Top Job-Oriented Courses for Nepalese in Australia

Australia is one of the best countries for higher education. Modern educational infrastructure and technology support excellence training for students. The education system emphasises on the development of practical skills instead of rote learning. That’s why Australian degrees are recognised in the academic world of today.

Owing to the massive popularity of Australian education, thousands of students come to the country for further education. The nation has top-ranked universities and 1100 educational institutions offering over 22000 courses in different study fields and subjects. However, aspirants must choose the right route to improve career prospects in Australia and other states.

Here are the famous courses with high employment prospects for graduates in Australia:


Nursing is one of the choicest courses for Nepali students in Australia. Courses are international standards and known for providing career excellence. Study nursing in Australia is a vital decision to acquire the highest quality skills in this field. Further, degrees are recognised and accepted in every part of the world.

Australia needs a skilled healthcare workforce to provide services to the rising ageing population and children. It is a good opportunity for nursing graduates to get jobs in the industry.


Engineering is another popular study option for aspirants in Australia. The Australian universities are known to offer best engineering courses in the world. Study engineering courses in Australia to get international standard training in professional skills and expertise in this industry. The market-oriented abilities help students prepare for workplace challenges.

Engineering graduates get high employment opportunities in the domestic market as there is a shortage of skilled professionals.


The demand for accounting professionals is high in Australia. The Outlook Job portal has predicted that Australia will have 40k job openings in accounting field by 2020.

Studying accounting is one of the top career decisions to start a successful career in the business world of today. The aspirants get world-class training under industry’s top professionals.

Information Technology

The Information Technology is one of the fastest growing industries in Australia. You can pursue foundation as well as specialisation in this sector. Numerous job opportunities for software developers, networking professionals, business analysts, cybersecurity, designers, and others are available in the industry. Students pursuing IT courses in Australia can choose one and go for further education to be eligible for jobs.

The study options like hospitality management, business management, social work, public health, teaching and others are equally important. The education consultants for Australia can provide accurate guidance and help to achieve success in the chosen field.

Do you want to study one of the popular courses?

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