Basic Information about Studying and Living Expenses in Australia

Australia is popular around the world for its unique flora and fauna, beaches, greenery, welcoming people and multicultural society, but it offers a lot more than just that. With a huge area of 7.69 million square kilometres, Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. Its rich culture is founded on its Aboriginal heritage and a perfect mix of vibrant cultures. Also, the country is a global leader in education. And that’s what makes Australia the first choice for Nepalese when it comes to studying abroad.

Some Nepalese students want to join nursing or accounting courses while others wish to study engineering in Australia. Nepalese are so common in Australia that you will see them walking down the streets, on coffee shops and educational institutions alike. In short, Australia is no less than a paradise for those who want to make a bright and successful career.

In the earlier blogs, we have discussed much on the Australian education system, its qualities, courses offered for international students etc. Here, in this piece, we are shedding some light on the cost of studying and living in Australia.

Study Expenses

Australia uses Australian Dollar as its currency. Being a popular study abroad destination for overseas students, applying for Australian scholarships is a bit competitive. So if you’re self-financing, you need to be aware of the Study in Australia Cost and living expenses.

As with the majority of countries, the cost of education in Australia is dependent on the type of courses and duration of studies.

For instance, English Language Courses in the country are available at AUD300 per week. For a bachelor’s degree, you will have to pay around AUD15000 to AUD33000 while for a postgraduate one you need to pay about AUD20000 to AUD37000.

Living Expenses

The Department of Home Affairs requires AUD 20290, Student or guardian alone, Partner or spouse:  AUD$7,100 Child:    AUD$3,040 as the minimum budget of living to issue a student visa and family if included effective from 01 Feb 2018. However, the cost of living more depends on which country you plan to live in. The type of accommodation is also crucial. Hostels range from AUD80 to AUD135 a week, while shared rentals will cost you around AUD70 to AUD250. Homestay and rental are other most expensive options.

Working while Studying

In case you wish to cover the costs and expenses by working in Australia while studying, go through the appropriate government office. Different visas have different stipulations on this.

If you want to know more about the Study in Australia for Nepali students, you can consult with an education expert.

AECC Global is a well-known education consultancy and agency in Australia offering excellent education consultancy services in Nepal.

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