Dreaming of studying in Australia? Here are the steps you need to follow

Australia is a very popular study destination for overseas students. The enormous education spectrum comprising more than 1200 institutions is supported by a robust infrastructure and the finest standard of living. Most of the major universities and institutes are located in its five major cities. The multiculturalism and quality of life in these cities, along with affordable college fees, scholarships and employment opportunities all attract multitudes of overseas students aiming to work and study in Australia.

But studying in Australia is not is not a one-step process. It requires your attention, time and energy.

Here are some basic steps-

  • Choose your preferred course and college.
  • Submit your application for the same.
  • Receive offer letter from the institution
  • Prepare financial documents and arrange the tuition fees to be sent.
  • Await the college approval for it.
  • Receive and verify the electronic Confirmation of Enrolment.
  • Apply for your student visa.

Here are some entry requirements you’ll have to meet for your college and visa applications (Genuine Temporary Entrant(GTE) Requirements)-

  • Necessary academic qualifications.
  • English language proficiency.
  • Proof that you’ve enough funds to support your higher studies.
  • Overseas Student Health Cover.

Though on paper all these steps look very simple and precise, in reality, they are very rigorous and complicated. Without expert’s advice and support, you are bound to get confused and agitated. As a result, people are looking for the help of the best consultancy in Nepal for AustraliaBut among so many education ‘shops’, it is critical to choose the right agency.

AECC Global is a well-known education agency in Nepal which has helped students in realising their dream of studying abroad. Founded in 2008 by the overseas education consultants who happen to be industry veterans, it is committed to deliver expert and ethical counselling to the students aiming for higher studies in Australia.

Hire Study in Australia Consultants to Make a Hassle-Free Entry in Australia

The trend of studying abroad has become very common, and students from different countries wish to pursue their higher studies in the countries such as Australia, Canada, the US, the UK, New Zealand etc. When it comes to Nepalese students, they prefer going Australia to pursue higher studies.

In this era, when competition is looming large upon us, and parents wish their kids to be equipped with necessary skills, studying abroad can be an ideal way to reach the excellence. For this, it’s important to be prepared and plan your steps carefully. To help you do so, you can seek assistance from the study in Australia consultants.

Why Do You Need the Help of Education Consultants?

Study abroad education consultants have the necessary skills and expertise in guiding you about the finest universities and top courses available in Australia, or in the country you want to study in. They will provide you detailed information about the study destination, natives, environment, visa process and admission procedure. If students fail to meet the standards of a particular university, the education consultants will give them information about the alternative options.

They will let you know about the admission session/season of the universities. They will also tell you about the estimated expenses you are going to spend in order to bear tuition fees, living costs etc. In some cases, they will tell you about scholarships in Australia for Nepalese students and accommodation options.

You can also hire an education consultant if you need any assistance in applying for a student visa. Experienced agents are aware of all the necessary documents a student need in applying for a visa. They make sure that you have the necessary documents and ensure all paperwork is ready so that the student visa application can be submitted with ease.

Considering to Study in Australia

The world-class education system, multicultural society, welcoming natives, fresh environment, and white-sand beaches of Australia entice international students to study there. No matter whether you are determined to study engineering, accounting, nursing or IT courses in Australia, the country secures the third place on the list of most popular study destinations in the world.

If you want to know about top Australian universities, courses, student visa process, accommodation etc., you can meet our expert Australian education consultants at AECC Global, an internationally recognised education agency in Nepal.

Top Things to Know Before Flying to Australia for Higher Education

Is studying higher education in Australia on your mind?

If yes, you have chosen one of the best study destinations in the world for higher education. The country has world-class universities offering quality education and academic courses with worldwide recognition. Students enjoy career development post study in Australia courses which help in getting jobs in the industry.

But, it is essential to know certain things before taking your flight to Australia to get a seamless and fruitful education journey.

Here are the top things you should know as an aspirant:

  1. Apply for a Course in the Selected Institution

Based on your career goal and preference, decide what to study in Australia in the top institution. Make sure to collect information about faculties, curriculums, fee structure, reviews of previous students, etc., of the educational institution in which you intend to study before applying for the course.

If your academic qualification, English proficiency skill, and other documents meet the requirement of the institution, you will be selected for admission. You will get a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) in the chosen course from the provider online.

  1. You Need a Student Visa

Pursuing courses with duration more than three months require a student visa. Applying for a student visa has become easier with the launch of e-Student Visa (500) for all courses. However, you need to meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirements to grant you a visa.

Here are the top documents you need for this:

  • Submit a proof of English language skill
  • Electronic copy of CoE from an approved education provider
  • Evidence of sufficient fund for admission, tuition fees, airfare, etc.
  • Academic qualification
  • Overseas Student Health Cover
  • Character certificate
  1. Know the Education System

Australia has a recognised education system, and its University Ranking System ranked 9th globally. Use of technology in the research projects and practical training are prevalent in the country. The education system encourages students to be creative, rational and problem-solver inculcating professional skills. However, it is important to note the admission procedures, norms, and regulation are different.

  1. Study in Australia is Expensive

Studying in Australian universities is not cheap. You should have enough fund for your financial costs of admission fees, living expenses, transports, and so on. It is why overseas students prefer to work part-time in the local stores to earn additional money for these costs. Additionally, students may apply for a scholarship to the concerned authority if eligible.

Apart from that, Australia is a progressive nation with a liberal society. Be ready to face culture shock, lifestyle, and other things. Consult with the best consultancy in Nepal for Australia to get more reliable information and guidance from experts.

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Scholarship Options for Nepalese Students Looking to Study in Australia


There is no dearth of students, especially in the third world countries, who aspire to pursue their studies in Australia. You may have different opinions about the country, but I am mentioning it here deliberately. In fact, you might take it as an attempt to arouse an anxiety among readers. And, why not?

Let’s have a look at the numbers. Over the last few years, Australia has emerged as one of the top student destinations in the world, following the US and the UK at first and the second place, respectively.

Apart from its top 3rd rank status, the country has so much to offer. Meaning, you will see there some beautiful white-sand beaches, breath fresh air, and experience breathtaking adventures. The country has an awe-inspiring landscape and a multicultural environment. Australian authorities are putting significant efforts to promote international students and meet the shortage of workforce the country has been encountering for a long time.

Offering exciting scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students is one such effort that the Australian government and universities have made. Australian government-funded scholarship ‘award’ offers students scholarships and fellowships to undertake formal education, research and professional development in Australia. Being a prestigious international scholarship ‘Australian Award’ is a unique initiative to the next generation of global leaders for development.

For this scholarship, the candidates will be assessed based on their personal, professional qualities, academic competence and their potential to impact development challenges in Nepal. The ‘Australian Award’ manual clearly mentions that at least 50 percent of the awards will be given to qualified women applicants.

No matter whether you have enrolled in IT courses in Australia or anything else, you should know about the major fellowships and financial aid offered by the Australian government. There are various benefits of the ‘award. Scholarship recipients will receive the following:

  • Return air travel
  • Full tuition fee
  • A one-off establishment allowance on arrival
  • Contribution to living expenses
  • Overseas Student Health Cover
  • Supplementary academic support
  • Fieldwork allowance- for masters and research students by coursework which has a required fieldwork component.

University Scholarships

In addition to Australian Government Scholarship, many Universities offer ranges of Scholarships ranging from 10 to 100 Percent concession depending on student’s Individual Academic Merits and Qualifications with combination of Extracurricular Activities.

If you want to no more about various scholarship options, on your choice of course or college selection on all courses ranging from UNDERGRADUATES, MASTER, MASTER BY RESEARCH AND PhD you better seek help from an expert study in Australia consultants.

AECC Global is a top-class education agency headquartered in Melbourne. The agency has some expert consultants who take pride in helping students actualise their foreign education dreams with unbiased and honest guidance over decade with surge of applications with more than 20,000 successful placements for more than 100 Nationalities.

Top Places to Study Undergraduate Courses in Australia


Students decide to study abroad for a variety of good reasons. Of course, the first reason is getting the quality education necessary to take your career forward. Studying in the internationally recognised universities will help in getting cutting-edge skills and knowledge that lay the foundation for a successful career. Acquiring a valued certification, rich experience, and learn many ethics and culture to become a global citizen.

Have you decided to pursue higher education abroad?

The first thing you need is to choose a country where top universities offering your dream courses are available. Assess the quality of lifestyle, living accommodation, friendly locals, and other factors necessary for a comfortable stay.

Top Reasons to Choose Australia as a Study Destination

Many Australian cities are ranked in the Best Student Cities Index due to the presence of favourable conditions for international students. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and Gold Coast are the top places for international students. Peaceful environment, pleasant weather condition, adventure activities, and other conducive conditions make these places favourite for foreign students.

If you’re thinking where to study in Australia, choose one from these top cities to experience a good studying experience. It may be a good step towards a successful career in your life.

Students prefer to study in these cities due to numerous reasons. Most of the globally recognised universities of Australia are available in these places. These are the prime reasons for pursuing postgraduate and undergraduate study in Australia for international students.

Some of the favourite undergraduate courses which international students prefer to study in Australian universities:

  • Information Technology
  • Nursing courses
  • Accounting and Finance courses
  • Engineering courses
  • Social work courses
  • Medicines
  • Public Health
  • Hospitality courses

Among the different career options, the nursing courses in Australia has gained popularity among the international students. It may be due to the presence of quality educational institutions offering quality training and certifications.

Another reason may be the job opportunities in the local market. Australia is facing a shortage of Registered Nurses and occupation is listed in the MLTSSL and STSOL published by the states. International nursing graduates, after completion of nursing studies from local universities, get high employment opportunities in the domestic market.

Do you want to study higher education in Australia?

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Why do international nursing aspirants intend to come in Australia to study nursing?

Nursing is the noblest profession of all. Every industry may run short of employment opportunities for any possible reason, but when it comes to health-care, nursing is such a field which will not get affected by any global trend or adversities. It does not have any impact of global recession and all. The global market of nursing is expanding with each single passage of the day. It also depends on the skills gained by the nurse which is directly linked to the availability of the scope.

If you intend to be a skilled nurse, you better to choose nursing courses in Australia. The education department of the country is very advanced and those who study nursing there are counted as ‘highly fortunate’. The entire world knows well the value nursing studies offer to the students pursuing the courses. There are different kinds of courses and programs offered in nursing. The system of nursing education in Australia is unique and advanced. The programs help aspirants gaining of knowledge, skills and thorough ethical understanding leading to make the overseas students into competent and successful nursing professionals.

All the Australian nursing courses prepare international students into professionals capable of delivering the high quality, patient-centred healthcare services in different situations. The courses mainly focus on developing the practical aspects of the students. Nursing is a popular course for undergraduate study in Australia for international students though there are many other different courses currently on offer.

Universities offering the nursing courses are all scattered with each breadth and length of the country. And aspirants won’t have any issue in finding the right institution.

The main cities where overseas students can choose to study are Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Canberra etc. These are the major beautiful cities, and you can opt anyone of them and won’t run short of option where to study in Australia.

Few of the major advantages of studying nursing in Australia are as follows-

Be part of Australian healthcare industry: When you choose to study in Australia, after completing your course, you can apply for job after applying for the visa. The healthcare industry is in progress and expanding at high pace.

Quality education: Choosing this country means you are going to acquire the best quality education and degrees obtained from any of the country’s universities draw global respect. So, you will not have any shortage of employment issues anywhere in the world.

Study and work opportunity: Many international students choose the ‘Island country’ because they can both study and work since Australian student visa allows to work part-time. Extra expenses can be easily managed by engaging in part time work.

Enjoy the high standard of living: Every aspiring student willing to study desires to settle down there permanently because of high standard living one can enjoy.

After Graduation: Nursing is one of the highly paid occupation and has migration possibilities too.

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Choosing the courses to study which provide scope beyond employment in Australia

You researched everything in your country Nepal for the higher educational scope but in the end, choosing to study in Australia appears to be the only option left with you. You gave more score to Australia than Nepal because of so many reasons. The country, Australia can provide you with the world-class facilities for quality education. As the educational department is richly full of a vast number of courses and institutions,

overseas students can find their dream courses from the list of 22,000 courses currently on offer. If you want to choose Australia courses for international students, you can choose the one which has more value and high return on your investment of effort, time and money. However, the recent trend has been students picking up courses like engineering, accounting, computer science, information technology, etc. These courses lead students to unlimited scope and opportunities of jobs and employments. Besides, they also help them with obtaining the permanent residency when they want to settle in the country.

These courses are for both the students who are willing to study undergraduate and post-graduate studies. A study in Australia after 12th also presents plenty of scopes that get widened and opened in the Australian and international markets. Many Nepalese students want to settle down in the country because they believe in leading the luxurious life with high standard of living, one needs the study at top institutions. Australia, on the other hand, is fully packed with many world-class universities featuring at the top of the chart. University of Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and various other reputed institutions always contribute towards the country’s charm and attraction.

The route to permanent residency in Australia for Nepalese students

Many students who know the easiest way to settle in Australia always love to study the courses mentioned above. Studying these courses helps them to further take up professional year programs after their graduation at any of the institution in the country. The professional year program is a one-year program which equips, hones up and introduces students into the typical Australian working system and work-culture through series of internship programs. After successful completion of the courses, takers of these courses are awarded five extra points of immigration.

The scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students has been playing a crucial role in pulling Nepalese students in the country for higher education. Most of the brilliant students do not have access to the quality education because of the financial crisis. However, with the availability of different kinds of scholarships covering tuition fees, living expenses and health covers, it brought a respite for those students willing to study in Australia.

Are you seeking assistance from the expert for applying for the scholarship? If yes, choose the expert Australian education consultants from AECC GLOBAL right now!

The courses popular as Australia courses for international students

Are you looking forward to choosing the finest destination to study for giving the kickstart to your dream career? Quality education became a need for every aspirant looking to build a lucrative career. Today many numbers of students are moving away too many developed nations in the pursuit of higher education. For instance, every year hundreds of students from Nepal apply to study in Australia. They find it as the country to make a fortune with the scopes for both study and work.

Australia is a store of quality education as one can find one of the high-quality education systems in the country. The department of education in the country is richly filled with as many as 22,000 courses which are taught through 1,100 quality institutions. The infrastructural beauty and richness get expressed in their unique styles equipping with all kinds of facilities and amenities. Overseas students in large number choose to study in Australia after 12th to pursue their chosen courses. The varied range of courses available is one of the pull factors drawing overseas students in the country. For instance, when one talks about Nepal, the developing country whose majority of students apply to study in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’, it does not offer much choice to students regarding courses and employment opportunities.

Today the trend of course choice revolves around the courses such as engineering, accounting, nursing, computer science and information technology. These are the favourite courses of every Nepalese student.

How is Australian Scholarship a pull factor for overseas students for higher education? 

The good part of Australian education is it became students’ friendly as international students who successfully take admission in leading prestigious universities can opt to work while still studying. The country’s immigration department has relaxed visa policies to some extent. Now international students can work as their student visas allow them to work for 40 hours per fortnight and number of hours can be extended to unlimited during holidays. Another reason for the increase in many enrolments of students from Nepal for studying in the ‘Island country’ is the scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students.

Aussie Government invests around AUD 200 million every year on scholarship for overseas students who can apply it for different courses. There are two types of scholarships that students from other countries can apply. One kind of scholarship is Awards scholarship, and Nepalese students can apply it after fulfilling the eligibility criteria. Another category includes of scholarships that most of the universities or institutions offer of their own. The scholarship covers the tuition fees, living expenses and Australian health cover of students. And overseas students applying for them must meet their eligibility criteria too. For applying for the scholarship, it is important to choose any of the Australia courses for international students and check if the course offers any Aide or award.

Are you in need of any assistance for applying a scholarship for your preferred course in Australia? If yes, never hesitate to take the help from experienced Australian education consultant at AECC GLOBAL.

How is study in Australia a boon for Nepalese students?

Australia has surpassed both US and UK regarding some overseas students from Nepal coming for education. The country with quality education has turned out to be a paradise for Nepalese students. Nepal as a country also owes to some extent the reasons why it loses students to Australia. After schooling, students sometimes do not get the kind of courses they love or prefer to study, and the country also lacks in sophisticated and quality institutions too. On the contrary, the ‘Land of Kangaroos’ is globally known to have one of the best educational systems in the world.

There will be hardly any student who does not find the preferred courses in this beautiful island country. With 22,000 different courses offered through 1,100 institutions with all round infrastructural developments, it gives a clear impression how important education is in Australia. The state provides rich dividends to overseas students who opt it for further study. For example, IT courses in Australia are internationally known due to quality.

The beauty of Australian education for overseas students

The impressive thing about typical Australian education system is its inclination towards practical grooming of students with an all-round approach. The expert academicians and curriculum designers design the learning or teaching materials in such a manner that till the finishing of studies, students end up becoming expert professionals in their areas or fields. Along the boasting of world-class academic institutions, it is the scope of part-time and post-study work available that attract overseas students. So, the amount of time, money and effort invested in the pursuit of quality education, there is a high chance of getting highest returns.

It is always difficult for the student to move out to different other countries for studies particularly in the developed countries like Australia. One may meet several kinds of challenges and barriers too. For instance, having of English language proficiency, locating best institution, admission procedures, the process of visa application and courses and knowledge of job markets are all the requirements on the part of students to know. Here comes the role of various study in Australia consultants. They are the professionals who are well informed and guide students when approached to them.

Need assistance to choose the right course and institution in Australia? Choose professional guidance from experts at AECC GLOBAL.

Grab the opportunity to work and study in Australia now

Looking for the opportunity to work and study together in abroad? If it is the case, Australia could be the destination matching your dream, right? Some of you have Australia in your dream but not sure how you can go for your higher education over there. Since you have only heard about quality education, pleasant ambience and environment for international students along with many kinds of study programs from your friends. Well, now you are geared up, made up your mind, and your heart is aching for migration to the ‘Land of Kangaroos’!

Just hold on your excitement little over here, let us tell you how you can fulfil your dream to work and study in Australia in little greater detail. Having a dream is not enough; along with it, you must first remove English proficiency test which is essentially required not only for taking admission in various universities’ courses or programs but also asked while applying for Australian Visas. The Australian authorities made it mandatory for any immigrant to possess a certain level of English proficiency through many tests like: IELTS, Pearson Test of English-Academic, TOEFL and many more are what needed to crack to be eligible for pursuing higher studies.

In Australia, students can work part time while studying in universities. Students can work for 40 hours for every fortnight and an unlimited number of hours during the holiday. However, make sure your visa allows to work. You may also be eager to know how much the study in Australia cost will be. The cost also varies depending upon the level of study, institutions and courses.

As per the report by HSBC, the cost for international student per year is AU$42,093. Australia has turned out to be a vital hub of quality education, and today, international students can find various kinds of courses such as accounting, engineering, IT, social science, management, nursing, hospitality, etc. These are the major courses in Australia for international students who can opt out. You can also approach to any of the Australian education consultants who have in-depth knowledge and can inform and guide you in different areas from admission process to giving you course and universities details and telling you about Australian job market.

Are you looking for the best Australian education consultant for more admission details? If yes, never hesitate to get in touch with us at AECC GLOBAL!