3 Popular Courses for Nepalese Students in Australia

Are you thinking of pursuing higher education in Australia?

If yes, you might be thinking in which city to study, top universities, career path, courses, etc. that help in starting your dream career.

Australia has a load of study options for the local and overseas students at the regional universities. The Department of Education and Training has approved 22, 000 courses offered through 1100 educational institutions. Out of 43 universities, seven have featured in the Top 100 QS World University Ranking latest edition. It signifies the magnitude of study options available for aspirants.

Nepal students often face the problem of plenty in choosing courses in the country. But, it is essential to remember that not all routes are created equal nor helpful to find employment. Consult with education consultants for Australia to get accurate information about courses, universities, path, etc. to make an informed career decision.

Let us look at the famous courses for Nepal students in Australia:


Qualified nurses enjoy high job prospects around the globe. Students pursuing nursing study from Australian universities are recognised and accepted everywhere. Even in Australia, there is a shortage of skilled nurses in the local healthcare industry. The decision to study nursing in Australia may increase your employment prospects given the skill crisis.

Information Technology

If you are eyeing for a successful in Information Technology (IT) field, Australia is a top destination for higher education. Universities offer a range of IT courses for the aspirants – foundation course to specialisation. Some of the specialisation areas are hardware, software, networking, cybersecurity, and other domain-based study fields.


The decision to study engineering courses in Australia may be a turning point for students. Apart from quality training, students get numerous study options that aren’t available in other countries. Some of the engineering study fields are automotive, civil, electrical, geothermal, mining, environmental science, and others in the regional colleges.


Accounting is still one of the most popular study options for overseas students in Australia. There is a good reason for that – employability of new graduates. The Outlook job portal has revealed that Australia will witness 40k job openings by 2020 across the country. Further, exciting career options are available to study as a specialisation for aspirants.

The courses are the top choices for students willing to pursue higher education in Australia. Occupations are added in the MLTSSL and STSOL reflecting the skill shortage of qualified professionals. The opportunity to get employment in the domestic market is a top factor for students choosing the courses in Australia.

Want to study these courses in Australia?

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Why Students from Nepal Choose to Study IT courses in Australia?

Information Technology or IT is a popular career choice among the students. It is one of the fastest growing fields with huge job opportunities for trained professionals. Scopes in the IT fields are bound to increase in the future years considering the broad acceptance and usages in the industries.

The primary challenge for aspirants is acquiring highest quality education and expertise to start a successful career. Australia is one of the top study-abroad destinations for the Nepalese over the years. There are many benefits that students get during the study in Australia like quality education, enlightening experience, and others.

Without much ado, let us look at the reasons why Nepalese choose Australia over other countries:

World Class Education System

Australia has one of the finest and renowned education systems in the world. The University System ranking is 9th globally, ahead of Germany, New Zealand and Japan. It reflects the quality of education that student receives while studying in the Australian universities. Most of the previous international students are satisfied with university and study experience.

Top-Ranked Universities

Seven of the Australian universities have been ranked in the Top 100 QS World University Ranking. Studying at the globally acclaimed universities help students preparing for the workplace challenges properly by students. Students prefer to study in Australia after 10+2 in different study fields for unfolding career opportunities.

Career Options for Aspirants

Numerous career options are available for students in Information Technology. One can pursue specialisation in hardware, software, networking, cybersecurity, designing, and others. In fact, the students can choose any of the IT courses in Australia at the regional universities. Specialising in one of domains help in getting jobs in the niche industry.

High Job Opportunities

The demand for IT professionals has increased significantly in the market now. Huge career enhancement takes place for students studying in the country. Further, the IT sector is facing skill crisis creating excellent opportunities for overseas graduates.

Additionally, overseas get privileges like scholarship and part-time job opportunity while studying in Australia.

Do you want to pursue higher education in Australia?

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Basic Information about Studying and Living Expenses in Australia

Australia is popular around the world for its unique flora and fauna, beaches, greenery, welcoming people and multicultural society, but it offers a lot more than just that. With a huge area of 7.69 million square kilometres, Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. Its rich culture is founded on its Aboriginal heritage and a perfect mix of vibrant cultures. Also, the country is a global leader in education. And that’s what makes Australia the first choice for Nepalese when it comes to studying abroad.

Some Nepalese students want to join nursing or accounting courses while others wish to study engineering in Australia. Nepalese are so common in Australia that you will see them walking down the streets, on coffee shops and educational institutions alike. In short, Australia is no less than a paradise for those who want to make a bright and successful career.

In the earlier blogs, we have discussed much on the Australian education system, its qualities, courses offered for international students etc. Here, in this piece, we are shedding some light on the cost of studying and living in Australia.

Study Expenses

Australia uses Australian Dollar as its currency. Being a popular study abroad destination for overseas students, applying for Australian scholarships is a bit competitive. So if you’re self-financing, you need to be aware of the Study in Australia Cost and living expenses.

As with the majority of countries, the cost of education in Australia is dependent on the type of courses and duration of studies.

For instance, English Language Courses in the country are available at AUD300 per week. For a bachelor’s degree, you will have to pay around AUD15000 to AUD33000 while for a postgraduate one you need to pay about AUD20000 to AUD37000.

Living Expenses

The Department of Home Affairs requires AUD 20290, Student or guardian alone, Partner or spouse:  AUD$7,100 Child:    AUD$3,040 as the minimum budget of living to issue a student visa and family if included effective from 01 Feb 2018. However, the cost of living more depends on which country you plan to live in. The type of accommodation is also crucial. Hostels range from AUD80 to AUD135 a week, while shared rentals will cost you around AUD70 to AUD250. Homestay and rental are other most expensive options.

Working while Studying

In case you wish to cover the costs and expenses by working in Australia while studying, go through the appropriate government office. Different visas have different stipulations on this.

If you want to know more about the Study in Australia for Nepali students, you can consult with an education expert.

AECC Global is a well-known education consultancy and agency in Australia offering excellent education consultancy services in Nepal.

Top Reasons to Consult with Education Agents for Australian Study

Decided to pursue higher education in Australia? If yes, you might have thought about where to study, stay, career path and courses in the Australian universities. Numerous questions and confusions come up in the mind especially if you are applying for courses directly to the institution. It is where overseas education consultants are essential to dispel confusions and get accurate information. With the help of right guidance and advice, students can take the right decision for a successful career in life.

An education agent has many significant roles for students to make their overseas study successful and seamless one. Right from applying for courses at the top institutions to taking care of immigration process, consultants can take care of your education journey.

But, a successful overseas education journey starts with planning and gathering information. The internet is a great source of information, but not always reliable or updated. Friends, parents and social circle offer numerous suggestions, but one shouldn’t rely entirely on them.

Australia depends upon the authorised education agencies to increase enrolment at the universities. Certified education agents possess the power to offer on-spot admission to aspirants fulfilling eligibilities and requirements. Make sure to consult with agencies whose names are mentioned on the official website of universities validating their authorisation and genuineness.imagesSeveral scholarships and privileges are available for students while studying undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Australian universities. The work and study in Australia is a significant privilege for needy students to continue higher education in the top universities. Owing to this facility, students can work part-time jobs at the local store to earn money for additional expenses.

Further, education consultants can provide detailed information on the education system, top courses, lifestyle, and accommodation facilities available at a specific university. One can get study cost estimate including the routes and brilliant career options in your chosen field.

The role and importance of an education consultant are immense. Study abroad is exciting but not devoid of obstacles and problems coming in the process. All the hardships are worth as you will get global education and exposure necessary for a successful career in life.

Do you want to study higher education in Australia?

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Top Benefits of Studying Accounting in Australia

Switching to accounting career proves one of the best decisions in life. Exciting career options and job titles are coming up in the industry for skilled graduates in this industry. An accounting graduate may find employment in different sectors in different capacities. However, aspirants must prepare adequately studying accounting courses in Australia. The country is one of the choicest destinations for pursuing higher education in the accounting field.

Accountants play significant roles from the simple bookkeeping to analysis of complex economic data for making business strategies. It is the reason why accountants can be seen on the board meeting interpreting graphical representation. Based on the merit of the data, future financial strategy and plans are made by accountants for companies. There is no doubt that accountants are of great importance for companies willing to succeed in the globalised world.

One may wonder why study in Australia and not in other countries. If you are one those students trying to find out the reasons, here are the top benefits of studying in the nation:

Study at World’s Best Universities

Australia has many universities ranked in the Top 100 QS World University Ranking. Accounting is one of the most popular study options for overseas students in Australia. Many institutions are offering fundamental training to specialisation courses in the accounting field. Studying in one of the top universities opens employment opportunities for students around the globe.

images (3)

Financial Assistance

Pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate courses in accounting from an Australian university make a student eligible for scholarships. Australian awards have been started to build a strong education linkage with the partner nation. The grant helps in getting concession on tuition and admission fees, contribution to living expenses, airfare, and Overseas Student Health Cover.

Studying in Australia is not cheap. But, students can utilise work and study in Australia facility to earn money for additional expenses. Both award and part-time job opportunity offer significant relief to needy students and ease the financial burden.

High Job Opportunities

Accounting is one of the occupations added to the skill shortage sector. Job opportunities are coming up for graduates in different titles in the accounting field. According to the report of the Job Outlook, Australia will witness 40k jobs opening in accounting and finance field.

After knowing the benefits, you might be willing to study accounting in Australia to start a successful career. It is essential to consult with experts for guidance and help outline your career pathway.

Consult with AECC Global education consultants for career guidance and assistance to carve your future career pathway. Talk to our experts for help today.

Why Do You Need an Education Consultant to Study in Australia?

The trend of studying abroad is on the upswing as more students opting for overseas education. An increasing number of students are inquiring about the top destinations, career options, and others.

Australia is one of the most popular study-abroad destinations for students. A lot of students are heading to the island country for global exposure and enlightening study experience. Students enjoy many privileges like work and study in Australia pursuing regular studies. Officially, Australia is the third most preferred country for overseas education.

Studying abroad is a thrilling adventure for students. They can explore options and acquire knowledge that is not possible living in their own countries. No matter which country students choose for further education, many questions, confusions, and fears come to their minds.

Some of the common ones are like where to study, what to study, how to acquire student visa, will I be successful, what would be the outcome, and so on. Australian education consultants are the right persons to consult and dispel confusions. They are authorised and experienced to provide accurate information to make your education journey a successful one. Do not rely on the friends, parent, and unknown sources of the information.

Australian universities depend upon education agencies to get more enrolment of overseas students for courses. The agents receive training from education providers and authorise to provide on-spot admission and counselling to aspirants. The overseas education consultants may provide a seamless study experience in the following ways:

  • Provide accurate information on Australian education system
  • Help in choosing a right career path based on preference and aspiration
  • Choose the top university and course
  • Help in applying for internship and admission to top institutions
  • Assist in getting a smooth visa service
  • Get help from acquiring accommodation facilities
  • Apply for scholarship
  • And others

An education consultant may play the role of a potter in carving out your successful future career. It is by providing accurate information to make an informed career decision. In fact, certified consultants may assist with course application to the immigration process.

Want to study in Australia?

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Why Nepalese Students Choose to Pursue Higher Education in Australia?

Home to eight top-ranked universities in the world, Australia has emerged as the third most preferred study abroad destination for international students. Australian education system comprises of vocational colleges and universities, with more than 22000 courses on offer for overseas students. The country is the first choice for Nepalese students when it comes to choosing a study abroad destination for pursuing higher education. You will see many Nepalese students seeking help from Australian education consultants to make a bright career in Australia.

Why Study in Australia?

From architectural wonders like the marvellous Sydney Opera House to the Great Barrier Reef, Australia has fantastic places which students can visit.

Every year, the country attracts over 300,000 international students to its cities and towns. According to reliable sources, some of the most popular Australian cities among international students are Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane.

As an overseas student in Australia, you will learn so many things from the natives and also understand different cultures. Since the most international students in Australia are from all over the world, this can be an ideal opportunity for you to explore and meet new people from all walks of life.

Apart from mixing with people, you will see many animals, such as the koala, kangaroo etc. These animals are specific to Australian only. In fact, the country is a great place to get absorbed into the wildlife that has so much to offer.


Study Option

The number of Nepalese students going to Australia is growing each year exponentially. The most preferred Study in Australia courses among Nepalese students are engineering, accounting, nursing, IT and medicine.

An international student is expected to join a course registered under CRICOS if she/he wants to study in Australia. CRICOS indicates that the program and institution you have chosen meet a high standard of the Australian education system.

Australian universities provide international students with a wide range of options, such as undergraduate degree, postgraduate degrees and PhDs.

Australian Scholarships

The Australian Government has allocated a budget to AUD200 million for international scholarships. These scholarships cover all your tuition fees, living expenses and airfare. In addition to that, the Australian student visa gives you the right to work part-time during your semester and full-time during holidays.

So these are the facts the make Australia an ideal choice for Nepalese students. If you still have questions like where and what to study in Australia, how to apply for an Australian visa, or what are the job opportunities there, you can consult with an education consultant at AECC Global.

Contact AECC Global education consultants to enjoy a smooth study overseas journey in Australia.

The Basic Information about the Study in Australia Cost for Nepalese Students

Australia as a country has plenty of reasons that attract Nepalese students to pursue their higher education. Like other English-speaking nations, Australia has some top-ranked universities in the world too. Excellent faculty, quality education and constant innovation continue to help in the development of these universities. And when the academics add to call value, it’s the only nation that has a pull due to high-level living conditions and promising student life. Below you will find necessary information about the Study in Australia cost and scholarship options available in the country for international students.

University Tuition Fees

Australia is home to around 40 public universities and one private university, offering as many courses as you can imagine, from engineering, medicine, accounting to arts and business. Tuition fees depend more on the program you choose to study, degree level and university.

Average tuition fees based on degree level:

  • Undergraduate degree: between AUD14,000 and AUD33,000 per year
  • Postgraduate degree: between AUD18,000 and AUD46,000 per year

Living Costs

Nepalese students would need around AUD1,800 to AUD2,500 per month to cover their living expenses, including food, accommodation and social activities.

The following is the average city wise budget you would need:

  • Sydney: around AUD2’500 per month
  • Adelaide: around AUD1,700 per month
  • Brisbane: around AUD1,800 per month
  • Melbourne: around AUD1,200 per month

Accommodation Cost

Most of the Australian universities offer a small number of student dormitories for on-campus-accommodation. So housing in a homestay with a local family, a guest house or a rental property can be the perfection option to live and study in Australia for Nepali students.

Common accommodation options in Australia:

  • A homestay costs approximately AUD440 to AUD1,080 a month.
  • Guest house prices are between AUD320 and AUD540 a month.
  • Rent an apartment average prices are AUD1,700 a month.

Student Support

The Australian government welcomes and supports international students. In fact, the government has allocated a fund of AUD200,000,000 for international scholarships.

Some popular scholarships for overseas students are:

Australian Award: These scholarships funded by the Australian Government cover tuition fees, living cost, and travel expenses.

Endeavour Postgraduate Awards: These fellowships and scholarships provide financial support to those international students who have enrolled in a Master’s or a PhD program. These scholarships also cover travel allowance, tuition fees, monthly stipend and health and travel insurance.

So, no matter whether you want to pursue a career in nursing or study engineering in Australia, if you are an international student, you can avail the scholarships mentioned above.

To get complete guidance on costs, scholarships, courses, accommodation, visa process etc., you can speak to one of our education agents at AECC Global, a top-class education consultancy in Nepal.

Top 3 Australian Cities Ideal for Nepalese Students

Are you looking to pursue your higher studies abroad in Australia? We aren’t surprised! Australia is the world’s top 3rd study abroad destination for international students, and it’s not tough to understand why.

What comes to your mind when you think about Australia? The white-sand beaches, a deep azure ocean, cold cans of lager, and high standard lifestyle! You may add some wonderful creatures, miles of unpeopled wilderness, and a love of sports.

There is much more behind these common suppositions. Australia does have many beaches; Australians do enjoy a drink on the weekend; and the warm atmosphere does lend itself to the outdoor preparation for food. However, this isn’t the entire picture of the country- for one thing, it doesn’t mention the impressive higher education system in the country offering many courses in Australia for international students.

Australia’s higher education system was ranked fourth in the QS Higher Education System Rankings in 2016. In our previous pieces, we had discussed top-ranked Australian universities and Australian visa application process, but here we are exploring top student cities in Australia:


The biggest city in Australia, Sydney evokes the images of surfing, beaches and drinking. The city is home to Australia’s most recognisable landmark, the Sydney Opera House. Known for its party lifestyle, Sydney is also bohemian, creative and intellectual.


The city has some top-ranked universities like the University of New South Wales and the University of Sydney. You will also see many such Nepalese students who had decided to study nursing courses in Australia and are now living and pursuing their studies in this magnificent city.


Considered the cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne is an excellent alternative for the ones who find Sydney a bit brash- think of it a kind of San Francisco to Sydney’s Los Angeles. The people of Melbourne are appreciated for their love for sports.

With some world-class universities such as Monash University, University of Melbourne, Deakin University, RMIT and La Trobe University, Melbourne is an education hub for international students.


Known for being Australia’s third largest city, Brisbane has a thriving live music scene, plenty of beautiful beaches and world-class cultural institutions. Among universities in Brisbane, the University of Queensland is the most prominent one. The other leading universities in the city are Griffith University and the Queensland University of Technology.

So these were the top 3 Australian cities ideal for Nepalese students looking to study in Australia. If you still have queries like where to study in Australia, you can consult with AECC Global education consultants.

AECC Global is a top-class education consultancy and agency in Nepal.

What Makes Australia an Ideal Study-Abroad Destination?

Every year, students from different countries are heading to Australia to pursue higher education. From world’s best universities to recognised education system, the state has everything for a global study experience. Many cities of Australia are considered amongst the best for overseas students in term of accommodation facilities, satisfaction, living standard, and job opportunities after graduation. It is one of the top reasons students are hurrying to pursue higher education in the country.

If you are also thinking of pursuing higher education there, let us see what’s in store for you:

Welcoming Local and Progressive Society

Australians are one of the friendliest and most welcoming people on earth. Perhaps the liberal mindset in the progressive society is the reason for such beautiful thought of the people. You would never feel lonely participating in the community services and self-help groups.

Diverse Study Options

Australia has a wealth of study options for the aspiring students to choose from. From nursing courses, engineering, Information Technology to social work courses, one can easily find advanced courses to study at regional universities.

You can start with a certificate, bachelor degree and master degree with a specialisation in the specific study area. There are many Australia courses for international students that help students to start a successful career in the chosen field. Most importantly, you can study the course at the world’s best universities.


Work and Study in Australia

Students come from different family backgrounds. Many needy students can’t think of pursuing higher education in Australia due to high study costs. But, Australia wants equal development of every society from partnering nations. That’s why scholarships in Australia Nepalese students given to the students meeting eligibilities and requirement. The candidates for the awards are selected based on previous academic qualification and satisfying other grounds.

Post Study Work Visa

The Post-Study Work stream offers extended options for working in Australia to eligible graduates of a higher education degree. Under this stream, successful applicants are granted a visa with a visa period of two, three or four years’ duration, depending on the highest educational qualification they have obtained.

Two academic years study is defined as 92 weeks of study in a course or courses registered by CRICOS. CRICOS determines a standard duration (number of weeks) for each course.

Eligible qualifications

To meet the Australian study requirement, the course/courses must have resulted in an eligible qualification. The eligible qualifications differ depending on which stream of the subclass 485 visa the applicant selects.

For the purposes of applying for a subclass 485 visa under the Post-Study Work stream, only study that results in the conferral of an eligible degree level qualification will be considered. The eligible degree level qualification is given below:

  • Bachelor degree
  • Bachelor (honours) degree
  • Masters by coursework degree
  • Masters (extended) degree
  • Masters by research degree
  • Doctoral degree

Retention of International Talent Pool

Australia ranks in the top in recruitment and retention of international talent pool leaving behind the US and the UK. It shows the amount of employability that students enjoy after completion of studies at the regional universities. Skill crisis in many sectors is one of the many factors for job opportunities in Australia.

After knowing the benefits of studying in Australia, you might be willing to go for higher education in Australia.

Do you need help to fulfil your Australian dream?

The best is to get help from the study in Australia consultants for career guidance and assistance. Accurate information offered to you will be helpful to make an informed career decision in life. Further, the experts can take care of your education journey from course application to the immigration process.

Being a popular education agency, AECC Global is doing the same thing for Nepalese students in Nepal. The education experts offer end-to-end guidance and outline career pathway for students. Speak to our experts for help today.