Why Overseas Education Consultants Are Important?

Education plays an essential role in shaping the life and elevating the personality of an individual. There can be many ways to get the best education and ensure a successful career, but the most of students choose to study abroad to beat the overreaching competition of the job market. Though there is nothing terrible in choosing to study overseas, it asks you to gather complete information about the best and most suitable study abroad destination, university and course. There are many other issues related to the admission process, scholarship options, visa application etc. that need to be tackled to enjoy a smooth transition to a country.

Here is where expert overseas education consultants come handy.  Apart from assisting you in the visa application, an education consultant can help you create a pathway to success in a country unknown to you.

Role of an education consultant

Deciding on to study abroad is a tough decision. There are plenty of questions that come to your mind when you choose to pursue higher education outside your country. For example, what’s the visa process, when the admission session begins, which city or university would be suitable, what are the living costs etc. are the top questions frequently asked by the students.

The internet has eased the things a bit for the students, but it cannot suggest you the best course or university keeping mind your career goals. That’s why students rely on expert education consultants when it comes to seeking guidance on overseas education. In fact, you will see many Nepalese students availing the best consultancy in Nepal for Australia- Australia is the first choice for those Nepalese who want to study abroad.

An education consultant helps you with the visa application, course or university selection, scholarships, accommodation etc.

Tips to choose the right education consultant

Before hiring an education consultant, you must ensure that he/she has sufficient experience in serving overseas students. It takes years of hard work, expertise and dedication to earn a name and reputation in the industry. So you can consider the status of the agency or the agent before choosing the one.

To get an idea about the services and experience of an agency or agent, you can check their website(s) and read the testimonials provided by their previous clients. Comparing tuition fees, living expenses, lifestyle and university rankings, an education consultant can help you choose the best education destination.

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Top Courses to Study in Australia to Get a Job

Australia is one of the most popular study-abroad destinations for Nepalese students. The Nepal Department of Education has revealed that more than 80 percent of NOCs were offered for Australian universities. Conducive environment for higher education and privileges like scholarships, part-time job opportunities, and so on are the top factors attracting to study in Australia courses in different fields. Owing to these privileges, the enrolment of overseas students has been increasing steadily over the years. The country is undoubtedly a global education hub significant for starting a successful career in life.

The Australian education system is renowned for its quality and modern training facilities. The universities offer a wealth of study options to the students in different fields and subjects. The Australia Department of Education and Training has approved 22, 000 courses offered at 1100 educational institutions under 43 universities.

Most of the students face the problem of plenty while choosing a suitable course. It should also be noted that the selected course enhances career growth and open huge job opportunities after graduation. Decide what to study in Australia after assessment or consultation with an education expert to start a promising career. Most of the students prefer studying in-demand courses that increase employability after graduation.

Here are the popular courses that help in getting jobs in Australia:

  • Nursing
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Public Health
  • Social Work
  • Hospitality and Management
  • Teaching
  • And others

Know the famous and in-demand courses going through the Skilled Occupation List publish by states of Australia. It is an essential indicator whether a graduate will be able to employment after graduation from the Australian universities.

The best way to avoid obstacles in your career path is to make an informed career decision. It can be done consulting with Australian education consultants for guidance and get accurate information. The experts can provide information on the education system, top courses, universities, and much more necessary for a brilliant career.

Where to get help from education experts?

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How Can Education Consultant Assist to Study in Australia?

Australia, as a global education hub, is on the wishlist of every student. With abundant top-ranked universities and a renowned education system, the country has attracted students from every part of the world. Advanced courses are available for students with modern training facilities. It helps students to get market-oriented skills to obtain employment after graduation.

Apart from that, students enjoy numerous facilities and privileges that aren’t available elsewhere. Some of them are work and study in Australia, scholarship scheme, Temporary Graduate Visa, and job opportunities among others. These are the factors appealing students from different regions including Nepalese to study in Australia.

Want to go for higher education in Australia?

If yes, you must start preparing for the same from right now. Studying in Australia can be an adventure and thrilling experience but needs due preparation to avoid obstacles or problems that come in the pathway.

It starts with choosing a specific course and university based on your career aspirations. Post selecting a path, you need to submit your application to the institutions where you intend to study further. Check the rating, reviews and faculties before sending your application form. The process can be daunting and tiresome especially if you have no experience and unaware of the regulations.

It is where overseas education consultants may help you get out this mess. Right from providing accurate information on courses, admission to visa process, consultants may help to make an informed career decision for a bright future.

Let us see where an education expert may help you in Australian education:

  • Make an informed career decision
  • Choose the right course for further education
  • Assist in applying to the top institution
  • Assist in the immigration process
  • Help to find accommodation facility
  • Collect essential document necessary for an Australian student visa
  • Apply for a scholarship in the right procedure
  • Assumed study cost or financial estimate
  • And others

However, aspirants must consult with genuine Australian education consultants for reliable information and guidance. Authorised education agents are mentioned in the official site of the universities.

Need help from certified education consultants to study in Australia?

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Why are Nursing and Engineering Choicest Courses for Nepalese in Australia?

The decision to study in Australia needs proper contemplation on study costs, obstacles, and career path. Choosing the wrong career path can lead to frustration despite your efforts and money that require in the process. Avoid career disappointments making an informed career decision consulting with education consultants for Australia. You will get accurate information on the education system, top courses, study cost estimate, and much more. All these information help aspirants to make their Australian education a seamless and enlightening experience.

Nepal is one of the top countries contributing thousands of students to Australian universities every year. The number of enrolment is expected to rise significantly in the future due to privileges and facilities in Australian colleges. Conducive environment for higher education and best student cities also attract aspirants from many nations.

There are plenty of options for students opting to study in Australian universities. Some 22, 000 courses are offered at 1100 educational institutions under 43 universities. It is easy to get confused in choosing a path due to the problem of plenty.

What to study in Australia that brings high job prospects? Let us look at two popular courses for Nepalese in Australia that bring top career prospects and development:


Nursing is one of the choicest courses for Nepali students in Australia. You can pursue certificate course to a doctorate in the nursing field. The nursing programs are meticulously designed to meet international standard and prepare future nurses for the industry. The recognition of Australian nursing degrees across the globe is another reason for Nepalese to study nursing in Australia.

Further, there is a tremendous employment opportunity for graduates and registered nurses in the local healthcare industry.


Australia is a famous destination to pursue engineering. Students can avail the modern educational infrastructure and training facilities to equip for their future career. The engineering field has many options like civil, electrical, aeronautical, geological, environment, nuclear physics, biomedical among others. Engineering courses in Australia are known in the academic world for their quality and training on simulated projects. Aspiring engineers get ready for their workplace challenges in the study.

Australia is developing fast and needs infrastructure to support economic activities. However, the country is facing a shortage of skilled engineer to carry out these developments activities. It is a vital opportunity for overseas students to get employment in the niche industry.

Apart from that, Accounting and Finance, Information Technology, Social Work, Public Health, and others are equally popular in Australia.

Need help to study higher education in Australia?

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Why are Nepali Students Choosing to Study in Australia?

Australia ranks high as a country to live in term of life expectancy, per-capita income and education in the global surveys. It is listed 9th globally in the University System Ranking. The ranking reflects the quality of education in Australia. Thus, Australian education gives a clear pathway to better future and job opportunities in the chosen field.

Eight Australian universities are listed in the Top 100 QS World University Ranking. Over 22, 000 courses are offered from the 1100 educational institutions under 43 universities. There is no dearth of Australia courses for international students willing to study at regional universities. It is one of the top factors attracting Nepalese to study in the island country.

Besides the study options, Nepali students get numerous benefits and privileges while studying in Australia. Let us look at the top benefits that students enjoy while studying in the country:

Recognised Education System

Australia education system has got immense popularity and acceptance around the world. The system is lauded and known for providing international standard training. Modern educational infrastructure is used in training students in the simulated projects to develop critical skills. Acquiring renowned degrees help students to enjoy high career prospects in Australia and worldwide.

Financial Assistance

Australia is trying to build a strong education and cultural linkage with partner nations. As Nepal is a partner nation, Nepali students get scholarships in Australia pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The award contains concession on tuition and admission fees, contribution to living expenses, airfare, and overseas student health cover in some cases.

Apart from the study grants, Australian student visa allows students to work up to 40 hours every two weeks during the course breaks and holidays. Both the award and part-time job facility help financially struggling students to continue higher education in Australia.

Job Opportunities

In Australia, many sectors are facing an acute shortage of skilled professionals. It is an excellent opportunity for overseas graduates to get employment after completion of studies.

The Temporary Graduate Visa and Post-Study Work stream visas help international graduates to get seek employment or gain work experience joining in internship programs.

Do you want to study in Australian universities?

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Why Nepalese Students Choose to Pursue Their Higher Education in Australia?

Studying abroad is a dream for many students from every nook and corner of the world and contrary to earlier beliefs that the UK and the UK are the most preferred study abroad destinations, one country emerging as a strong contender is Australia. In fact, the country is the first choice for Nepalese students when it comes to picking an overseas study destination.

However, students often find it tough to choose the best course to study in Australia. The questions they frequently ask are: where to study in Australia, what to study, what is the tuition fees, would natives be welcoming, what is the cost of living? With a bit of research on the internet, you can easily find answers to these questions. Make sure that you reach the right place to seek guidance and assistance.

The education cost in Australia is far lower than the countries like the US and the UK. On the other hand, the living expenses are also pretty reasonable. A variety of courses in Australia will sweep you off your feet. Universities and educational institutions in Australia are also known for their world-class teaching modules and the accessibility to research activities.

The country is widely popular as a fantastic tourist destination; so you have much to see and explore when you are on holiday or during semester breaks. In addition to that, you can have abundant fun if you are studying and living in a city like Melbourne or Sydney. Apart from searching for relevant information or eligibility criteria online, you can speak to an expert education consultant to reap excellent results. The internet can tell you that there are more than 22000 courses in Australia for international students, but it won’t tell you which would be better for you.

There are plenty of top-ranked universities, such as Monash University, Charles Sturt University, the University of Sydney etc., in Australia, but only an education consultant can tell you which would be the best one for you to achieve your career goals. So ignoring an education consultant may leave you in a chaotic situation.

International students can also inquire about many different scholarship options available for them in the country. Australian scholarships are mainly offered by the Australian government, universities and other organisations. Most of these scholarships and financial aides cover your tuition fee, living expenses and airfare. Also, there are engineering, accounting, IT and nursing courses in Australia which help overseas students to find a job quickly in the country. And that’s the reason why these fields are very much popular among Nepalese students.

To get assistance about studying in Australia, you can speak to an education expert at AECC Global. AECC Global is a well-known education agency in Nepal and many other countries around the globe.

Why Study Accounting Courses in Australia?

Students aiming for a future-proof and challenging career can choose accounting as a career path. The occupation is not challenging but rewarding as a career option. The job opportunities that come after completion of studies is a definite plus for students.

Accounting service is vital for every organisation dealing with financial transactions during the fiscal year. The service is essential to maintain transparency in its operation. It is also crucial to keep investors and stakeholders informed of the organisation’s financial status during a year. Assessing the economic condition and data, future steps or financial strategies are chalk out by the companies. Hence, the demand for skilled accountant has increased significantly across the markets.

Top Destination to Study Accounting

Conversion of economic data and market condition to the advantage of the company is what accountants do on a daily basis. It requires enormous analytic power and understanding to be able to translate the insights for any business. An accounting aspirant must be good at numbers with fantastic interpersonal skills and reasoning abilities. Students prefer to study accounting in Australia to prepare well for these challenges in the future career. It prepares students to work in different profiles like financial analyst, managerial accountant, auditors, tax accountant, and so on with lucrative pays.


Australia is the top place for accounting studies. The country has top-ranked universities providing quality training in this field. The accounting courses in Australia enhance career development for graduates after completion of studies. The training modules are designed to the international standards with industry requirements in mind. Students get market-oriented training learning the accounting practices in the simulated environment preparing aspirants for the workplace challenges. Hence, Australian universities are known for their quality education system and modern training facilities to prepare future accounting professionals.

Overseas students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate courses in accounting get privileges and facilities. The scholarship scheme and part-time job facility are helpful for financially struggling students to continue higher education in world-class universities.

As Australia is facing the shortage of skilled accountants, it is an excellent opportunity for Nepalese students. However, acquiring a job in accounting is one of the toughest nuts to crack unless you have the right skills. The accounting internship program may help fresh graduates to find employment in the niche industry. That is why study in Australia always prove to be a stepping stone for dreamers to a brilliant career in the accounting industry.

Need help to study accounting in Australia?

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Top Courses to Study in Australia After 10+2

The time after completion of secondary school is crucial for every student. Choosing a course will affect your future career path. Hence, students should make an informed career decision to get a positive outcome in the chosen profession.

The trend of studying higher education abroad is an all-time high. Most of the Nepalese students are moving out of the country to pursue higher education elsewhere. Australia is the country where more than 80% Nepalese choose to study in Australia after 10+2 in different fields. No student has ever regretted its decision to pursue higher education in the beautiful country.

An increasing number of Nepali students are choosing Australia over other destinations. It is due to numerous good reasons and privileges that aspirants get in Australia. Some of them are like brilliant study options, career opportunities, job opportunities, work and study facility, scholarships, and safe environment for higher studies.

Most importantly, students should choose the right course and university for rapid career enhancement. Here are some of the famous routes that Nepalese love to study in Australia:


Engineering is one of the choicest career options for Nepalese students studying in Australia. The country has many universities offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses in engineering. Engineering provides numerous study options to aspirants for renowned education and training in Australia.

There is a shortage of skilled engineers in Australia. It is an excellent opportunity for overseas students like Nepalese to pursue studies and improve chances for employment in the domestic market.


It is by far the popular study option for Nepali students in Australia. The nursing industry is reeling under acute skill crisis. Pursuing a bachelor or master of nursing degree helps to start a successful career in the healthcare industry of Australia. Further, many universities are offering reputed nursing courses to aspirants coming from various nations.

Information Technology

The IT courses in Australia are recognised and designed to the international standard. With a rapid acceptance of IT usage in industries, numerous job opportunities are coming up in this field. Even IT sector is facing an acute shortage of skilled professionals in the domestic market.

Apart from that, Nepalese prefer studying accounting, social work, public health, bakery, teaching, and so on in Australia.

Do you want to study any of these courses in Australia?

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What Attracts Nepalese to Study Engineering in Australia?

Australia is popular for numerous reasons: exotic tourism places, pleasant weather condition, vibrant cultures, and of course, as a top education hub. Students are heading to Australia for further education from different nations.

Nepal is one of the top countries sending students for higher education at Australian universities. More than 80% of Nepalese students have chosen Australia for higher education over the years. Numerous factors are responsible attracting to study in Australia for Nepali students.

Engineering is one of the choicest courses for Nepalese students studying in Australia. The country has top universities which are offering world-class engineering courses with internationalised modules. Different study and career options are available for students pursuing higher education in the country.

One can pursue foundation course to specialisation at a regional university like civil, mechanical, electrical, automotive, geothermal, mining, nuclear physics, and others. Such diverse study options are impossible to find in a country. Deciding to study engineering in Australia help students to get innovative ideas and practical knowledge in the research. Further, engineering degrees of Australia are recognised and accepted by governments in the world. It improves career prospects and employability for graduates in the niche industry.

Nepal is a partner nation in the education and culture exchange program with Australia. Students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate engineering courses get scholarships from the institutions or the government. The award helps to get concession on tuition and admission fees, contribution to living expenses, airfare, and overseas student health cover.

Apart from that, Australian student visa allows students work part-time at local stores. The students can work up to 40 hours per fortnight pursuing a full-time course and unlimitedly during course breaks or holidays. It enables students to earn handsome money with AUD 17.70 per hour wage to manage personal and education expenses. It helps needy students to meet study in Australia cost without getting financial debts.

After completion of studies, students can use the temporary graduate visa to pursue internship program and seek employment in the domestic market. As there is a skill crisis in the engineering industry, graduates enjoy high employability in the domestic market.

Do you want to pursue engineering in Australia?

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Top Factors Influencing Nepalese to Study in Australia

A study-abroad destination is chosen after assessment of many factors. Some of the common things that overseas students look before flying to a country for higher education are visa requirements, top universities, study options, lifestyle, weather condition, rating, and environment.

Australia is regarded as the third most popular destination due to the presence of suitable factors for overseas students. Conducive environment for higher studies is available at the Australian universities for students. Many Australia courses for international students are available for higher studies. There are 22, 000 coursed approved and provided at 1100 educational institutions under 43 universities. There is hardly any subject that can’t be found at the Australian universities. Further, Australia Quality Framework upholds the quality of education monitoring continually.

The education system of Australia is ranked high in the world. Significant importance is given on developing practical skills and knowledge necessary for jobs in the market. Hence, pursuing higher education in Australia is considered an essential step for employment.

Students enjoy numerous privileges while pursuing higher education in Australia. Some of the important ones like scholarship in Australia for Nepalese studentsThe selected candidates get concession on admission and tuition fees, airfare, contribution to living expenses, and others. The awards are offered to maintain a strong education linkage with partner nations.

Studying in Australia is not cheap. The student visa allows to study and work in Australia. Working up to 40 hours every two weeks helps overseas students to earn money for additional expenses.

The scholarship and part-time job opportunity prove as a blessing for the needy overseas students. It is one of the top factors influencing the decision to study in the local universities.

Job Opportunities

Australia is a land of opportunities. Many sectors are facing an acute shortage of skilled professionals. It is an excellent opportunity for Nepalese students to get jobs after completion of studies. The Temporary Graduate Visa helps students to seek employment and study internship program at the local providers.

Do you want to study higher education in Australia?

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