Top 3 Courses Nepalese Students Choose to Study in Australia

It is quite an interesting fact that there’s been a consistent increase in the number of Nepalese students planning to study in Australia after 12th. They often chose the countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and India. Out of these countries, Australia has emerged as the first choice for Nepalese students to study abroad.

Simplified visa process, low tuition fee and living expenses, several scholarships, part-time job opportunities, and great career prospects are some of the major key factors that lure these students towards Australia.

A recent study exhibited that over 20,463 Nepalese students choose the Australian universities, making Nepal the 8th largest source of overseas students in Australian since September 2016.

What about the courses? What are the programs and courses that Nepalese students wish to study?

In general, students choose a course depending on their interest in a subject or field. And, Nepalese students are not an exception. However, their choice of programs is often influenced by the available job opportunities and career prospects for a subject in the given country.

Following are some of the most popular Australia courses for international students that Nepalese students love to enrol in:


Australia is home to seven top-ranked universities offering engineering programs. Australian engineering programs and degrees recognised globally, helping candidates to gain knowledge and skills required to achieve success. Internship programs for fresh students, bagful scholarships, and abundant job opportunities attract Nepalese students to study engineering in Australia.


Nursing is a future-proof career for the candidates who are looking to work as a health professional and want to serve fellow human being. Australian nursing programs are an ideal choice to reach towards the goal of becoming a successful nurse.


Hospitality is a unique career option for the ones who love to serve guests and manage them. Hospitality aspirants can pursue a certificate, diploma, or degree course in hospitality and management in Australia. Advanced theocratical as well as practical skills in the training help graduates to be ready for the industry.

The Australian Hospitality and Management Industry is growing at a rapid pace due to the constant inflow of tourists in the country. So, hospitality could be an attractive area to study in Australia and kickstart your career.

Besides these three courses, IT, medicine, and social work are other fields that Nepalese students prefer to study.

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Top Courses to Study in Australia After 12th

Australia has emerged as the top destination for Nepalese students for higher education. Availability of lower tuition fees, scholarship schemes, cheap accommodation facilities, high job prospects, and conducive environment for quality learning are the reasons influencing the students’ decision to study in Australia. None of the previous students regrets their choices.

Are you also planning to study in the top universities in Australia?

If yes, it is an important decision to get quality education and prepare for a successful professional life.

Studying in Australia is neither cheap nor easy. You need a proper preparation to adapt to the new place’s environment, lifestyle, language barrier and cultural shock, to name a few of them.

Most importantly, you need to find out what to study in Australia after 12th based on your career goal and preference. It will help to set a goal and turn your passion into a career. In addition to that, you should find out the top universities offering relevant courses, norms, fees, recognition, scholarship fees and how to get enrolment.

If you’re aiming for better career prospects in Australia and other countries, it is essential to study courses that are in-demand. Here are the top Australia courses for international students with high job prospects:

  • Nursing
  • Information Technology
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Public Health
  • Social Work
  • Engineering
  • Medicines
  • Hospitality and Management

These are the favourite courses for the international students including the Nepalese in Australian universities. Students may enjoy high employment prospects after completion of studies. However, it is essential to consider your passion and goal before deciding to study the courses at Australian universities.

Though you will get loads of information about the top courses, universities, reviews, and other things on the internet, yet finding a personalised guidance and answer of your queries are difficult.

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Favourite Courses for International Students to Study in Australia

Australia is a hot destination for international students to study further education. There are 1100 educational institutions, consisting of top universities and colleges, providing 22, 000 approved courses in Australia. The University System is ranked 9th globally, ahead of Germany, Japan and New Zealand. That is why study in Australia a good step to start a successful career in life. It helps in getting certification from recognised institutions and improves your career prospects globally.

If you go by the number of international students in Australian universities, Nepal stands eighth. China, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Philippines come at the top of this list. Data revealed that Australia as a study destination is increasing its popularity due to the availability of favourable conditions. Further, there are Australia courses for international students which are useful in starting successful careers.

Here are top courses that overseas students prefer to study in the regional universities of Australia:

  • Nursing
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Engineering
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Public Health
  • Social Work
  • Medicines
  • Hospitality and Management

Australia is a top place to start your career in any of these fields. You can pursue certificate courses, diploma, bachelor degree, and master degree with a specialisation in the regional universities. Most of the students prefer to study undergraduate and master degrees in the regional universities. These are the top courses to study in Australia after 12th with high career prospects and job opportunities in the local market. Best of all, the graduates of these courses get high-end employment opportunities after completion of studies.

Apart from that, Nepalese students get numerous privileges while studying higher education in the regional universities. There are scholarship schemes for students for undergraduate and master degrees in the institutions. Selected candidates get 25% to 100% concession on tuition and admission fees, and Overseas Student Health Cover in some cases.

Other than that, students can enjoy a high standard of living, excellent job prospects, post-study work facilities, and cheap accommodation facilities. These are the prime reasons why overseas students are choosing to study in Australian universities.

Do you want to study higher education in Australian universities?

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How can you choose best Australia courses for international students?

Are you willing to pursue your favourite course in Australia? If yes, this is the right time for you to choose the best courses and take guidance from the education consultant. Many aspiring candidates have desires to study in Australia as they believe and witnessed many of their friends, dear and near ones having considered and settled out there. So, are you also willing to settle there but not knowing which course to choose? Never mind, Australia is a country with one of the major quality education systems offering the wide range of courses. Meanwhile, the education department of the state currently offers around 22,000 courses which provide widened choices to international students.

However, the courses which are popular among the overseas students are engineering, accounting, nursing, computer science and information technology. Computer engineering and computer are the Australia courses for international students which became highly favourite courses. When you choose the best courses, it is important on the part of the students to deeply understand and observe the market trend. It means it is better to choose the course which has high demand in the market. Another aspect that you must concentrate over while choosing the course is your level of interest. Just to put, you must choose the path that you are passionate about.

Shape your career with Australian education scholarship

Though, you may have a plenty of courses to choose your favourite one out of them which are meant for study in Australia after 12th.  Students from Nepal can apply for the scholarship as Aussie Government appears generous towards the international students who can find out different kinds of scholarships in various subjects. The Government of the country investing around AUD 200 Million made the remarkable contribution towards the global education, making its education internationally accessible.

Australia provides the pleasing problem to international students who are often required to come across these challenges. The problem is nothing but a problem of plenty. If you are new don’t know anything about how to choose the best courses, it is important on your part to approach to the education consultant. A skilled and knowledgeable consultant is a significant asset and can play the crucial role in guiding students to choose the best course and completing the admission and visa process. Expert education consultant may also help for applying for the scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students if you hold very good grades in 10+2 or equivalent grades.

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Top courses available for international students in Australia after 10+2

If you are aspiring to study in Australia, you will wonder which courses are most popular and carry high prospect and scope. While choosing courses, it is important to consider some factors. One of them is to find out which course has high demand and can pay the rich dividend in the market. In case you want to choose a course and have detailed plan for settling down there, then courses suitable for you would be engineering, accounting, information technology and computer science.

The country has eight universities which are featured in the top 100 list of universities, also known as Group of Eight Universities offering quality education. Choosing engineering courses to study in Australia will bring not only about academic benefits with employment scopes but it one can further take up professional year program after graduating from any of the Australian universities. The program will fetch you five points of immigration which will help you in obtaining the permanent residency visa. Hence, overseas students willing to study in Australia after 12th can choose engineering courses. In the same way accounting courses are also important ones and carry the same prospects too.

Many students dream to study in the country like Australia because they know well that after studying they can be part of ever-growing Australian market after obtaining the permanent residency visa. Australia courses for international students are popular because the way these courses have been designed, they make the students well equipped with all the relevant skill sets. The professionals specialised in those courses are in high demand.

Major pull factors for Nepalese students willing to study in Australia

The study in this beautiful country became little easier for Nepalese students’ due to relaxed visa policies by the immigration department. Work and study opportunity is also hugely helping overseas students. Gone are the days when students from developing countries could not imagine studying due to inability to afford. But with the passage of time, things have changed drastically increasing in the applications after successfully meeting the prerequisites for higher education.

The trend of Nepalese students applying for admission in Australia in large number is also due to the availability of many kinds of scholarship opportunities. Scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students is a pull factor as Aussie Government generously invests around AUD 200 million annually for the scholarship for international students.

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Choosing the courses to study which provide scope beyond employment in Australia

You researched everything in your country Nepal for the higher educational scope but in the end, choosing to study in Australia appears to be the only option left with you. You gave more score to Australia than Nepal because of so many reasons. The country, Australia can provide you with the world-class facilities for quality education. As the educational department is richly full of a vast number of courses and institutions,

overseas students can find their dream courses from the list of 22,000 courses currently on offer. If you want to choose Australia courses for international students, you can choose the one which has more value and high return on your investment of effort, time and money. However, the recent trend has been students picking up courses like engineering, accounting, computer science, information technology, etc. These courses lead students to unlimited scope and opportunities of jobs and employments. Besides, they also help them with obtaining the permanent residency when they want to settle in the country.

These courses are for both the students who are willing to study undergraduate and post-graduate studies. A study in Australia after 12th also presents plenty of scopes that get widened and opened in the Australian and international markets. Many Nepalese students want to settle down in the country because they believe in leading the luxurious life with high standard of living, one needs the study at top institutions. Australia, on the other hand, is fully packed with many world-class universities featuring at the top of the chart. University of Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and various other reputed institutions always contribute towards the country’s charm and attraction.

The route to permanent residency in Australia for Nepalese students

Many students who know the easiest way to settle in Australia always love to study the courses mentioned above. Studying these courses helps them to further take up professional year programs after their graduation at any of the institution in the country. The professional year program is a one-year program which equips, hones up and introduces students into the typical Australian working system and work-culture through series of internship programs. After successful completion of the courses, takers of these courses are awarded five extra points of immigration.

The scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students has been playing a crucial role in pulling Nepalese students in the country for higher education. Most of the brilliant students do not have access to the quality education because of the financial crisis. However, with the availability of different kinds of scholarships covering tuition fees, living expenses and health covers, it brought a respite for those students willing to study in Australia.

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Choosing to study in Australia a key to professional excellence

Every student from around the world desires to enjoy the excellent quality education, and when it comes to good education, Australia comes as the popular hub for all. The country with the small population still holds great significance in the global education. It is the third most preferred country for quality education right after USA and UK for overseas students.

However, when it comes to international students from Nepal, they made the country as the first choice. There are many factors responsible for pulling students in the country in large number. Easy and relaxed immigration policies of Australian Government followed by the scope of work and study as well as quality higher educational scope are the major attractions for Nepalese students.

Every year thousands of students from the Himalayan Kingdom apply for numerous courses. Nepalese students have a plenty of options available in the Island country. Equipped with 22,000 total number of courses many international students can choose their preferred courses to study in Australia after 12th. Availability of such plenty of courses also a pull factor.

How important is the scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students? 

Quality education is what today every student looks forward. Everyone dreams to have the lucrative career but for that, it is vital to receive the quality education. A study in Australia opens the door to the plethora of opportunities. Some of the highly sought-after Australia courses for international students are accounting, engineering, nursing, computer science, etc. The country has plenty of world-class universities and institutions offering these courses. Eight out of one hundred global quality universities belong to this country.

It is because the degrees obtained in Australia are globally respected and have high values. Nepalese students prefer the ‘Land of Kangaroos’ because of scholarship opportunities. Australian Government invests AUD 200 million dollars annually on scholarship and other financial schemes available for international students. This kind of generosity shown by Aussie Government indeed encourages overseas students, particularly from developing nations.

And most importantly Nepalese students are taking the benefits in huge. Scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students turned out to be a meaningful pathway towards fulfilling the dream career in one of the educational paradises in the world. The scholarship covers partial and sometime full for exceptional meritorious student’s tuition fees though student’s needs to manage living expenses and health coverage of the students living in Australia. Many brilliant students from Nepal do not have enough opportunities in the country. Even they also cannot dream to study in prestigious institutions abroad due to financial challenge. But few Scholarship is helping those students now and who, after exploring, come back to Nepal and engage into many varied developmental works.

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What is the scope of scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students?

The educational scope for Nepalese students in Australia is quite bright. Many international students from Nepal apply for different scholarships and other forms of financial assistance for study. Australian Government generously invests around AUD 200 million every year putting an effort to extend help to overseas students. Among many different scholarships, Australian Awards Scholarship is quite popular. This scholarship covers the living expenses, tuition fees, overseas health cover and returning airfare of the students. There are two categories of scholarships available. Australian Government itself avails one kind of scholarship and another categorised one as those of universities and institutions availing with their policies and terms.

When it comes to scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students, one of the typical scholarship hundreds of Nepalese students apply every year is the Australian Award scholarship. This scholarship is for aspiring candidates willing to undertake research, professional development and formal education in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’. The percentage of applicants from Nepal applying for a scholarship is on the constant increase. However, the students get screened based on their qualities, profession, and academic competence. In parallel, the potential of the aspirants to impact development in home country on returning is one of the determining factors.

So, the scholarships are helping many aspiring students from Nepal who can move out of their country to Australia for further studies and can return fully accomplished professionals. So, are you ready to apply for the scholarship? Before that, you get the idea about choosing the correct Australia courses for international students available. The education system and department of this island country are rich concerning different varieties of courses offering to students. It has around 22,000 number of courses in total.

Popular courses available to study in Australia after 12th

Aspiring students can choose some of the most popular courses. These days most of the international students are rushing after courses such as accounting, engineering, nursing, computer science and information technology. These courses provide remarkable scope and the prospect with the high amount of employment opportunities in the Australian market. These are the major courses one can study in Australia after 12th.

The main reason for the popularity of these courses is the benefit of having a pathway towards permanent residency. After graduation from any Australian university, overseas students can take up professional year programs in any of these courses. Successful completion of the professional year program would fetch extra five points of immigration which can be considering factor while applying for the permanent residency visa.

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How can scholarship help overseas students to study in Australia after 12th?

Are you willing to study in Australia but your financial constraint is not allowing you? Every student today wishes to study abroad in countries like Australia, but only few can realise their dreams. There are many factors which pull students from each corner of the world into this unique educational hub. The island country is an excellent destination for quality education, and one can come forward all along looking for opportunities. The scope of employment with high pay is very vast, and the chance of standard living life is also not lesser. The prospect of establishing in a developed country with all kinds of facilities that are not available with developing nation is a common reason behind many aspirants willing to move there for further study.

The country is set to present 22,000 courses to international students who can choose their preferred courses for study in Australia after 12th.

From all aspects, one may find the country to be more advanced and developed. The ‘Land of Kangaroos’ has been a centre of attractions. Educationally, it is one of the richest countries and highly preferred as well. It comes in the third position as the world’s most preferred country after USA and UK. International students may find many valuable things to study there. The friendly natives, quality education and relaxed immigration policies have contributed to making this country as a top choice among the international students.

How can the right selection of courses lead overseas students into permanent residency in Australia?

Nepal is one of the major developing nations which have been enjoying the boon of Australia. Every year hundreds of Nepalese students apply for various kinds of courses. The growing population of Nepalis immigrants in the island country is evidence how Nepal, as a country is becoming the most beneficiary. Among the top Australia courses for international students, one may find overseas students opting for engineering, accounting, computer science and nursing, etc. These courses have the huge prospect. The opportunity is not confined to employment only, but also one can enjoy permanent residency. Most of you may wonder how these courses can help you in getting the permanent residency in this beautiful country.

Aspiring students would be able to take up professional year program available for foreign graduates who, after graduating from any of the Australian universities can join it. The program acts as a bridge between school and employment. This one-year program helps graduates in equipping the skills required for landing job through practical work experiences. After completing the program successfully, one would obtain five extra points of immigration towards achieving permanent residency. Australian Government always appears generous with many scholarships getting available for overseas students.

Scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students has been the greatest boon as it appears.

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What are the educational benefits of studying in Australia?

Do you know that Australia is enjoying continued economic growth from last 20 years? Due to the continuous growth, thousands of jobs are created every year. Jobs are being created but the number of skilled professionals is low. The gap is getting widening, and Australia needs international talent to fulfil its requirements. There are numerous Australian courses for international students in their high ranked universities. The land down under can be the best destination to study and start your career.

Benefits of studying in Australia

Australian universities follow some standard rules which are implemented by the government. There is no compromise in the quality of education and especially when it comes to international students. Every university is research ready and has state of the art infrastructure to provide the best environment to their students. Australia is ranked 4th by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in international PhD student’s destination after US, UK, and France.

The prestigious universities give a chance to study in Australia after 12th. The top eight universities also known as Group of Eight (Go8) ranks in world’s top 150 Universities consistently in QS World University rankings. The Go8 is a coalition of research-intensive Australian universities. In 2012, the Australian government surveyed international students with the help of state/territory education departments. The results were mind blowing as 87% of international students responded satisfied or very happy with the overall experience in the country. The results for study experience and living in Australia were astonishingly 86% and 88% respectively.

The Australian government invested AUD $200,000,000 for scholarship purposes extensively for international students in 2016. There is ample scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students. Many meritorious students get 25% to 100 % of scholarship with outstanding merits for their college/university fees. The overall experience in Australia is far better than many countries and the learning environment offered by the universities is incomparable.

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