What Attracts Nepalese to Study Engineering in Australia?

Australia is popular for numerous reasons: exotic tourism places, pleasant weather condition, vibrant cultures, and of course, as a top education hub. Students are heading to Australia for further education from different nations.

Nepal is one of the top countries sending students for higher education at Australian universities. More than 80% of Nepalese students have chosen Australia for higher education over the years. Numerous factors are responsible attracting to study in Australia for Nepali students.

Engineering is one of the choicest courses for Nepalese students studying in Australia. The country has top universities which are offering world-class engineering courses with internationalised modules. Different study and career options are available for students pursuing higher education in the country.

One can pursue foundation course to specialisation at a regional university like civil, mechanical, electrical, automotive, geothermal, mining, nuclear physics, and others. Such diverse study options are impossible to find in a country. Deciding to study engineering in Australia help students to get innovative ideas and practical knowledge in the research. Further, engineering degrees of Australia are recognised and accepted by governments in the world. It improves career prospects and employability for graduates in the niche industry.

Nepal is a partner nation in the education and culture exchange program with Australia. Students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate engineering courses get scholarships from the institutions or the government. The award helps to get concession on tuition and admission fees, contribution to living expenses, airfare, and overseas student health cover.

Apart from that, Australian student visa allows students work part-time at local stores. The students can work up to 40 hours per fortnight pursuing a full-time course and unlimitedly during course breaks or holidays. It enables students to earn handsome money with AUD 17.70 per hour wage to manage personal and education expenses. It helps needy students to meet study in Australia cost without getting financial debts.

After completion of studies, students can use the temporary graduate visa to pursue internship program and seek employment in the domestic market. As there is a skill crisis in the engineering industry, graduates enjoy high employability in the domestic market.

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Basic Information about Studying and Living Expenses in Australia

Australia is popular around the world for its unique flora and fauna, beaches, greenery, welcoming people and multicultural society, but it offers a lot more than just that. With a huge area of 7.69 million square kilometres, Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. Its rich culture is founded on its Aboriginal heritage and a perfect mix of vibrant cultures. Also, the country is a global leader in education. And that’s what makes Australia the first choice for Nepalese when it comes to studying abroad.

Some Nepalese students want to join nursing or accounting courses while others wish to study engineering in Australia. Nepalese are so common in Australia that you will see them walking down the streets, on coffee shops and educational institutions alike. In short, Australia is no less than a paradise for those who want to make a bright and successful career.

In the earlier blogs, we have discussed much on the Australian education system, its qualities, courses offered for international students etc. Here, in this piece, we are shedding some light on the cost of studying and living in Australia.

Study Expenses

Australia uses Australian Dollar as its currency. Being a popular study abroad destination for overseas students, applying for Australian scholarships is a bit competitive. So if you’re self-financing, you need to be aware of the Study in Australia Cost and living expenses.

As with the majority of countries, the cost of education in Australia is dependent on the type of courses and duration of studies.

For instance, English Language Courses in the country are available at AUD300 per week. For a bachelor’s degree, you will have to pay around AUD15000 to AUD33000 while for a postgraduate one you need to pay about AUD20000 to AUD37000.

Living Expenses

The Department of Home Affairs requires AUD 20290, Student or guardian alone, Partner or spouse:  AUD$7,100 Child:    AUD$3,040 as the minimum budget of living to issue a student visa and family if included effective from 01 Feb 2018. However, the cost of living more depends on which country you plan to live in. The type of accommodation is also crucial. Hostels range from AUD80 to AUD135 a week, while shared rentals will cost you around AUD70 to AUD250. Homestay and rental are other most expensive options.

Working while Studying

In case you wish to cover the costs and expenses by working in Australia while studying, go through the appropriate government office. Different visas have different stipulations on this.

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The Basic Information about the Study in Australia Cost for Nepalese Students

Australia as a country has plenty of reasons that attract Nepalese students to pursue their higher education. Like other English-speaking nations, Australia has some top-ranked universities in the world too. Excellent faculty, quality education and constant innovation continue to help in the development of these universities. And when the academics add to call value, it’s the only nation that has a pull due to high-level living conditions and promising student life. Below you will find necessary information about the Study in Australia cost and scholarship options available in the country for international students.

University Tuition Fees

Australia is home to around 40 public universities and one private university, offering as many courses as you can imagine, from engineering, medicine, accounting to arts and business. Tuition fees depend more on the program you choose to study, degree level and university.

Average tuition fees based on degree level:

  • Undergraduate degree: between AUD14,000 and AUD33,000 per year
  • Postgraduate degree: between AUD18,000 and AUD46,000 per year

Living Costs

Nepalese students would need around AUD1,800 to AUD2,500 per month to cover their living expenses, including food, accommodation and social activities.

The following is the average city wise budget you would need:

  • Sydney: around AUD2’500 per month
  • Adelaide: around AUD1,700 per month
  • Brisbane: around AUD1,800 per month
  • Melbourne: around AUD1,200 per month

Accommodation Cost

Most of the Australian universities offer a small number of student dormitories for on-campus-accommodation. So housing in a homestay with a local family, a guest house or a rental property can be the perfection option to live and study in Australia for Nepali students.

Common accommodation options in Australia:

  • A homestay costs approximately AUD440 to AUD1,080 a month.
  • Guest house prices are between AUD320 and AUD540 a month.
  • Rent an apartment average prices are AUD1,700 a month.

Student Support

The Australian government welcomes and supports international students. In fact, the government has allocated a fund of AUD200,000,000 for international scholarships.

Some popular scholarships for overseas students are:

Australian Award: These scholarships funded by the Australian Government cover tuition fees, living cost, and travel expenses.

Endeavour Postgraduate Awards: These fellowships and scholarships provide financial support to those international students who have enrolled in a Master’s or a PhD program. These scholarships also cover travel allowance, tuition fees, monthly stipend and health and travel insurance.

So, no matter whether you want to pursue a career in nursing or study engineering in Australia, if you are an international student, you can avail the scholarships mentioned above.

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Top Advantages of Studying Abroad in Australia for Nepalese Students

Australia is the first choice of Nepalese students when it comes to choosing a study abroad destination for pursuing higher education. Nepalese students are so common in Australia that you will find them everywhere, from university campuses to coffee shops. And why not, the country offers much to us Nepalese and other international students studying in Australia. In fact, it’s quite beneficial to study in Australia for Nepali students.

A wide range of top-ranked institutions, many skill and employment oriented courses, high job opportunities and multicultural environment are some of the many things that often attract international students. Therefore, anyone would find it beneficial to reach and study in Australia with such a huge scope to begin a bright career.

Apart from that, students can learn different things there that can be utilised later even after returning to their home countries. The top Australian courses are widely accepted and recognised, making students eligible for finding a job where they wish to. There are plenty of skill development programs, such as Professional Year, the IRON program, and NAATI courses, which enable students to get familiar with the Australian workplace and its ethics. For example, if you choose to study engineering in Australia, you can join Professional Year right after completing your degree to launch yourself into Australian job market.

Scholarships Available for Nepalese Students

Studying in Australia is a dream of millions of Nepalese students. This dream, however, may cost them a bit high. The tuition fees and living expenses in Australia are quite low as compared to other English-speaking countries, but they are still far high when compared to Nepal. That’s why Australian government and universities have offered many scholarships to the eligible international students.

Recently, the Australian Government has reserved a sum of AUD200 million for international scholarships. An Australian scholarship covers your tuition fees, living expenses and airfare. What else can you expect from an ideal study abroad destination?

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Study in Australia: A Guide for Nepalese Students

Over the years, the number of international students choosing Australia as their study abroad destination has gone high. Recently, the International Education Advisory Council (IEAC) has predicted a significant rise in the number of overseas students studying in Australia in coming years.

Since more than 80 percent international students studying at Australian universities come from Asian countries, Nepal is not an exception. In fact, the land down under is the first choice of Nepalese students when it comes to choosing an overseas study destination. The study in Australia for Nepali students is like a dream, and they want to realise this dream at any cost.

Australia has a lot to offer Nepalese students, so we have put together a list of some unique aspects of studying abroad in Australia.

Education in Australia

Degrees and qualifications obtained from top-ranked Australian universities are recognised and preferred everywhere in the world. The country’s higher education industry is federally regulated, meaning the Government of Australia evaluates all universities in the country to ensure that they maintain high standards of education.

The following are some key factors for choosing to study in Australia:

  • A wide variety of specialist institutions
  • Best quality of scientific research
  • Innovative teaching styles
  • Plenty of services and support to overseas students
  • Worldwide acceptance of Australian higher education standards

Post Study Work Visa

Australia offers Post Study Work Visa for Genuine Int’l Students through Minimum Two Years Degree from a regional university.


When it comes to Study in Australia Cost, the country compares favourably with top study abroad destinations for international students.

  • Estimated living expenses: Around AUD20,290 per annum
  • Average undergraduate degree cost: AUD15,000 to AUD33,000
  • Average postgraduate degree cost: AUD20,000 to AUD37,000
  • PhD Degree: AUD14,000 to AUD37,000
  • Course duration: three to four years for undergraduate courses and one or more years for postgraduate.


The Australian lifestyle is popularly known for being relaxed. The can be great for the ones hoping to improve their studies in a laid-back environment. Australians consider cultural diversity one of their greatest strengths. Other lifestyle benefits of overseas students include:

  • A multicultural society
  • A safe environment
  • A bagful of unique travel choices within the country
  • Exciting cities
  • Flexibility to work part-time up to twenty hours per week and full-time during holidays.

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What Attract Students to Study Engineering in Australia?

Do you want to be a successful engineer in life?

If yes, you are willing to be a part of the exciting profession of engineering with high career growth and prospects. Engineers are responsible for building whatever we see around us. It may be a bridge, road, building, invention of technology, and so on are done by them. Hence, even the recent graduates attract a good amount of salary at the time of employment. It is the reason why engineering is one of the most popular study options for youths across the globe.

However, being a successful engineer is not easy. It requires hours of dedicated efforts and studies in learning tasks of this field. And most importantly, aspirants should get enrolled in the renowned universities for quality education and training. The decision to study engineering in Australia is a key to a successful career in this field. It is because Australia is one of the most popular destinations for world-class engineering training and research.

Australia is home to many universities which are known for engineering study and programs. Internationalised curriculums with training on cutting-edge technology help in acquiring industry-relevant skills by students. Hence, pursuing higher education in Australia is considered an essential step for a successful career.

Studying higher education in Australia is not cheap. The study in Australia cost in engineering depends upon the courses, institutions, and level. The location in which students have put up plays a vital role in deciding the overall cost. The lifestyle followed by students in the country is also a significant factor.

But, students may get financial assistance through a scholarship from the Australian government. The privilege of work and study facility help the overseas student to earn money for additional expenses. Further, the post-study work stream helps overseas graduates to seek employment in the domestic of Australia.

The above factors are enough to influence the decision to study in Australia for Nepali students. Besides, there are many career options, laid back environment, best student cities, and other benefit associated with study in Australia.

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Things Every Nepali Student Should Know When Studying in Australia

Right study program and university, Study in Australia Cost, scholarship options, entry requirements, and student visas are the most common things that Nepalese students should carefully research before they take a flight to the Land Down Under. In fact, these are the things that come straight to your mind when you do rough planning to study abroad.

The following are three additional things that every Nepalese student should know when studying in Australia:

Part-time job option for international students

Overseas students in Australia can work up to 20 hours a week during their study period, and there is no limit of working hours during the holidays and semester breaks. That means you can earn some extra money to bear your living expenses. You may use the money in travelling around the country as well. Working with a native would offer you an opportunity to improve your English and get better pay, which is something that makes study in Australia for Nepali students fabulous.

Work opportunities after study

Australia is known for its quality and ability to attract talented students through exciting skill development programs. In case you are looking to work and stay there after your study, you should do some research to find out what skills are in short supply in Australia and choose your study areas accordingly.

Since the employers and institutes all around the world accept Australian degrees and qualifications, you have great opportunities to work where you wish to.

Health and insurance

The Australian healthcare system is one of the best in the world. No wonder, the average life expectancy there is 82.8 years, placing the country among the top four nations of the 194 WHO-member states in terms of ageing and longevity. In order to maximise cost savings, international students in Australia are needed to have the OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover). The health cover contributes towards the costs of out-of-hospital medical treatment, prescription medicines, in-hospital medical treatment and emergency ambulance assistance.

Also, there are plenty of non-compulsory types of insurance that you may find useful- travel insurance, private health insurance, vehicle insurance, home and contents insurance etc.

So, no matter whether you want to study engineering in Australia or any other course, these three things will be applicable in any case.

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Why is studying Engineering in Australia a great career initiative?

Australia is and has always been the hub of education and learning. Amidst all those aspects which attract so many people to its shores, Australian education ranks very high. For many years, Nepali students have been choosing to study overseas and realise their career dreams. And study in Australia for Nepali students is no less than a dream.

Engineering is one of the most popular professions in the world today. In fact, the world and the technology we see today is more or less the result of engineering. With so many disciplines, the expanse and importance of Engineering are unparalleled. And as we propel towards an exciting technological future, the demand and importance of engineers are only going to increase further.

Australia, obviously, offers an array of comprehensive Engineering courses to its overseas students. In the 2015-16 Times Higher Education World University Rankings (Engineering and Technology) 7 Australian universities are listed in the top 100.

Australian degrees, diplomas and certifications have a great reputation across the globe. The Australian approach to teaching and education, especially for Engineering courses is exceptionally innovative and practical. Engineering professionals accredited in Australia are highly employable in any part of the world.

And with the huge popularity of Engineering in the Indian-sub continent, its simple to see why so many Nepali students dream to study Engineering in Australia.

Some top degrees and qualifications offered to international students are –

  • Certificate III/ IV Engineering
  • Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology
  • Associate Degree in Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • Graduate Diploma in Engineering
  • Master of Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy- Engineering

Engineers Australia is the professional accreditation body responsible for the Australian Engineering sector. Any student who completes a recognised degree in an Australian university automatically gets an associate membership with the body.

There are many further study pathways in Australia which students, under the right guidance can choose and venture into according to their interests and specialisations.

The Professional Year Program is a hugely popular initiative to bridge the gap between industry requirement and university education. It resolves the issues of skill shortage in the Australian industry by increasing the competency and employability of Engineering graduates. This 44-week training program (32-week formal learning and 12-week internship) is prevalent among the international graduates.

There is a continuing shortage of engineers in Australia, and as we head into the future, the demand is only going to increase. Thus, students from overseas have a huge opportunity to bag top Engineering jobs in Australia.

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Studying Abroad: Study in Australia Cost for Nepalese Students

Australia attracts thousands of Nepalese students every year. The state-of-the-art infrastructure, quality education, world-class student cities, and scholarship options are some of the prime reasons why Australia is the first choice for Nepalese students to continue higher studies. The country is home to more than 1100 institutions offering over 22000 courses in different study fields.

If you have a dream of studying in Australia but are facing financial problems, you should do some research about the scholarships available and Study in Australia Cost for Nepalese students.

The expenses may vary depending more on the chosen course or institution when it comes to pursuing higher education in Australia. For instance, a master’s degree will cost you between AUD18000 to AUD37000 each year. At the same time, a doctoral degree may cost you around AUD14000 to AUD37000. On the other hand, the living cost also differs from one city to the other.

An international student is required to have a minimum balance of AUD19830 to study in Australia. If you don’t have that minimum amount, you won’t be issued a student visa. The type of accommodation option you choose to stay is another factor in the calculation of costs. For example, the accommodation rent in urban areas will undoubtedly be higher while staying in hostels will cost you between AUD80 to AUD135.

Work While Study in Australia

In Australia, you will enjoy the opportunity to work 20 hours a week during the semester and unlimited hours during the semester breaks. The student visa makes it easy to work and study in Australia for Nepalis students. Therefore, you can manage your personal expenses like accommodation, tuition fee etc., working part-time in Australia.

In addition to that, you will gain significant work experience and make new friends in a country unknown to you. Don’t you think it’s something awesome? As a student, you can find employment in many different sectors, including retail, agriculture, tourism, hospitality, marketing, tutoring etc.

Courses for Overseas Students

As already mentioned in this piece, Australian institutions offer more than 22000 courses for both local as well as international students. In short, you can study engineering in Australia, opt for social work or choose anything else depending on your career goals and interest.

To know more about courses, scholarships, accommodation etc., you can have a chat with one of our education expert at AECC Global.

How can you make your dream of studying in Australia a reality?

Most of us have goals, aspirations and dreams to know more, to be more. Education is the most significant mode to achieve your dreams. It makes us rational, able, skilled and confident. While schooling is the cardinal aspect of formal education, we all agree that higher studies are a must for specific skill development and much more.

The scope and size of higher education as an entity in itself has boomed in the years gone by. While some decades ago, there was an absolute dearth of quality educational institutes for higher studies, but now, there are much more good and even better options out there, and many students have actually benefitted from choosing the right ones.

With time, the spectrum of higher studies overseas has touched astonishing levels, and every year the number of students studying abroad is increasing, especially from countries like Nepal where the institutes for higher studies struggle in terms of quality as well as quantity.

Out of the many countries who invite students for higher studies, there’s only a handful which can provide you with a life-altering experience. Australia shines the brightest among them. Regarded as one of the most liveable places on earth, Australia provides education in various courses in universities, whether you aim to study hospitality and management, accounting, engineering, social work, languages, or if you wish to study engineering in Australia, you have some amazing options and exciting opportunities.

The study in Australia for Nepali students have been nothing less than a dream, but a goal which gave them an immense skillset and opened the door to incredible opportunities. The privileges of getting scholarships, part-time jobs availability, conducive environment and best student cities also influence their decisions to study in the country.

But it is much easier said than done. Without proper guidance and support, this dream of studying in Australia can turn into a nightmare. The process might feel too rigorous or confuse for a while. In fact, all you need is a little support. Education consultants can offer help in visa procedure, legal, and sound financial advice to know the average study in Australia cost to avoid hardships and get a seamless university experience.

Choosing the right advisors is critical for a successful educational journey in Australia. Consult with AECC Global education consultants to get guidance and help to outline your career pathway today.