Why Study IT Courses in Australia after 10+2?

Congratulation for completing your higher secondary school in Nepal. The time that comes after 12th is crucial and needs proper decision to start a successful career in life. It is the time when students make the decision what to study and where to go for further education.

If you are planning to study abroad, Australia may be an ideal study destination for you. The country has loads of exciting adventures for students pursuing higher education. Exotic flora and fauna, pleasant weather condition, best student cities, high living standard, and conducive environment make Australia a paradise for higher education.

Australia’s Department of Education and Training has recognised 22, 000 courses in various study fields and subjects. It is easy to find your dream course and study further.

Australia has top-ranked universities known for pursuing higher education in IT. The availability of numerous options to study in Australia after 10+2 attract students from different nations. Choose a course and study further to get a world-class education.

Among the different study options, Information Technology is one of the choicest courses for international students in Australia. IT play significant roles in the development of industries and used by consumers around the globe. The IT is selected amongst the sectors that propel economic growth and produce jobs in Australia. The Department of Employment has projected to grow at 12% till 2018.

Australia offers many courses in IT fields to the students. The IT courses in Australia are designed to the international standard to prepare students for the workplaces. The students can pursue foundation to specialisation in the chosen field. Exciting profiles which are in high demand in the IT industry like graphic designer, hardware and networking professional, software development, etc. in Australia.

Software development and networking professionals are the most popular career options with huge job opportunities in the Australian. The occupation list published by Australian government clearly reflection the market condition. Overseas students can seek employment in the domestic market after completion of studies in IT field.

Privileges like scholarship, Temporary Graduate Visa, high retention policy, and high employment prospects are top factors attracting Nepalese to study in Australia. The students who have studied in the island country are successful professionally and in personal life.

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Top Courses to Study in Australia After 10+2

The time after completion of secondary school is crucial for every student. Choosing a course will affect your future career path. Hence, students should make an informed career decision to get a positive outcome in the chosen profession.

The trend of studying higher education abroad is an all-time high. Most of the Nepalese students are moving out of the country to pursue higher education elsewhere. Australia is the country where more than 80% Nepalese choose to study in Australia after 10+2 in different fields. No student has ever regretted its decision to pursue higher education in the beautiful country.

An increasing number of Nepali students are choosing Australia over other destinations. It is due to numerous good reasons and privileges that aspirants get in Australia. Some of them are like brilliant study options, career opportunities, job opportunities, work and study facility, scholarships, and safe environment for higher studies.

Most importantly, students should choose the right course and university for rapid career enhancement. Here are some of the famous routes that Nepalese love to study in Australia:


Engineering is one of the choicest career options for Nepalese students studying in Australia. The country has many universities offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses in engineering. Engineering provides numerous study options to aspirants for renowned education and training in Australia.

There is a shortage of skilled engineers in Australia. It is an excellent opportunity for overseas students like Nepalese to pursue studies and improve chances for employment in the domestic market.


It is by far the popular study option for Nepali students in Australia. The nursing industry is reeling under acute skill crisis. Pursuing a bachelor or master of nursing degree helps to start a successful career in the healthcare industry of Australia. Further, many universities are offering reputed nursing courses to aspirants coming from various nations.

Information Technology

The IT courses in Australia are recognised and designed to the international standard. With a rapid acceptance of IT usage in industries, numerous job opportunities are coming up in this field. Even IT sector is facing an acute shortage of skilled professionals in the domestic market.

Apart from that, Nepalese prefer studying accounting, social work, public health, bakery, teaching, and so on in Australia.

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Why Students from Nepal Choose to Study IT courses in Australia?

Information Technology or IT is a popular career choice among the students. It is one of the fastest growing fields with huge job opportunities for trained professionals. Scopes in the IT fields are bound to increase in the future years considering the broad acceptance and usages in the industries.

The primary challenge for aspirants is acquiring highest quality education and expertise to start a successful career. Australia is one of the top study-abroad destinations for the Nepalese over the years. There are many benefits that students get during the study in Australia like quality education, enlightening experience, and others.

Without much ado, let us look at the reasons why Nepalese choose Australia over other countries:

World Class Education System

Australia has one of the finest and renowned education systems in the world. The University System ranking is 9th globally, ahead of Germany, New Zealand and Japan. It reflects the quality of education that student receives while studying in the Australian universities. Most of the previous international students are satisfied with university and study experience.

Top-Ranked Universities

Seven of the Australian universities have been ranked in the Top 100 QS World University Ranking. Studying at the globally acclaimed universities help students preparing for the workplace challenges properly by students. Students prefer to study in Australia after 10+2 in different study fields for unfolding career opportunities.

Career Options for Aspirants

Numerous career options are available for students in Information Technology. One can pursue specialisation in hardware, software, networking, cybersecurity, designing, and others. In fact, the students can choose any of the IT courses in Australia at the regional universities. Specialising in one of domains help in getting jobs in the niche industry.

High Job Opportunities

The demand for IT professionals has increased significantly in the market now. Huge career enhancement takes place for students studying in the country. Further, the IT sector is facing skill crisis creating excellent opportunities for overseas graduates.

Additionally, overseas get privileges like scholarship and part-time job opportunity while studying in Australia.

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Popular Courses to Study in Australia after 10+2

Nepalese students aiming to have a global education exposure are studying abroad. The choicest destination for Nepalese is Australia. More than 80% students choose to study in Australia after 10+2 for undergraduate or higher at the regional universities. The trend of studying in the country is expected to increase further in the future.

Australia has everything necessary to be a perfect destination for higher. It has modern education infrastructure, study options, best student cities, welcoming locals, conducive environment, high living standard, and others. Further, the privileges like scholarship scheme and part-time job facility are found in few countries only. That’s why students prefer to study in Australia for an amazing and enlightening overseas education experience.

Students have a wealth of career options almost in every study field. One can find foundation course to specialised degrees in most of the subjects at regional universities. For instance, the Nuclear Physics is one of the most advanced courses globally can be studied at The University of Melbourne.

The Australia Department of Education and Training offers over 22, 000 courses in different study fields in 1100 educational institutions under 43 universities. However, the created aren’t designed equally for importance and purposes.

Join advanced IT Courses in Australia

There are few courses that Nepalese students prefer to study in Australia to start a bright career in the chosen field. Here is the list of the courses:

  • Nursing
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering
  • Social Work
  • Public Health
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Hospitality and Management
  • And others

The IT courses in Australia are one of the most sought-after career options for Nepalese in the country. Curricula of the courses are internationalised and known to prepare students for workplace challenges.

Australia is struggling with skill crisis in many sectors. IT is one of the worst affected industries in the country. Overseas students enjoy high employability pursuing higher studies from a top institution.

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Why Nepalese Students Choose IT Courses to Study in Australia after 10+2?

Your successful career begins right after when you choose a top-ranked university to study in Australia after 10+2. Home to many such high-ranked universities offering numerous courses and globally recognised qualifications, Australia is no less than a paradise to study abroad. A world-class education system clubbed with the latest technology provides advanced training to prepare you for an illustrious career.

International students in Australia can join an advanced diploma, degree or doctorate program of their choice at Australian universities. The courses and programs in Australia are designed to deliver skills necessary to find a job in Australia and anywhere else in the world. Also, students get life-enriching experiences along with their certificates.

Studying IT in Australia

Australia is an ideal destination for pursuing a degree in information technology (IT) field. The world-class Australian universities offer many different IT courses in Australia in a variety of specialisations such as software and hardware support, design, administration, design, and operation tasks. As an aspiring student, you can join the course of your choice. You can study IT courses to get the high-quality education in the relevant area working on real projects, meaning you will gain technical knowledge as well as practical skills for offering IT solutions.

Role of Professional Year for IT Graduates

Australia has been encountering the problem of shortage of qualified IT professionals for a long time. Hence, there is a high demand for IT professionals. And to supply skilled IT workforce to Australian job market, the concerned professional bodies have launched Professional Year program to make international IT graduates aware of the Australian workplace rules and regulations. In short, joining PY in IT after their graduation will help overseas students find a job of their choice in Australia.

Approved by the DIBP to enhance the employability skills of international students, Professional Year is an excellent way to make a smooth entry into Australian workforce. It’s a 44-week program which consists of fundamental learning and internship training with a local host company. So you can maximise your Study in Australia stint simply by joining PY program.

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What to Study in Australia after 12th in Nepal?

The trend of going abroad for higher education is an all-time high phenomenon. Studying abroad needs dedicated efforts and pain of moving to another country. Not to mention the pain requires in adjusting to a new environment and place. However, every strive or pains worth as it helps to achieve career excellence in the professional front.

Australia has become the top choice for Nepalese students to pursue higher education after completion of secondary school. More than 80% of No Objection Certificates (NOC) are issued for Australia according to the report of Ministry of Nepal. It reflects the rising number of Nepalese students choosing to study in Australia over the US and UK.

Top Reasons to Study in Australia

Australia has a quality education system that is lauded in the academic world. Use of cutting-edge technology and qualified faculty are prevalent enabling students to start a successful career in life. The country is home to seven universities which are ranked in the Top 100 QS World University Ranking. Further, the country’s University System Ranking is placed 9th ahead of Germany, Japan, and New Zealand.

Popular Courses to Study in Australia

Overseas students never run out of study options while pursuing higher education from Australian universities. The Australian Government Department of Education and Training has 22, 000 approved courses which are offered at 1100 educational institutions under 43 universities.

Abundant courses are available to study in Australia after 12th for Nepalese students. However, not all courses are suited nor preferred by Nepalese students.

Here are popular courses for the students:

  • Nursing
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Hospitality and management
  • Public health
  • Social work
  • And others.

Australia depends upon skilled immigrants to address the shortage of professionals in many sectors. It is a good opportunity for overseas students to get jobs after studying the courses at Australian universities.

For instance, the international IT graduates can enjoy high employability in the domestic market after studying IT courses in Australia. To get a smooth transition from the college to a workplace, students can join in the internship program.

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Top Things Attracting Nepalese Students to Study in Australia

Australia is one of the finest countries to go for further education. The country has world-class infrastructure, sandy-beaches, temperate weather condition, conducive environment for higher learning and welcoming locals making a suitable place for higher education. The beautiful nation invites international students from different countries to enrol in the regional universities.

But, Australia is the top choice for Nepalese students as witnessed over the years. Besides, there are numbers of factors that attract students to study in Australia. Let us find out some of the excellent reasons attracting the Nepalese students:

Study at Top-Ranked Universities

Australia has several universities ranked in the Top 100 QS World University Ranking in the 2017 edition. Pursuing higher education from these universities help students to get globally acclaimed training. Studying in the top-ranked universities means you are moving towards a successful career in life.

Quality Education System

The Australian education system is lauded not only by students but academicians around the world. The educational institutions are focussing greatly on delivering international standard training to catch up with top educators around the globe. Use of technology in training and research is prevalent in institutions helping in the innovation. The application-based training help students to practical and professional skills necessary to succeed in the workplace.

Abundant Study Options

There is no dearth of study options for qualifying candidates in the Australian universities. The Australian Department of Education and Training has 22, 000 approved courses offered at 1100 educational institutions under 43 universities.

So, Nepalese students can easily find their dream courses to study in Australia after 10+2. Abundant foundation and niche courses are available for students. However, engineering, nursing, IT, accounting, hospitality and management are the popular courses for them.

Job Opportunities

Australia depends upon the overseas skilled professionals to carry out economic activities in many sectors. Many initiatives have been started to address the skill crisis in the local market. Students graduating from an Australia enjoys higher employability after completion of studies.

Financial Aid

Australia aims for collective development and strong education linkage with partner nations. To attract students, Australia is offering scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

For instance, eligible candidates get the awards to study IT courses in Australia. Besides the scholarship, students may work part-time to earn money for living expenses and others.

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Top Reasons to Study in Australia after 12th

Students aiming high in life are looking to study abroad. The trend of getting education from top-ranked universities is all-time high now. Though there are numerous study-abroad destinations, yet Australia is the top choice for Nepalese students. More than 80% of No Objection Certificate (NOC) issued by Nepal’s Ministry of Education was for candidates who opted to study in Australia.

Many factors are responsible for growing enrolment of Nepalese students in the regional universities of Australia. Here are some of them:

Presence of World-Class Universities

Australia is home to 7 universities which are ranked in the Top 100 QS World University Ranking. It is a global education powerhouse with the presence of world’s best facilities and educators. The qualified faculties coupled with cutting-edge technology offer renowned courses and programs to students.

Australia has ranked 9th in the University System Ranking ahead of Germany, Japan and New Zealand. It reflects the quality of education offered in the regional universities and recognised by governments worldwide.

Diverse Career and Study Options

The Australian Department of Education and Training has 22, 000 courses provided at 1100 educational institutions under 43 universities. It shows the magnitude of career opportunities and study options available for aspirants. Pursue undergraduate study in Australia after 10+2 in your preferred fields to prepare for a bright future.

Australia Quality Framework (AQF) is the apex body responsible for upholding the standard and ensure a uniform education is provided across the states.

The popular courses for Nepalese students in Australia:

  • Nursing
  • Hospitality and management
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Social work
  • Public health
  • And others

High Job Opportunities

Immigrants form a large chunk of the Australian workforce. The country is facing skill crisis in many sectors creating problems in carrying out economic activities. Based on the number of professionals required in the occupations, Australia invites qualified overseas workers.

The list of MLTSSL and STSOL rightly reflects the crisis in the occupations. Nursing, IT, and other trades are added in these lists. It is a crucial opportunity for overseas students eyeing for a job after completion of studies. Study IT courses in Australia to get quality education and be eligible for employment in the domestic market.

The country has 5 out of 30 best student cities. It reflects the conducive environment for higher education. Along with them, you can avail of scholarship scheme and part-time job facility to finance your higher education.

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A look at why you should study IT in Australia

Overseas education has broadened the horizons of career growth, opportunities and learning. Today, an individual belonging to any country has a chance to avail world-class education by studying overseas.

Australia is one of the most popular study destinations in the world. Students from around the world including many Nepalese students desire to study in Australia after 10+2.

Information Technology is a very popular profession worldwide. A lot of Nepalese students aim to study IT in countries like Australia.

Because Australia is the land of technology. With an advanced technological infrastructure, skilled IT personnel, tech-savvy people, Australia is a hub and a pioneer in Information Technology. Do you know that Google Maps and Wi-Fi were invented and developed in Australia? Now, that proves something.

Conglomerates like Google, IBM, Canon have established their software development centres to test and implement newer technologies, thus giving students great opportunities to be included in that workforce.

Although universities and institutions provide several IT courses in Australia, some of the popular courses are mentioned below-

  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Master of Information Technology
  • Graduate Diploma in Information Technology
  • Advanced Diploma in Information Technology
  • Associate Degree in Information Technology
  • Certificate III/IV in Information Technology

Some of the major specialisations available are-

  • Data analytics
  • Website development
  • Information Systems
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud computing
  • Networking
  • Game development

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) is the official body for accreditation for the Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector in Australia. Getting an accredited degree gives you an associate membership with the Australian Computer Society.

Australian IT courses have universal acceptability. Studying IT in Australia is in certain ways a ticket to a rewarding and exciting future because of the amazing opportunities there.

Many international graduates join the Professional Year program to enhance their employability. THE 44-week practical curriculum bridges the gap between university education and industry requirement thus giving you an edge over others.

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Aiming to study Information Technology in Australia? Read this

What is Information Technology?

It is the utilisation or study of systems like computers and telecommunication devices for storing, sending and retrieving information in the form of electronic data. In terms of career options, it’s huge. The key career branches in the IT sector are Hardware and Software design and support, software application, networking and application.

Why study in Australia?

Australia is the global hub of higher education. Every year, more and more students from different parts of the world aim to visit and study in Australia because of the sheer quality of education offered in its world-renowned universities. Not only that, Australian universities along with the Australian government provide several scholarship programmes to international students. The standard of living coupled with the affordability makes Australia an opportunity too good to be missed.

Why study Information Technology in Australia?

Australia is the land of development and technology. The country has an advanced technological infrastructure. Conglomerates like Google, Canon, IBM have established their software development centres in Australia, ensuring a nationwide environment for a skilled IT workforce. It is the birthplace of inventions like WiFi and Google Maps! With tech-savvy customers and cutting-edge technology, Australia shows massive potential for the IT sector in the future.

Courses offered

Some prominent IT courses in Australia are-

  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Master of Technology
  • Associate Degree in Information Technology
  • Graduate Diploma in Information Technology
  • Advanced Diploma in Information Technology

Some popular specialisations are-

  • Data Analytics
  • Networking
  • Website Developing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Analytics
  • Information Systems


The Australian Computer Society (ACS) is the official body for Australia’s Information and Communication sector. The degrees or courses should be accredited or approved by the ACS. Students need to apply for certification to be classified as a senior member.

Work opportunities

Australian IT courses and degrees are held in high regard all around the academic world. There is a shortage of qualified IT professionals in the Australian market which is reflected by the fact that IT jobs are included in the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL). This means that there are a lot of opportunities. With the programmes like the Professional Year for IT, the employability of students increases significantly.

Thousands of Nepalese students have actualised their aim to study in Australia after 10+2 under the right guidance.

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