Top Courses to Study in Australia After 10+2

The time after completion of secondary school is crucial for every student. Choosing a course will affect your future career path. Hence, students should make an informed career decision to get a positive outcome in the chosen profession.

The trend of studying higher education abroad is an all-time high. Most of the Nepalese students are moving out of the country to pursue higher education elsewhere. Australia is the country where more than 80% Nepalese choose to study in Australia after 10+2 in different fields. No student has ever regretted its decision to pursue higher education in the beautiful country.

An increasing number of Nepali students are choosing Australia over other destinations. It is due to numerous good reasons and privileges that aspirants get in Australia. Some of them are like brilliant study options, career opportunities, job opportunities, work and study facility, scholarships, and safe environment for higher studies.

Most importantly, students should choose the right course and university for rapid career enhancement. Here are some of the famous routes that Nepalese love to study in Australia:


Engineering is one of the choicest career options for Nepalese students studying in Australia. The country has many universities offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses in engineering. Engineering provides numerous study options to aspirants for renowned education and training in Australia.

There is a shortage of skilled engineers in Australia. It is an excellent opportunity for overseas students like Nepalese to pursue studies and improve chances for employment in the domestic market.


It is by far the popular study option for Nepali students in Australia. The nursing industry is reeling under acute skill crisis. Pursuing a bachelor or master of nursing degree helps to start a successful career in the healthcare industry of Australia. Further, many universities are offering reputed nursing courses to aspirants coming from various nations.

Information Technology

The IT courses in Australia are recognised and designed to the international standard. With a rapid acceptance of IT usage in industries, numerous job opportunities are coming up in this field. Even IT sector is facing an acute shortage of skilled professionals in the domestic market.

Apart from that, Nepalese prefer studying accounting, social work, public health, bakery, teaching, and so on in Australia.

Do you want to study any of these courses in Australia?

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