Why Should You Pursue Higher Education in Australia?

Are you thinking of pursuing higher education abroad? If yes, you might be contemplating about the top study destinations like the US, UK, Germany, Canada, and Australia among others. These are the prime destinations that come to the mind of aspirants.

However, Australia turns out to be the most suitable place for higher studies for Nepali students. More than 80% of Nepalese have enrolled in Australian universities from 2015. It showed not only a shift in preference but surpassed the US in a total number of Nepali student enrolments in Australia.

If you want to study abroad, here are the top reasons to choose Australia:

Why Choose Australia?

Australia is one of the finest countries that anyone can dream of. It is a vibrant and dynamic country with full of energetic and polite people. It has a developed and liberal society with highly accommodating nature of the individuals. Travelling in Australia is highly safe, and you can learn freely without any problem.

Financial Assistance

Australia offers excellent value for your money with a high standard of living. The study is comparatively less than the US or the UK. The tuition and admission fees are affordable.

Many students coming from needy families face financial struggles while continuing higher education in Australia. The government has initiated a dedicated scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The program is aimed at building a strong education linkage with the partner nations.


The Australian approach to the technical and vocational course is renowned in the academic world. The education system promotes practical skills development in students instead of rote learning. That’s why it enjoys a massive reputation in the education and training of students in study fields.

Australian universities are known for excellence in many career-oriented disciplines like social science, engineering, humanities, IT, accountancy, hospitality and management among others.

The Australian education system has 22, 000 approved courses in many disciplines and subjects. The aspirants can choose one of the Australia courses for international students. However, you must select a CRICOS recognised course to get international standard training and quality.

Australia is a breeding ground for innovation and critical skill development. Many Nobel Laureates have come out from the regional universities.

Where to get help to study in Australia?

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Why are Nepali Students Choosing to Study in Australia?

Australia ranks high as a country to live in term of life expectancy, per-capita income and education in the global surveys. It is listed 9th globally in the University System Ranking. The ranking reflects the quality of education in Australia. Thus, Australian education gives a clear pathway to better future and job opportunities in the chosen field.

Eight Australian universities are listed in the Top 100 QS World University Ranking. Over 22, 000 courses are offered from the 1100 educational institutions under 43 universities. There is no dearth of Australia courses for international students willing to study at regional universities. It is one of the top factors attracting Nepalese to study in the island country.

Besides the study options, Nepali students get numerous benefits and privileges while studying in Australia. Let us look at the top benefits that students enjoy while studying in the country:

Recognised Education System

Australia education system has got immense popularity and acceptance around the world. The system is lauded and known for providing international standard training. Modern educational infrastructure is used in training students in the simulated projects to develop critical skills. Acquiring renowned degrees help students to enjoy high career prospects in Australia and worldwide.

Financial Assistance

Australia is trying to build a strong education and cultural linkage with partner nations. As Nepal is a partner nation, Nepali students get scholarships in Australia pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The award contains concession on tuition and admission fees, contribution to living expenses, airfare, and overseas student health cover in some cases.

Apart from the study grants, Australian student visa allows students to work up to 40 hours every two weeks during the course breaks and holidays. Both the award and part-time job facility help financially struggling students to continue higher education in Australia.

Job Opportunities

In Australia, many sectors are facing an acute shortage of skilled professionals. It is an excellent opportunity for overseas graduates to get employment after completion of studies.

The Temporary Graduate Visa and Post-Study Work stream visas help international graduates to get seek employment or gain work experience joining in internship programs.

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Top Factors Influencing Nepalese to Study in Australia

A study-abroad destination is chosen after assessment of many factors. Some of the common things that overseas students look before flying to a country for higher education are visa requirements, top universities, study options, lifestyle, weather condition, rating, and environment.

Australia is regarded as the third most popular destination due to the presence of suitable factors for overseas students. Conducive environment for higher studies is available at the Australian universities for students. Many Australia courses for international students are available for higher studies. There are 22, 000 coursed approved and provided at 1100 educational institutions under 43 universities. There is hardly any subject that can’t be found at the Australian universities. Further, Australia Quality Framework upholds the quality of education monitoring continually.

The education system of Australia is ranked high in the world. Significant importance is given on developing practical skills and knowledge necessary for jobs in the market. Hence, pursuing higher education in Australia is considered an essential step for employment.

Students enjoy numerous privileges while pursuing higher education in Australia. Some of the important ones like scholarship in Australia for Nepalese studentsThe selected candidates get concession on admission and tuition fees, airfare, contribution to living expenses, and others. The awards are offered to maintain a strong education linkage with partner nations.

Studying in Australia is not cheap. The student visa allows to study and work in Australia. Working up to 40 hours every two weeks helps overseas students to earn money for additional expenses.

The scholarship and part-time job opportunity prove as a blessing for the needy overseas students. It is one of the top factors influencing the decision to study in the local universities.

Job Opportunities

Australia is a land of opportunities. Many sectors are facing an acute shortage of skilled professionals. It is an excellent opportunity for Nepalese students to get jobs after completion of studies. The Temporary Graduate Visa helps students to seek employment and study internship program at the local providers.

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What Makes Australia an Ideal Study-Abroad Destination?

Every year, students from different countries are heading to Australia to pursue higher education. From world’s best universities to recognised education system, the state has everything for a global study experience. Many cities of Australia are considered amongst the best for overseas students in term of accommodation facilities, satisfaction, living standard, and job opportunities after graduation. It is one of the top reasons students are hurrying to pursue higher education in the country.

If you are also thinking of pursuing higher education there, let us see what’s in store for you:

Welcoming Local and Progressive Society

Australians are one of the friendliest and most welcoming people on earth. Perhaps the liberal mindset in the progressive society is the reason for such beautiful thought of the people. You would never feel lonely participating in the community services and self-help groups.

Diverse Study Options

Australia has a wealth of study options for the aspiring students to choose from. From nursing courses, engineering, Information Technology to social work courses, one can easily find advanced courses to study at regional universities.

You can start with a certificate, bachelor degree and master degree with a specialisation in the specific study area. There are many Australia courses for international students that help students to start a successful career in the chosen field. Most importantly, you can study the course at the world’s best universities.


Work and Study in Australia

Students come from different family backgrounds. Many needy students can’t think of pursuing higher education in Australia due to high study costs. But, Australia wants equal development of every society from partnering nations. That’s why scholarships in Australia Nepalese students given to the students meeting eligibilities and requirement. The candidates for the awards are selected based on previous academic qualification and satisfying other grounds.

Post Study Work Visa

The Post-Study Work stream offers extended options for working in Australia to eligible graduates of a higher education degree. Under this stream, successful applicants are granted a visa with a visa period of two, three or four years’ duration, depending on the highest educational qualification they have obtained.

Two academic years study is defined as 92 weeks of study in a course or courses registered by CRICOS. CRICOS determines a standard duration (number of weeks) for each course.

Eligible qualifications

To meet the Australian study requirement, the course/courses must have resulted in an eligible qualification. The eligible qualifications differ depending on which stream of the subclass 485 visa the applicant selects.

For the purposes of applying for a subclass 485 visa under the Post-Study Work stream, only study that results in the conferral of an eligible degree level qualification will be considered. The eligible degree level qualification is given below:

  • Bachelor degree
  • Bachelor (honours) degree
  • Masters by coursework degree
  • Masters (extended) degree
  • Masters by research degree
  • Doctoral degree

Retention of International Talent Pool

Australia ranks in the top in recruitment and retention of international talent pool leaving behind the US and the UK. It shows the amount of employability that students enjoy after completion of studies at the regional universities. Skill crisis in many sectors is one of the many factors for job opportunities in Australia.

After knowing the benefits of studying in Australia, you might be willing to go for higher education in Australia.

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Why is Nursing a Popular Choice for Nepalese Students in Australia?

Australia is the most preferred destination for Nepalese students willing to study-abroad. The country has abundant top-ranked universities offering advanced education in state-of-art facilities. Pursuing higher education is considered a vital step for career excellence. It is why Australia is the third most popular destination for overseas students.

Australia is offering 22, 000 courses at 1100 education institutions. There is no dearth of study options for Nepalese students in Australia. Students can pursue in-demand courses and improve employment prospects globally. Nursing is one of the most popular Australia courses for international students to work in the healthcare industry.

Nursing is one of the noblest professions in the world. Professionals enjoy the high end of satisfaction while serving fellow being to regain health through medical services.

Australia has top universities offering foundation and specialised courses in nursing. The nursing courses in Australia are meticulously designed to deliver market-oriented skills and expertise to aspirants. Hence, the students get advanced nursing practices while pursuing higher education in Australia. One can start from diploma to master’s degree in nursing.

Australia offers privilege and financial aid to the overseas students studying nursing in the country. There is a dedicated scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students to help in pursuing higher education at regional universities. Selected candidates will get concession on admission and tuition fees, contribution to living expenses, and other costs.

The study and work in Australia is another facility attracting overseas students to pursue their higher education there. It allows a student to earn money working a part-time job for extra expenses. It helps the financially struggling students to realise their dream career without causing much financial burden.

Australia is one of the best places to launch nursing career for aspirants. Nurses are respected and treated well in the community besides getting a lucrative pay. Most importantly, Australia is facing a shortage of skilled nurses to provide healthcare services to its citizens.

The study in Australia consultants can provide more information and assistance if you are planning to study nursing in the country.

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How to Choose the Best Course to Study in Australia?

Every year, thousands of Nepalese students leave their families, friends and country behind to receive the best quality education in Australia. In fact, Australia remains the first choice for Nepalese students looking to pursue higher education abroad.

However, there are various things that need to be considered before your final departure to the ‘land of opportunities.’ Among all things, choosing the right course is the first and foremost task which plays an important role in making sure a rewarding career. Top-ranked Australian universities and institutions offer many Australia courses for international students, but you need to choose the one that helps you realise your Australian dream.

Remember that each program or course varies in different universities, and individual learning needs aren’t the same. So how would you choose the right path? Here are some key factors you should keep in mind while selecting a program to study in Australia.

Study what you love

Select a program according to your personal goals and interests. You will find yourself working hard if you are passionate about your degree. For instance, if you are interested in the field of healthcare, you can pick a course like physical therapy or nursing. Also, you can choose a program that adds something to your goals in the long term.

Explore the course details

You should make a list of suitable courses and explore them. By so doing, you can find which courses specialise in fields that match your interests and goals. Just look at the specialisations and subjects that each course offers, additional activities such as work experience, excursion and research projects, as well as its student support service. You can also look for scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students to bear your living expenses, as many Australian universities offer scholarships for studying some specific programs.

Check the course duration

The course duration not only determines when classes will end but also the student visa duration. For example, if you are pursuing a course which lengths less than ten months, you will be granted the length of the course plus one extra month that you can use in travelling.

Understand your visa

Picking the right course is undoubtedly a tough decision and requires time, financial resources and research. Once you obtain your visa, it will not be easy for you to change your decision. So make sure that you read and learn well about your visa conditions before settling on a course.

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What are the opportunities available for International students in Australia?

Australia has emerged as a new favourite destination for students around the globe. The quality of education which gets provided in Australia is one of the reasons, and there are 1100 institutes which have over 22,000 Australia courses for international students.

Students are given training and education from primary and secondary level education to vocational training. The knowledge provided is of English language courses to higher level studies. The laws for International students are friendly, and they ensure full protection and quality education to them.

While the Nepalese students work in Australia, they can contribute to their tuition fee and living expenses by working part-time. A student visa allows students to work for a total of 40-hours every two weeks and unrestricted hours during any scheduled course break.

If any student wants to work in Australia, they can opt to join the following industries to work part-time-

  • Retail- Supermarkets, department and clothing stores.
  • Hospitality- Cafes, bars and restaurants.
  • Agriculture- Farming and fruit picking.
  • Sales and telemarketing
  • Tutoring

Other than these industries, students can join paid or unpaid internship to get exposure to the professional world.

Australian government and universities help the students with a weak economic background in attaining education in Australia by providing scholarships. Some of the scholarships in Australia for Nepalese students are- Australia awards which aim at promoting knowledge, education links, and enduring ties between Australia and neighbouring countries, Australian Government Research Training Program and Australia APEC Women in Research Fellowship.

The scholarships which are listed here are available to international students. Individual universities provide some scholarships and to know about the eligibility; students must contact these schools.

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5 reasons why Australia is an ideal overseas study destination

It’s no doubt that every year thousands of Nepalese students dream of studying abroad. And when you think of studying overseas, you should definitely consider studying in Australia. The land down under is currently the third most popular destination in the world for higher studies.

Here are the reasons which make Australia the ultimate study destination-

  • The standard of education

Australia promises peerless standards of education. Its education system is highly regarded throughout the world. In Australia courses for international students greatly focus on innovation and the practical aspect of knowledge with technology-backed learning.

  • World-class universities

Australian universities are popular worldwide, with many of them being regarded as the best universities in the world. There are 43 universities spread across Australia. 7 of them are cited in the top 50 band in the latest QS World University Ranking, and 37 are included among the top 500. These universities along with about 1100 institutions provide more than 22,000 courses in not only the popular disciplines like Engineering, IT, Nursing but also in niche disciplines.

  • Work opportunities

Australia is the land of opportunities. There are several employment opportunities in the country because of a serious dearth of a skilled workforce in various sectors. Besides, there are many part-time working opportunities where you can work from 20 to 40 hours a week.

  • Post Study Work Visa arrangements

​The Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) allows graduates to work in Australia temporarily after they finish their studies. It has two streams: the Graduate Work stream and the Post-Study Work visa stream. The Post-Study Work visa stream offers extended options for working in Australia to eligible graduates of a higher education degree. Under this stream, successful applicants are granted a visa for up to four years duration, depending on the highest educational qualification they have obtained. Then int’l students should pursue Degree course for min Two academic years study: Two academic years study is defined as 92 weeks of study in a course or courses registered by CRICOS. CRICOS determines a standard duration (number of weeks) for each course.

  • Scholarships

A big boost is a provision of scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students. For any student looking to study overseas, scholarships are a big factor. Australian universities, government and organisations provide a number of scholarship programs to highly meritorious international students to encourage the enrolment into Australian education spectrum.

  • Quality of life

Australia is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It has always been a leading tourist attraction. It seems as if the country is blessed by mother nature. From golden beaches to rare natural reliefs like the Coral Reef, from vibrant cities to cultural heritages like the Uluru, everything tells you that Australia is the place to be in. Australia is considered one of the safest and most liveable countries in the world, with warm, welcoming and laid-back locals, life here is so much better here.

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Why do Nepalese students aspire to study in Australia?

Globalisation has given numerous opportunities to individuals to venture into their own journeys and live their dreams. The horizons of overseas education have widened into the voids that we once believed were non-existent.

Australia, meanwhile, has become the global hub of education. There has been tremendous growth in the students enrolling in Australian universities and training programmes. Scores of Nepalese individuals aspire to study and develop in Australia. And over the years, a majority of them have realised their Australian dream.

The Australian approach to education is much admired around the world, specifically because of its innovative and comprehensive underpinnings. In Australia courses for international students are designed to provide them with a deep understanding of the respective subject as well as the application of its concepts. There are 22000 courses provided in Australia which ensure the most exceptional learning in any discipline, be it mainstream or niche.

Courses in Accounting, Finance, Information Technology, Engineering, Nursing etc. are quite popular among Nepalese students. Australian universities and training institutes happen to offer thorough and world-class courses in these disciplines.

Australia is home to 43 world-class universities. 7 of them are listed in the top 100 of the QS World University Ranking, with 37 included in the top 500. All Australian universities focus on encouraging diversity and inclusivity in their campuses to create a homelike, lively, conducive ambience.

There is no dearth of scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students. Australian universities and vocational training institutes provide scholarships to their international students to ensure their seamless entry into the Australian education sphere. Many independent scholarship programmes like Australia Awards, Endeavour Scholarship Awards, International Postgraduate Research Scholarships are aimed to attract more and more students from overseas. Furthermore, the Australian government has a yearly budget of A$ 200 million just for scholarships.

Australian cities are considered to be the most liveable places on the planet. Their multiculturalism and vibrancy have enticed thousands to the country’s shores. Clean air, clear skies, azure waters, golden beaches, unhindered wildlife, verdant expanses, unique cultural legacy; all these make Australia a heaven on earth.

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Why are Nepalese Students Choosing to Study in Australia?

A few years ago, Australia was ranked third behind the UK and US as a study destination for Nepalese students.  Australia climbed to the top spot as the first choice for Nepalese students choosing to study abroad, according to the records of Nepal’s Department of Scholarship at the Ministry of Education.

Numerous factors are responsible for surging of Nepali students’ enrolment at Australian universities. The pro-student activities and initiatives of the Australian government are bringing students from different nations including Nepal.

In fact, Australia has much more than you can imagine. Let us look at the top factors responsible for the phenomenal growth of Nepalese students:

Globally Recognised Degrees and Education System

Australia is a powerhouse of the modern education system. With a robust educational infrastructure and use state-of-art technology in training, pursuing higher education from Australia is a vital step for a successful career ahead.

With over 22, 000 courses on offer at 1100 educational institutions, Australia is a haven for aspirants seeking foundation courses and applied studies. Known for globally recognised degrees, Australia courses for international students come with international standard curriculums. With accepted degrees at hand, graduates enjoy high career prospects in Australia and abroad.

Top Ranked Universities

Australia is home to seven top-ranked universities which are featured in the QS World University Ranking. The country’s University Ranking system has ranked 9th globally ahead of Germany, Japan, and New Zealand. Graduating from such universities is a confidence booster for Nepalese students while preparing well for workplace challenges.

Scholarship Scheme

The scholarship scheme is one of the top factors attracting students from nations including Nepal. There is a separate program for scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students being a partnering nation.

Aspirants can apply for the awards while pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate courses at local institutions. Selected candidates receive concessions in admission and tuition fees, contribution to living expenses, airfare, and other benefits.

In addition to scholarships, part-time jobs are available for students in the local departmental stores, retail chains and hospitality sector. Australia’s student visa allowing to work part-time is a blessing for financially struggling overseas students including Nepalese.

However, the process to study in Australia seems easier than done. Confusions and obstacles are bound to arise while processing your application for admission, selection of courses, visa process and other relevant activities. Consult with study in Australia consultants to clear your doubts and get a seamless university experience.

Willing to study higher education in Australia?

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