How Overseas Education Consultants Help You Enjoy a Smooth Study Abroad Journey?

Every student starts thinking about making a lucrative career right after completing 12th standard, and Nepalese are no exception. In fact, many of them live a common dream, and that dream is to work and study in Australia. Studying in Australia means a lot to those who want to study and pursue their career abroad.

The quality education, top-ranked universities and worldwide recognised qualifications carrying institutional prestige provide the edge to international students in Australia. Apart from that, studying in Australia paves the way for enjoying a fulfilling career with an excellent employment scope not only within the country but everywhere in the world as well.

However, approaching Australia to work or study is not as easy as it seems. There are many requirements and processes that you need to fulfil and undergo, respectively. If you don’t know anyone studying in Australia or are confused about the visa or admission procedure, then you should seek assistance from the best consultancy in Nepal for Australia.

Despite a relatively easier visa process, you need to keep in mind certain things before and during the visa and admission application process. And here is where the need for expert guidance arises. If you find these tasks challenging, it’s always better to seek assistance from expert education consultants. Education consultants are professionally engaged in serving students looking to study abroad all the way from admission and visa application to other critical details. Since they are experts, they remain updated with the latest occurrences and changes taking place in the Australian education system and job market.

Why You Need a Consultant?

Australian education institutions offer more than 22000 courses in different disciplines which often confuse international students in making the best selection. The problem of plenty always comes as a big challenge for them.

No matter whether you want to study Accounting, Engineering, Nursing, IT or anything else in Australia, expert overseas education consultants may help you make the right decision.

Besides, the education cost, career pathways, right student city, accommodation options, scholarships available for international students etc. are some of the questions frequently asked by the students.

If you want some expert consultants, you can speak with an AECC Global education expert. AECC Global has been offering excellent education consultancy services in Nepal for a very long time. All its experts have long experience of serving students planning to study abroad in Australia, New Zealand, or anywhere else across the globe.

Why Overseas Education Consultants Are Important?

Education plays an essential role in shaping the life and elevating the personality of an individual. There can be many ways to get the best education and ensure a successful career, but the most of students choose to study abroad to beat the overreaching competition of the job market. Though there is nothing terrible in choosing to study overseas, it asks you to gather complete information about the best and most suitable study abroad destination, university and course. There are many other issues related to the admission process, scholarship options, visa application etc. that need to be tackled to enjoy a smooth transition to a country.

Here is where expert overseas education consultants come handy.  Apart from assisting you in the visa application, an education consultant can help you create a pathway to success in a country unknown to you.

Role of an education consultant

Deciding on to study abroad is a tough decision. There are plenty of questions that come to your mind when you choose to pursue higher education outside your country. For example, what’s the visa process, when the admission session begins, which city or university would be suitable, what are the living costs etc. are the top questions frequently asked by the students.

The internet has eased the things a bit for the students, but it cannot suggest you the best course or university keeping mind your career goals. That’s why students rely on expert education consultants when it comes to seeking guidance on overseas education. In fact, you will see many Nepalese students availing the best consultancy in Nepal for Australia- Australia is the first choice for those Nepalese who want to study abroad.

An education consultant helps you with the visa application, course or university selection, scholarships, accommodation etc.

Tips to choose the right education consultant

Before hiring an education consultant, you must ensure that he/she has sufficient experience in serving overseas students. It takes years of hard work, expertise and dedication to earn a name and reputation in the industry. So you can consider the status of the agency or the agent before choosing the one.

To get an idea about the services and experience of an agency or agent, you can check their website(s) and read the testimonials provided by their previous clients. Comparing tuition fees, living expenses, lifestyle and university rankings, an education consultant can help you choose the best education destination.

If you have any questions related to work and study in Australia, you can speak to an AECC Global expert. AECC Global is a world-class education consultancy in Nepal.

Top Reasons to Consult with Education Agents for Australian Study

Decided to pursue higher education in Australia? If yes, you might have thought about where to study, stay, career path and courses in the Australian universities. Numerous questions and confusions come up in the mind especially if you are applying for courses directly to the institution. It is where overseas education consultants are essential to dispel confusions and get accurate information. With the help of right guidance and advice, students can take the right decision for a successful career in life.

An education agent has many significant roles for students to make their overseas study successful and seamless one. Right from applying for courses at the top institutions to taking care of immigration process, consultants can take care of your education journey.

But, a successful overseas education journey starts with planning and gathering information. The internet is a great source of information, but not always reliable or updated. Friends, parents and social circle offer numerous suggestions, but one shouldn’t rely entirely on them.

Australia depends upon the authorised education agencies to increase enrolment at the universities. Certified education agents possess the power to offer on-spot admission to aspirants fulfilling eligibilities and requirements. Make sure to consult with agencies whose names are mentioned on the official website of universities validating their authorisation and genuineness.imagesSeveral scholarships and privileges are available for students while studying undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Australian universities. The work and study in Australia is a significant privilege for needy students to continue higher education in the top universities. Owing to this facility, students can work part-time jobs at the local store to earn money for additional expenses.

Further, education consultants can provide detailed information on the education system, top courses, lifestyle, and accommodation facilities available at a specific university. One can get study cost estimate including the routes and brilliant career options in your chosen field.

The role and importance of an education consultant are immense. Study abroad is exciting but not devoid of obstacles and problems coming in the process. All the hardships are worth as you will get global education and exposure necessary for a successful career in life.

Do you want to study higher education in Australia?

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Why is Australia a Top Study-Abroad Destination?

Australia is one of the choicest study-abroad destinations for overseas students. The land down under has got everything that international students need for a successful study experience. The sandy beaches, exotic flora and fauna, multicultural society, top-ranked universities, globally recognised education system and many more. It is why most of the overseas education consultants advice aspirants to go for studies in Australia. Nobody has ever regretted the decision of going for further studies in Australia.

Do you want to pursue higher education in Australia?

If yes, you have chosen to be a part of the renowned education system in the world. There are six universities ranked in the Top 100 of QS World University Ranking. The education system is globally lauded and known to offer quality training using the state-of-art facilities. Students pursuing courses from the universities become ready for workplace challenges.

There is no shortage of study options. Australia Department of Education and Training has 22, 000 approved courses provided at 1100 educational institutions. One can easily find certificate courses to postgraduate degrees in various subjects or study fields.

Several surveys have revealed the quality of education offered at Australian universities. Most of the overseas students are either happy or very happy pursuing higher education at regional universities.

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Australia looks for collective development and strong education linkage with partner nations. For maintenance of education linkage, scholarships are given to eligible candidates. The awards are helpful to get concession on admission and tuition fees, airfare, contribution to living expenses, and others.

Studying in Australia is not cheap. The work and study in Australia is a privilege that overseas students get continuing higher education at a regional university. It allows students to work 40 hours every fortnight to earn money for additional expenses. It helps needy students to continue further studies without getting much debt.

Temporary Graduate Visas are given to new pass out from Australian universities. These visas are used to gain relevant work experience or seek employment in the domestic market. In fact, there are numerous privileges that students enjoy in the island country.

Looking for help to continue higher education in Australia?

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Why Choose Education Consultants for Study in Australia?

An increasing number of overseas students are deciding to work and study in Australia from different nations. A similar trend has been witnessed among the Nepalese students as more 80% NOCs issued were for Australia.

The name and reputation of Australia as a top destination is spreading these days rapidly. The student visa has been simplified into one (subclass 500) for all subjects and courses that relaxed the immigration process for aspirants. With the launch of e-application for admission and visa, the students are getting a convenient experience.

However, it doesn’t mean the process is easy. You may face obstacle and problem in your education journey if ill-informed or not following the right procedures. It is when overseas education consultants may come to your rescue for the smooth and seamless process.

Education consultants are experienced and skilled professionals to guide you through the study abroad process. Australian universities depend upon education agencies to find enrolment of students from different nations. The agents are given suited training and certified before offering the guidance to international students. Further, the authorised education consultants are mentioned on the official website of universities.

Let us find out the top benefits of hiring an education agent for Australian study:

  • Get help to choose the right course and career path
  • Get accurate information on the top universities, rating, and faculties
  • Know the in-demand courses and market scenario of Australia
  • Clear your doubts and questions regarding Australian education
  • Know the lifestyle, best cities, accommodation facilities, study costs, etc.
  • Apply for admission to the right course and institution
  • Assistance in applying for scholarship and immigration process

The above benefits depict the importance of an education agent for a student willing to study in Australia. It is essential to choose the best consultancy in Nepal for Australia to get help from the right experts. Taking advice from an education expert will help aspirants make informed career decisions and move forward in life.

Where to seek help to study in Australia?

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The Role of Education Consultants in Studying in Australia

Studying abroad has become a trend among the students aiming for career excellence and global education. Pursuing higher education outside the country widens your thought process with enlightening experiences.

There are many countries that aspirants dream to study. One of such destinations is Australia, regarded as the third most preferred destination after the US and UK.

Australia is continuously scaling great height in term of quality education. The country is home to seven universities ranked in the Top 100 QS World University Ranking. The degrees offered are recognised and accepted by the governments and employers around the globe. Meaning, studying in Australia is considered a vital for career excellence and bright future.

The Australian states possess conducive environment for higher learning. It is best reflected with the presence of 5 out of Top 30 best student cities are found in the country.

The locals welcome international students with open arms. The work and study in Australia along with scholarship scheme help financially struggling students to realise their dream career.

Do you want to pursue higher education in Australia?

The process to study in Australia is easier said than done. Going for a counselling is the first step that students need to chalk out their future career pathway. Identifying the goals of the students, the experts will offer personalised and accurate guidance. The overseas education consultants can help in getting a seamless and hassle-free study experience.

They are skilled and experienced to take care of your study needs. Right from the selection of top universities, courses, and admission to the immigration process, they can guide in the Australian education journey. Taking your decision after counselling from a certified education consultant helps in starting a successful career. The best consultancy in Nepal for Australia is doing the same thing to aspirants before flying to Australia.

Want to go to Australia for higher studies?

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How Can an Education Consultant Help to Study in Australia?

When it comes to international education, there is always ambiguity among students and parents regarding the procedures. To make the whole process of applying at a foreign university to immigration a smooth experience, take help of education consultants.

An education consultant helps students and organisation in planning for higher education. Education consultants often get classified as educational and school counsellors based on their roles. However, it is essential to consult with a certified consultant to get right and unbiased advice.

There is no shortage of overseas education consultants in Nepal, and their job is to assist students to find specific courses they are looking for. Assistance is also offered in getting a seamless visa procedure, accommodation and other relevant things. They can provide accurate information about the popular courses, top institutions, study costs, career options, and lifestyle to aspiring students.

Of late, Australia has emerged as the favourite destination for Nepalese students looking to get global exposure through international education. The country has top-ranked universities and quality education system which are recognised in the academic world.

Other reasons are the availability of privileges and facilities enabling further education smoothly. The work and study in Australia is one such facility that students get while pursuing further education in the country.

Students are allowed to work up to 40 hours every fortnight while pursuing a full-time course and unrestricted hours during any scheduled course break. However, the visa must allow students to work. If any student wants to do part-time work in Australia, there are ample of job opportunities in different sectors from retail and hospitality to tutoring. It helps students in earning money for additional costs like living expenses and tuition fees.

Australia is home to many best student cities in the world. Besides providing a conducive environment for learning, the students are given worker’s right. Here are some of them:

  • A fixed minimum wage and superannuation fund.
  • Challenge of unfair dismissal from the job.
  • Leaves and breaks from work.
  • A healthy work environment.

Another critical thing that attracts students from different nations is the scholarship scheme. However, you can get to know these things when you are consulting with an expert education consultant.

AECC is the best consultancy in Nepal for Australia. Being the official and authorised representatives of leading universities with the power to provide on spot admission, they have helped thousands of students to realise their dream careers.

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Why is studying in Australia an educated choice?

Australia is the third most popular study destination in the world. Though the country has always been preferred by thousands of international students, its current state of popularity shows how much distance Australian education system has covered and how much we have grown to love Australia.

Over the years, thousands of Nepalese students have aimed for and (in most of the cases) realised their dream to work and study in Australia.

But what exactly makes studying in Australia a dream?

Australian education system is ingrained with the ideals of excellence and innovation. Its impetus on quality and maintenance of its standards is reflected on the students who pass out of its universities and colleges every year.

Australia has more than 43 universities and 1200 institutes. Out of those, seven universities are ranked among the top 100 universities in the world in the QS world university rankings, and 37 are ranked among the top 500. There are 22000 courses currently being provided in the country. Just imagine any subject or discipline in your wildest dreams and Australia will already be offering a course for that.

There are plenty of scholarships of various being offered in Australian universities and institutions. An added focus is on encouraging international students to come and study here to increase inclusivity and diversity in the education spectrum here. The Australian government sets aside a budget of A$ 200 million for this purpose. And with the right help from overseas education consultantsstudents have availed wide-ranging advantages.

Australia is one of the safest, most peaceful places on earth with very welcoming locals. The lifestyle here is quite laid-back, calm and breezy. Along with that, cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane provide the best standards of living making Australia one of those rare gems on earth.

It has an admirable cultural legacy and boundless natural beauty which makes it a prime tourist attraction too.

With the help of the right guidance, thousands of Nepalese students have achieved their dreams of studying and working in Australia.

If you are looking for the best consultancy in Nepal for Australia, AECC Global is the answer.

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Why studying nursing in Australia is a great career option?

Nursing is considered one of the noblest professions in humanity. It is more than just about earning money. It’s about saving lives. Nursing professionals have the power to bring so much positivity into the world, maybe that’s why it is called the ‘Blessed Profession’. Considering the rise in population in the world today, it is safe to say that nursing will always remain one of the most needed and regarded professions in the world. Nursing will always offer excellent job opportunities along with generous pay.

The scope of nursing is even greater in countries like Australia. Australia is considered one of the most-liveable countries in the world. The Australian government devotes a substantial quantity of the budget on healthcare to ensure world-class health services to its citizens.

In recent times, Australia has been tackling a huge shortage of qualified nurses. As a result, top universities in Australia are offering various Nursing courses and various programmes to specifically attract overseas students.

The Australian government and functioning bodies have introduced the IRON (Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses) program, a sort of bridging programme which focuses on gaining competency to start practising according to the Australian standard. Upon the completion of IRON programme, the nurses get registered in the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC) which directly enhances their employability.

There are various settings where one can practice nursing with sizeable salaries. This gives international students a huge platform to work and study in Australia.

Getting admissions into prestigious colleges in Australia is a little bit challenging. There are many rules and procedures regarding visa applications and entry requirements. Plus, having such insights about the nursing courses and registration programmes is impossible for an overseas student. So, taking the right help becomes necessary. And there are various overseas education consultants, specifically for this purpose, to guide and advise.

But again, there are a lot of these ‘education shops’ in the market only for the financial aspect of it. Only some education agencies have actually helped students through their career journeys while staying true to the values they were founded on.

But today, most Nepalese students know where to look if they require the help of the best consultancy in Nepal for Australia. AECC Global is one such group of consultants who, over the years, have helped numerous Nepalese students in outlining their career pathways.

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Dreaming of studying in Australia? Here are the steps you need to follow

Australia is a very popular study destination for overseas students. The enormous education spectrum comprising more than 1200 institutions is supported by a robust infrastructure and the finest standard of living. Most of the major universities and institutes are located in its five major cities. The multiculturalism and quality of life in these cities, along with affordable college fees, scholarships and employment opportunities all attract multitudes of overseas students aiming to work and study in Australia.

But studying in Australia is not is not a one-step process. It requires your attention, time and energy.

Here are some basic steps-

  • Choose your preferred course and college.
  • Submit your application for the same.
  • Receive offer letter from the institution
  • Prepare financial documents and arrange the tuition fees to be sent.
  • Await the college approval for it.
  • Receive and verify the electronic Confirmation of Enrolment.
  • Apply for your student visa.

Here are some entry requirements you’ll have to meet for your college and visa applications (Genuine Temporary Entrant(GTE) Requirements)-

  • Necessary academic qualifications.
  • English language proficiency.
  • Proof that you’ve enough funds to support your higher studies.
  • Overseas Student Health Cover.

Though on paper all these steps look very simple and precise, in reality, they are very rigorous and complicated. Without expert’s advice and support, you are bound to get confused and agitated. As a result, people are looking for the help of the best consultancy in Nepal for AustraliaBut among so many education ‘shops’, it is critical to choose the right agency.

AECC Global is a well-known education agency in Nepal which has helped students in realising their dream of studying abroad. Founded in 2008 by the overseas education consultants who happen to be industry veterans, it is committed to deliver expert and ethical counselling to the students aiming for higher studies in Australia.