Why are Nursing and Engineering Choicest Courses for Nepalese in Australia?

The decision to study in Australia needs proper contemplation on study costs, obstacles, and career path. Choosing the wrong career path can lead to frustration despite your efforts and money that require in the process. Avoid career disappointments making an informed career decision consulting with education consultants for Australia. You will get accurate information on the education system, top courses, study cost estimate, and much more. All these information help aspirants to make their Australian education a seamless and enlightening experience.

Nepal is one of the top countries contributing thousands of students to Australian universities every year. The number of enrolment is expected to rise significantly in the future due to privileges and facilities in Australian colleges. Conducive environment for higher education and best student cities also attract aspirants from many nations.

There are plenty of options for students opting to study in Australian universities. Some 22, 000 courses are offered at 1100 educational institutions under 43 universities. It is easy to get confused in choosing a path due to the problem of plenty.

What to study in Australia that brings high job prospects? Let us look at two popular courses for Nepalese in Australia that bring top career prospects and development:


Nursing is one of the choicest courses for Nepali students in Australia. You can pursue certificate course to a doctorate in the nursing field. The nursing programs are meticulously designed to meet international standard and prepare future nurses for the industry. The recognition of Australian nursing degrees across the globe is another reason for Nepalese to study nursing in Australia.

Further, there is a tremendous employment opportunity for graduates and registered nurses in the local healthcare industry.


Australia is a famous destination to pursue engineering. Students can avail the modern educational infrastructure and training facilities to equip for their future career. The engineering field has many options like civil, electrical, aeronautical, geological, environment, nuclear physics, biomedical among others. Engineering courses in Australia are known in the academic world for their quality and training on simulated projects. Aspiring engineers get ready for their workplace challenges in the study.

Australia is developing fast and needs infrastructure to support economic activities. However, the country is facing a shortage of skilled engineer to carry out these developments activities. It is a vital opportunity for overseas students to get employment in the niche industry.

Apart from that, Accounting and Finance, Information Technology, Social Work, Public Health, and others are equally popular in Australia.

Need help to study higher education in Australia?

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