to bring new enrolment for subsequent years. The authorised consultancies are considered the representative with the power to offer on-spot admission to deserving students. Also, students get numerous benefits consulting with the right consultants.

Providing accurate information about the top institutions, courses, scholarships, financial documentation guidance and market condition help students to make an informed career decision. Taking reliable guidance of the experts help students to thrive and overcome obstacles coming in the education pathway. Apart from that, the experts assist in applying courses to education providers to the immigration process.

Australia is a perfect destination for pursuing higher education in different fields. The country has an ambient environment for higher studies in the best cities of the world. There are many pro-student activities launched by the Australian government to attract enrolment from different regions. One of such facility is the work and study in Australia for students. It helps financially struggling students to earn money to meet expenses. It proves as a boon for students to meet their study costs.

The privilege helps students to complement their study and work. The Australian visa allows holders to work part-time while pursuing regular studies. The visa permits to work a total of 40 hours every two weeks and without any limitations during a scheduled course break or holidays.

The following industries enable students to work part-time while studying-

  • Retail- They include supermarket, shopping complex and clothing stores.
  • Hospitality- This industry comprises of working in cafes, bars and restaurants.
  • Tourism- The tourism industry of Australia is immense, and students work in Hotels and motel in it.
  • Sales and telemarketing
  • Tutoring

The paid and unpaid internships are also a means of getting exposure to the professional, financial and creative industries. Working in an NGO is also an option as they need volunteers for their work.

To find work in Australia, international students can-

  • Post their ads in Newspapers and online job sites.
  • Look at the on-campus notice boards and contact institution’s international student support staff.
  • Register their details at a recruitment firm.

Where to seek help from?

AECC Global is one of the leading Australian education consultants helping students to realise their dream of studying abroad. The agency has expert education consultant to take care of your education journey from the course application to immigration process to Australia. Speak to our experts for help today.

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