Why is Accounting an Ideal Career Choice in Australia?

Accounting careers are growing continuously over the years. The demand for accounting professionals will remain as long as financial transactions take place. Accountants are responsible for checking the financial health of the organisations.

Whether it is a small company or big enterprise, every business needs accounting service to keep stakeholders informed about its operation. Companies can take decisions on investment and business deals. It reflects the importance of accountants from simple bookkeeping to complex analysis of economic data to the company’s advantage. Thus, accountants play significant roles in a board meeting to chalk out business strategies.

Why Study Accounting in Australia?

Australia has top-ranked universities offering world-class accounting courses to students. Studying at one of the universities can be a turning point for a successful career.

Acquiring the accounting skills is vital for aspirants to have a successful career. To prepare for your future career, study accounting in Australia to get quality education and professional training. The courses are designed to international standards with high emphasis on practical skills development. Working on the simulated projects help students to get industry-relevant knowledge demand by recruiters.

Exciting career options are coming up in the industry. Graduates can choose one after pursuing accounting courses in Australia based on the specialisation. Here are the impressive profiles available for the graduates in the industry are:

  • Tax accountant
  • Forensic accountant
  • Auditor
  • Managerial accountant
  • Financial Accountant
  • Governmental accountant
  • And others.

Job Opportunities

Job opportunities for accounting graduates are expected to grow not only in Australia but worldwide. Acquiring recognised Australian accounting degrees help students to improve career prospects in the chosen field.

Australia is facing a shortage of skilled accountants for many years now. Students acquiring jobs in Australia get lucrative pay and facility. The recent accounting graduates enjoy high employability due to skill crisis.

Besides, overseas students are eligible for financial assistance like scholarships and part-time job facility to earn money for additional expenses. It helps students to pursue education at world’s best universities without getting financial debts. It is why study in Australia an ideal option for international students for accounting studies.

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Why Study Accounting Courses in Australia?

Students aiming for a future-proof and challenging career can choose accounting as a career path. The occupation is not challenging but rewarding as a career option. The job opportunities that come after completion of studies is a definite plus for students.

Accounting service is vital for every organisation dealing with financial transactions during the fiscal year. The service is essential to maintain transparency in its operation. It is also crucial to keep investors and stakeholders informed of the organisation’s financial status during a year. Assessing the economic condition and data, future steps or financial strategies are chalk out by the companies. Hence, the demand for skilled accountant has increased significantly across the markets.

Top Destination to Study Accounting

Conversion of economic data and market condition to the advantage of the company is what accountants do on a daily basis. It requires enormous analytic power and understanding to be able to translate the insights for any business. An accounting aspirant must be good at numbers with fantastic interpersonal skills and reasoning abilities. Students prefer to study accounting in Australia to prepare well for these challenges in the future career. It prepares students to work in different profiles like financial analyst, managerial accountant, auditors, tax accountant, and so on with lucrative pays.


Australia is the top place for accounting studies. The country has top-ranked universities providing quality training in this field. The accounting courses in Australia enhance career development for graduates after completion of studies. The training modules are designed to the international standards with industry requirements in mind. Students get market-oriented training learning the accounting practices in the simulated environment preparing aspirants for the workplace challenges. Hence, Australian universities are known for their quality education system and modern training facilities to prepare future accounting professionals.

Overseas students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate courses in accounting get privileges and facilities. The scholarship scheme and part-time job facility are helpful for financially struggling students to continue higher education in world-class universities.

As Australia is facing the shortage of skilled accountants, it is an excellent opportunity for Nepalese students. However, acquiring a job in accounting is one of the toughest nuts to crack unless you have the right skills. The accounting internship program may help fresh graduates to find employment in the niche industry. That is why study in Australia always prove to be a stepping stone for dreamers to a brilliant career in the accounting industry.

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Top Benefits of Studying Accounting in Australia

Switching to accounting career proves one of the best decisions in life. Exciting career options and job titles are coming up in the industry for skilled graduates in this industry. An accounting graduate may find employment in different sectors in different capacities. However, aspirants must prepare adequately studying accounting courses in Australia. The country is one of the choicest destinations for pursuing higher education in the accounting field.

Accountants play significant roles from the simple bookkeeping to analysis of complex economic data for making business strategies. It is the reason why accountants can be seen on the board meeting interpreting graphical representation. Based on the merit of the data, future financial strategy and plans are made by accountants for companies. There is no doubt that accountants are of great importance for companies willing to succeed in the globalised world.

One may wonder why study in Australia and not in other countries. If you are one those students trying to find out the reasons, here are the top benefits of studying in the nation:

Study at World’s Best Universities

Australia has many universities ranked in the Top 100 QS World University Ranking. Accounting is one of the most popular study options for overseas students in Australia. Many institutions are offering fundamental training to specialisation courses in the accounting field. Studying in one of the top universities opens employment opportunities for students around the globe.

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Financial Assistance

Pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate courses in accounting from an Australian university make a student eligible for scholarships. Australian awards have been started to build a strong education linkage with the partner nation. The grant helps in getting concession on tuition and admission fees, contribution to living expenses, airfare, and Overseas Student Health Cover.

Studying in Australia is not cheap. But, students can utilise work and study in Australia facility to earn money for additional expenses. Both award and part-time job opportunity offer significant relief to needy students and ease the financial burden.

High Job Opportunities

Accounting is one of the occupations added to the skill shortage sector. Job opportunities are coming up for graduates in different titles in the accounting field. According to the report of the Job Outlook, Australia will witness 40k jobs opening in accounting and finance field.

After knowing the benefits, you might be willing to study accounting in Australia to start a successful career. It is essential to consult with experts for guidance and help outline your career pathway.

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Top Advantages of Joining Accounting Courses in Australia

Accounting & Finance are the vital pillars of strength for any business. Accounting delivers the crucial financial information needed for decision making and business planning. Accounting professionals record, collect, interpret, summarise and communicate the financial data of a business. Every business or organisation needs an accountant to grow and flourish.

Accounting courses in Australia can be your ticket to a successful career. Accounting professionals will be in demand as long as money rules the world. An accounting graduate can be a part of any company, industry or sector.

So if you love solving problems and numbers fascinate you- accounting is the field that awaits you!

You can pursue a career in accounting in Australia- as it will provide you with the skills and expertise required to become a successful accountant not only in Australia but also around the world.

Why Study Accounting in Australia?

Australia offers a pleasant climate, quality lifestyle, friendly natives and vibrant atmosphere. In fact, the Land Down Under is the first choice of Nepalese students when it comes to picking a destination to study abroad. Australian accounting degrees and qualifications are recognised everywhere in the world, meaning you can find a job or commence a business worldwide.

If you choose to study accounting in Australia, you will receive exposure to the world-class Australian Education System and be taught by skilled and experienced teachers. Further, the country has many top-ranked universities offering plenty of courses in accounting and finance field.

Australians belong to diverse cultural background and are open to all culture and ethnicities that overseas students carry to their campuses. Australian universities offer a wide range of programs for helping international students to adjust to the Australian way of life.

Being an overseas student in Australia, you will be eligible to work up to 20 hours a week during semesters and unlimited hours during the semester breaks. This facility will allow you to afford your living cost, gain work experience, and make new friends.

Professional Year Program

The Professional Year in accounting is a skill development program designed by the Australian professional bodies and approved by the DIBP. The program prepares international accounting graduates to get a desired job in the Australian job market. The 44-week program will make you aware of the Australian workplace ethics, language and culture and provide you with an opportunity to launch yourself into the Australian market.

So these were some of the many benefits that you can avail by studying accounting in Australia. If you still have queries like why study in Australia, where to study in Australia or what are the top universities in Australia, you can speak to an education consultant.

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What are the unique features of studying accounting in Australia?

Accounting is a vital activity in any organisation or business. So, the inclination of aspirants to study accounting in Australia or elsewhere is no surprise. About half of the undergraduate students who studied accounting in Australia are foreign nationals. It reflects the immense popularity of the course in the country.

Top Reasons to Study Accounting in Australia

Many reasons are responsible for growing enrolment of students in accounting studies. The country has top-ranked universities ranked in the Top 100 QS World University Ranking.

Excellent foundation and niche courses are being offered from the universities to local and international students. The accounting courses in Australia are famous and known in the academic world for quality and cutting-edge training facilities. Studying at Australian universities helps in create an edge over others and get jobs in the market.

Abundant Study and Career Options

The accounting profession is no longer a bean counting profession. Diverse career options and exciting profiles are available for accounting graduates depending upon the degrees. The Outlook Job Portal of Australia stated that the total opening for accounting professionals will be 40k by 2020.

Some of the popular career options for students are:

  • Taxing
  • Financial analyst
  • Accounting services to companies
  • Auditor
  • Financial counsellor
  • And others.

Privileges Available for Overseas Students

Australia aims for a collective development and takes part in progressive works around the globe. The country offers scholarship scheme to help financially struggling students to get quality education and move ahead in their chosen career. However, the awards are available to selective candidates meeting eligibilities, qualification and other factors.

As studying in Australia is not cheap. The international students can work part-time to earn money for additional expenses while pursuing higher education. Both scholarship and part-time job help students to pursue higher education in Australia.

Are you still not convinced why study in Australia?

Additional reasons attracting students from 200 nations to study in Australia:

  • Relaxed immigration process
  • Affordable living and tuition fees
  • Experience career growth and personality
  • Presence of best student cities
  • Conducive environment for thrilling activities and higher learning
  • Supporting locals and protection from Australian government

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Top Reasons for Study Accounting in Australia

Accounting is an established and one of the most sought-after career options for students across the globe. With the rapid spread of globalisation and liberalisation, the accounting service has got prominence in the markets around the globe.

And, why not?

With the passage of time, the accounting service has become the backbone of any organisation. It helps in knowing the financial health during a fiscal year. The service is useful in maintaining transparency and keep investors informed about the operation of organisations. Skilled accountants take part in financial decision making and place their strategies and ideas at the board meeting.

With diverse career options and profiles for students, accounting is no longer a bean counting profession. Study accounting in Australia if you want to carve out a successful career for future.

Top Benefits of Studying Accounting in Australia

Australia is home to six universities which are ranked in the Top 50 QS University Band offering Accounting and Finance courses. Students studying accounting in Australia can get benefit from the quality education and use of cutting-edge technology for training the students. It delivers professional skills and expertise that create an edge over thousands of peers while searching for jobs in the niche industry.

There are a number of privileges that students enjoy while studying in Australian universities. First,  students may get a scholarship or financial aid from the Australian government in completing their studies. The awards are given to applicants from partnering nations meeting the eligibilities and academic qualification.

Another important benefit is the part-time job opportunity. Overseas students can start working in the local stores and hospitality chains to earn money for additional expenses.

Additionally, the country is home to best student cities, laid back environment, high living standard and welcoming locals. These are the prime factors why study in Australia become a rich and enlightening experience for overseas students.

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Why Are More Nepalese Students Enrolling in Accounting Courses in Australia?

There is no denying that Australia has been a land of opportunities for international students, and that’s the reason why the number of Nepalese students enrolling in different Australia universities has risen significantly. Australia welcomes thousands of overseas students each year and provides them privileges like part-time job facilities, scholarships, and high employment opportunities.

Over the years, the country has encountered an acute shortage of skilled professionals, especially in the fields of engineering, accounting, nursing and information technology. The Australian government is taking different initiatives to attract overseas students to study engineering, nursing IT and study accounting courses in Australia. And, seeing the latest numbers, one can easily say that the government has achieved success for its efforts. In fact, the number of overseas students enrolling only in accounting courses has registered a whopping 500 percent surge between 2001 to 2014.

So, what are those compelling reasons that make overseas students pursue accounting career in Australia? Let us find out!

Australia is home to some top-ranked universities offering different programs in accounting and finance. These programs are designed keeping mind the international accounting standards and monitored closely by the Australian Qualification Framework. In addition to that, technology-oriented learning helps overseas students gain practical skills and knowledge required to enhance career prospects in Australia. Simulated projects used while training ensures industrial exposure for students.

International recognition of Australian qualifications and degrees also inspires overseas students to study accounting in Australia. In short, you can work anywhere around the globe with an Australian accounting degree. Once you have earned an Australian accounting degree, you will get several opportunities to work in government offices, multinational companies, and other private agencies in Australia and outside.

If you are a fresh graduate, then you can enhance your employability and gain practical work experience through joining Professional Year program. The program will also help you know about the Australian workplace, its ethics and culture. It’s a perfect way to launch yourself in the local market right from the college classrooms. Isn’t it?

Apart from that, the country has welcoming natives, exotic flora and fauna, laid-back environment and much more making Australia a dream study abroad destination. These are some of the reasons why study in Australia is like a dream for many Nepalese students, and why not?

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Why should international students study accounting in Australia?

Australia is the land of opportunities. The land down under invites thousands of international students for higher education. With various benefits like scholarships, part-time jobs and being picked up by the best employers, it’s no wonder why study in Australia is on any overseas student’s wish list.

Accounting is one of the most admired careers in the professional world. Accounting is financial backbone of the biggest of companies around the world. Australian universities provide world-class comprehensive courses in Accounting to their students.

Here are the reasons why so many international students study accounting in Australia.

  1. Advanced course curriculums

The career options in accounting field are Internal Audit, Forensic Accounting, Management Accounting, Taxation etc. The course curriculums are very advanced and devised according to the international standard by the Australian professional accounting bodies. Skill development is given precedence over everything else. That’s why many independent professional courses and programmes are there just to bridge the gap between industry demand and theoretical learning.

  1. Shortage of skilled professionals in Australia.

There is a continuing shortage of skilled professionals in Australia. The dearth of qualified accountants poses a huge challenge for the Australian industry and government. Thus, in recent years skilled overseas accountants are being hired by the top employers giving international students a great opportunity to work and settle in Australia.

  1. The brand of world-class universities.

There are 43 universities in Australia located in its major cities. 7 of them are in top 100 of QS World Ranking, and thus Australian universities are held in high regard throughout the world. The institutions offer comprehensive accounting courses in Australia. Recruiters from the biggest companies around the world prefer to hire students from Australian universities.

  1. Affordability.

Australia is arguably the most liveable place on earth. The quality of life here is superlative. Cities like Melbourne, Sydney are among the best in the world and are extremely hospitable for international students. But the most amazing thing about living in Australia is that it’s so affordable. On top of that, there are numerous part-time work opportunities for overseas students.

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Why Should Nepalese Students Study Accounting in Australia?

Gone are the days the job of an account was restricted to just making annual financial reports for an organisation. Nowadays, accountants actively take part in financial decision-making and formulating strategies to dodge the possible financial threats to a business. Of course, the decisions are made keeping in mind the current market trends. No surprise, accounting offers a future-proof career. This is the reason why thousands of Nepalese students opt to study accounting in Australia each year.

If you also want to make a career in the accounting field, your journey will begin with a top-class university. And, Australia is home to many top-ranked universities offering accounting courses in different specialities. Choosing the right institution in Australia will allow you to acquire industry-specific knowledge under the supreme guidance of qualified and experienced faculty members. Australian universities use the latest technology and world-class teaching methods, making graduates find employment anywhere in the world.

Pursuing accounting courses in Australia will be an essential move for Nepalese students to make a right start in their chosen career. Besides the advanced theoretical knowledge of the field, accounting aspirants receive practical knowledge by working on live projects.

On the other hand, the rising demand for qualified and skilled accounting professionals in Australian industries have paved the way for overseas students to make a bright career in accounting. Recently, the Job Outlook has revealed that the Australian industries will need more 40,000 accounting professionals by 2020.

And it’s evident with the inclusion of accounting-related professions in the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List and the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List. It signifies that the sector is facing a shortage of qualified accountants offering some excellent opportunities for overseas graduates.

However, getting the job of your choice in the local market is not possible unless you have some real work experience and other skills. Since recruiters expect candidates to have some practical skills, the Australian professional bodies have designed Professional Year Program for accounting graduates. The program allows fresh accounting graduates to gain hands-on experience in the Australian workplace and learn the workplace ethics and language.

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Why Pursue Accounting Studies in Australia?

Do you have a love for focussing on detail and sticking to time management?

If yes, these are the primary qualities of a good accountant. As the world gets united by globalisation, every organisation -small or large, is getting linked to each other. Further, organisations are using universally accepted principles and methods to grow their business and compete with others.

One of such requirements is the accounting service for businesses these days. It is necessary for every organisation to take account of the financial deals and transactions occurred during the year. The accountants will assess the economic health and inform that to investors. It will help to business strategies and decisions in future. Thus, accountants will always be in demand no matter what is the economic condition of countries.

Study accounting courses in Australia to get quality education and training from qualified faculties. The country has world-class universities that offer accounting courses and programs to prepare them for the industry. Modern training facilities enable students to acquire industry-relevant skills on the live projects with a host company.

The training module is set by Australian Quality Framework to uphold the international standards in the quality of education. Students acquire renowned certificate and quality training that improves their career prospects in the markets.

Being an overseas student, you may be eligible for scholarships in the regional universities. Once you are selected, there will be concessions on admission and tuition fees, airfare, and contribution to living expenses.

The staffs of the Australian universities are supportive and helpful in solving problems of the international students. The number of satisfied overseas students tells the truth about the colleges/institutions.

Many career options will arise for graduates’ post study accounting in Australia. Career mobility is one of the reasons why students choose this profession. Graduates can work in different job profiles depending upon the specialisation in the degree.

Besides accounting, the students are pursuing engineering courses in Australia due to higher career prospects, quality education, top-ranked universities, and other factors.

Do you want to study accounting or engineering in Australia?

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