Top Job-Oriented Courses for Nepalese in Australia

Australia is one of the best countries for higher education. Modern educational infrastructure and technology support excellence training for students. The education system emphasises on the development of practical skills instead of rote learning. That’s why Australian degrees are recognised in the academic world of today.

Owing to the massive popularity of Australian education, thousands of students come to the country for further education. The nation has top-ranked universities and 1100 educational institutions offering over 22000 courses in different study fields and subjects. However, aspirants must choose the right route to improve career prospects in Australia and other states.

Here are the famous courses with high employment prospects for graduates in Australia:


Nursing is one of the choicest courses for Nepali students in Australia. Courses are international standards and known for providing career excellence. Study nursing in Australia is a vital decision to acquire the highest quality skills in this field. Further, degrees are recognised and accepted in every part of the world.

Australia needs a skilled healthcare workforce to provide services to the rising ageing population and children. It is a good opportunity for nursing graduates to get jobs in the industry.


Engineering is another popular study option for aspirants in Australia. The Australian universities are known to offer best engineering courses in the world. Study engineering courses in Australia to get international standard training in professional skills and expertise in this industry. The market-oriented abilities help students prepare for workplace challenges.

Engineering graduates get high employment opportunities in the domestic market as there is a shortage of skilled professionals.


The demand for accounting professionals is high in Australia. The Outlook Job portal has predicted that Australia will have 40k job openings in accounting field by 2020.

Studying accounting is one of the top career decisions to start a successful career in the business world of today. The aspirants get world-class training under industry’s top professionals.

Information Technology

The Information Technology is one of the fastest growing industries in Australia. You can pursue foundation as well as specialisation in this sector. Numerous job opportunities for software developers, networking professionals, business analysts, cybersecurity, designers, and others are available in the industry. Students pursuing IT courses in Australia can choose one and go for further education to be eligible for jobs.

The study options like hospitality management, business management, social work, public health, teaching and others are equally important. The education consultants for Australia can provide accurate guidance and help to achieve success in the chosen field.

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Why are Nursing and Engineering Choicest Courses for Nepalese in Australia?

The decision to study in Australia needs proper contemplation on study costs, obstacles, and career path. Choosing the wrong career path can lead to frustration despite your efforts and money that require in the process. Avoid career disappointments making an informed career decision consulting with education consultants for Australia. You will get accurate information on the education system, top courses, study cost estimate, and much more. All these information help aspirants to make their Australian education a seamless and enlightening experience.

Nepal is one of the top countries contributing thousands of students to Australian universities every year. The number of enrolment is expected to rise significantly in the future due to privileges and facilities in Australian colleges. Conducive environment for higher education and best student cities also attract aspirants from many nations.

There are plenty of options for students opting to study in Australian universities. Some 22, 000 courses are offered at 1100 educational institutions under 43 universities. It is easy to get confused in choosing a path due to the problem of plenty.

What to study in Australia that brings high job prospects? Let us look at two popular courses for Nepalese in Australia that bring top career prospects and development:


Nursing is one of the choicest courses for Nepali students in Australia. You can pursue certificate course to a doctorate in the nursing field. The nursing programs are meticulously designed to meet international standard and prepare future nurses for the industry. The recognition of Australian nursing degrees across the globe is another reason for Nepalese to study nursing in Australia.

Further, there is a tremendous employment opportunity for graduates and registered nurses in the local healthcare industry.


Australia is a famous destination to pursue engineering. Students can avail the modern educational infrastructure and training facilities to equip for their future career. The engineering field has many options like civil, electrical, aeronautical, geological, environment, nuclear physics, biomedical among others. Engineering courses in Australia are known in the academic world for their quality and training on simulated projects. Aspiring engineers get ready for their workplace challenges in the study.

Australia is developing fast and needs infrastructure to support economic activities. However, the country is facing a shortage of skilled engineer to carry out these developments activities. It is a vital opportunity for overseas students to get employment in the niche industry.

Apart from that, Accounting and Finance, Information Technology, Social Work, Public Health, and others are equally popular in Australia.

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3 Popular Courses for Nepalese Students in Australia

Are you thinking of pursuing higher education in Australia?

If yes, you might be thinking in which city to study, top universities, career path, courses, etc. that help in starting your dream career.

Australia has a load of study options for the local and overseas students at the regional universities. The Department of Education and Training has approved 22, 000 courses offered through 1100 educational institutions. Out of 43 universities, seven have featured in the Top 100 QS World University Ranking latest edition. It signifies the magnitude of study options available for aspirants.

Nepal students often face the problem of plenty in choosing courses in the country. But, it is essential to remember that not all routes are created equal nor helpful to find employment. Consult with education consultants for Australia to get accurate information about courses, universities, path, etc. to make an informed career decision.

Let us look at the famous courses for Nepal students in Australia:


Qualified nurses enjoy high job prospects around the globe. Students pursuing nursing study from Australian universities are recognised and accepted everywhere. Even in Australia, there is a shortage of skilled nurses in the local healthcare industry. The decision to study nursing in Australia may increase your employment prospects given the skill crisis.

Information Technology

If you are eyeing for a successful in Information Technology (IT) field, Australia is a top destination for higher education. Universities offer a range of IT courses for the aspirants – foundation course to specialisation. Some of the specialisation areas are hardware, software, networking, cybersecurity, and other domain-based study fields.


The decision to study engineering courses in Australia may be a turning point for students. Apart from quality training, students get numerous study options that aren’t available in other countries. Some of the engineering study fields are automotive, civil, electrical, geothermal, mining, environmental science, and others in the regional colleges.


Accounting is still one of the most popular study options for overseas students in Australia. There is a good reason for that – employability of new graduates. The Outlook job portal has revealed that Australia will witness 40k job openings by 2020 across the country. Further, exciting career options are available to study as a specialisation for aspirants.

The courses are the top choices for students willing to pursue higher education in Australia. Occupations are added in the MLTSSL and STSOL reflecting the skill shortage of qualified professionals. The opportunity to get employment in the domestic market is a top factor for students choosing the courses in Australia.

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Top Reasons Why You Need Education Consultants for Australia

There are hundreds of Nepalese students who aspire to study nursing in Australia. Apart from nursing, plenty of other programs offered by the Australian universities are attracting our students to pursue higher education in Australia- the land of beautiful beaches and welcoming natives. However, it is unfortunate to know that many of them often fail to complete the university or visa application due to the lack of knowledge. Here is where the role of expert consultants comes crucial.

Who are the education consultants?

Overseas education consultants are the professionals who have complete knowledge about and expertise in the international education industry. They can help you with exactly what you are looking for; this involves comprehensive information on colleges, courses, scholarship and the visa application process from beginning to end.

The guidance provided by the consultants is vital, especially in the scope of education as well as a career in the country you choose. For instance, if you opt to join engineering courses in Australia, expert consultants will not only guide you the best colleges but also tell you about the Australian job market. In short, they help you create a pathway to achieve success in your chosen field.


An experienced consultant will provide you with alternatives if the prospects fail to qualify the university or program of your choice. They will let you know about the admission seasons of education institutions and universities, the course and living expenses, and other facts related to studying overseas.

Qualities of Good Study Overseas Consultants

Professional consultants have good knowledge about the visa process, and their experience allows them to make your visa and admission process smooth and hassle-free. They ensure that you are eligible and your paperwork is as per the requirements of your chosen country’s universities or immigration offices.

Good education consultants for Australia support you in the English test process. They provide you coaching and counselling in popular English language tests such as TOEFL, PTE and IELTS as the most English-speaking nations recognise the scores of these tests.

Experienced consultants will also help you to avail various categories of Scholarships availed by various course providers.

Expert consultants will also guide and counsel you exactly to prepare and submit the requisite financial documents tuition fees deposit approval for Confirmation of enrolment needs to lodge visa file.


If you want a hassle-free application for a study abroad experience, you should speak to an expert education consultant at AECC Global. Our consultants are like the gatekeepers of this particular domain, and the insights they offer are essential, which will help you get closer to the education you deserve.

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Top 3 Study Areas You Can Choose to Make a Successful Career in Australia

There’s been a consistent growth in the number of Nepalese students enrolling in Australian universities to pursue higher education. In fact, Australia is the most preferred destination for them when it comes to studying overseas. Relatively lower fees, a simplified visa process, many scholarships, part-time job opportunities, and top-ranked universities are some main reasons for choosing Australia to study. A recent survey exhibited that well over 20 thousand Nepalese students were studying in Australian universities in 2016.

What about the courses?

Students often choose courses based on their areas of interest, and Nepalese are no different. Nonetheless, here is a list of top programs popular among Nepalese students studying in Australia.


If you are eyeing an excellent career in a field related to the healthcare industry, you can choose to study nursing in Australia. But, extensive study and skills are needed to become a successful career. Australian nursing courses are developed keeping in mind the modern healthcare system and are ideal to reach the goal of becoming a successful nurse not only in Australia but also worldwide. Students can opt to pursue diploma, bachelor or master degree in nursing in Australia.

Australian nursing programs and qualifications are recognised everywhere in the world due to the inclusion of modern practices in the training. Getting a nursing degree enables a student to enjoy high career prospects. As the Australian healthcare industry is facing the shortage of skilled nurses, nursing graduates can avail excellent employment opportunities in the local market.


Based on THE World University Rankings, Australia is home to seven top-ranked universities offering engineering courses in Australia. Australian engineering programs are known globally for its high quality clubbed with advanced training facilities, helping students to gain skills required for career development. Availability of plenty of scholarships, internship programs for recent graduates, and higher job opportunities attract international students to explore engineering field in Australia.

Information Technology

A career in IT is one of the leading career options for Nepalese students in Australia. Studying information technology in top-ranked Australian universities assists students in acquiring quality education to move ahead in the career. Students can pursue certificate, diploma and degree courses in the IT field. Also, you can join Professional Year in IT to launch yourself into the Australian job market quickly.

Many IT firms and companies have settled their units in Australia to provide customer care services across the world. There are plenty of job opportunities for Nepalese students to start their dream career in Australia.

To know more about studying abroad in Australia, you can hire expert education consultants for Australia. AECC Global education consultants will help you with the visa application, selection of universities and courses, accommodation and more.

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Why is demand for Australian institutes only increasing among Nepalese students?

Australia is emerging as the most favoured destination for international students. It is estimated that around 502,544 students from about 200 countries in the world study in Australia. Australia is a leader in the education industry of Asia Pacific region.

The engineering courses in Australia are one of the favoured choices for undergraduate and postgraduate education. Engineering disciplines from Environmental engineering to Computer Science are available in Australian universities. Some of the prominent courses of Engineering in Australia are-

  • Bachelor of Environmental Engineering/Science – University of New South Wales
  • Bachelor of Science (physics), Bachelor of Engineering (electronic & Communication Engineering) – Curtin University of Technology
  • Bachelor of Engineering (mechanical)(biomedical) – The University of Sydney
  • Master of Nanoelectronics Engineering – The University of Melbourne
  • Master of Petroleum Engineering – Curtin University of Technology

International students prefer studying Engineering Australia due to the following reasons-

Quality – The quality of education in Australia is undeniable. Australian institutes go through quality checks regularly, and they receive the ISO 9001 certification, a guarantee of quality.

Affordability – The living expenses in Australia are low, and Students can work up to 40 hours a week to complement their education.

A complete educational experience – Australian universities encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities to help in their overall growth.

Reputation – Australia being home to over 500,000 international students give attention to the cultural and religious needs of these students and has a reputation for being a secular country.

Safety – In Australia, you get the world’s most rigorous protection for international students through the ‘Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000’. The Australian government takes special care of International students through this ESOS act.

Nursing is another sought-after course in Australian universities. Students from around the world come here to study nursing in Australia. Some of the well-liked Nursing courses in Australia are as follows-

  • Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Nursing Science

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What are the most popular courses to study in Australia?

Engineering gets defined as the application of scientific knowledge and mathematical methods for practical purposes in machines, systems or structures. When it comes to standard of education, Australia is slowly ascending its reputation among international students, and engineering courses in Australia are quite famous among students of Nepal.

Australia is country which is famous for its beaches and wildlife, but the quality of education which is given is undeniable as it is home to over 1200 universities. Since the past decade, there has been a significant rise in the Nepalese students heading to Australia for education.

When it comes to world rankings, the following colleges are ranked pretty high for engineering studies-

  • The University of Melbourne is ranked at 32nd in the world.
  • The University of New South Wales is ranked at 33rd in the world.
  • The University of Queensland is ranked at 47th in the world.

In the University of Melbourne, the Melbourne school of engineering is a world-renowned college which has completed 150 years in 2011. In University of New South Wales, there is Australia’s first college to offer a Nuclear engineering program. In the University of Queensland, the Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Engineering (BE/ME) is the first five-year engineering degree in Australia to integrate a semester industry or research placement into a degree with master’s level coursework.

Other than engineering, the demand for nursing courses in Australia is only increasing. Nursing requires working closely with patients, their families and the other health professionals. They have to go through from some of the most challenging situations to moments of absolute joy.

The people who study nursing in Australia must complete a graduate course in Bachelor of Nursing which is a three-year professional degree course. This course helps aspirants in qualifying as General Registered Nurse. The students who want to specialise in a particular field of nursing needs to complete post-graduation.

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Why is Nursing an Ideal Career Option for Nepalese in Australia?

Australia has surpassed the US and the UK to be the most preferred study abroad destination for Nepalese students. Data from the Ministry of Education Nepal revealed that more than 80% of NOCs were issued for aspirants willing to study in Australia. The primary reason for choosing Australia as a study destination is the privileges available to them. The country has become not less than a haven for overseas students.

Like others, Nepalese students choose Australia due to abundant study options, career options and job opportunities in the local market. The country has 1100 educational institutions under 43 universities that are offering over 22, 000 courses in different study fields. But, nursing has become one of the most popular courses for overseas students.

Top Reasons to Study Nursing in Australia

Nursing is a unique profession that deals with helping fellow human beings to regain health again. The nurses work in various healthcare settings under the doctors to care and help in monitoring the condition of patients. Hence, it is a noble profession that involves in saving precious lives of fellow beings using medical services.

Nursing, as a profession, is both challenging and rewarding. Aspirants must acquire theoretical and practical skills to be ready for workplace challenges. Study nursing in Australia to get a quality education and international standard training in the courses. The curriculums of nursing courses are designed to the industry standards and recognised by governments across the globe. Thus, acquiring a nursing degree improves the career prospects of students globally.

Further, registered nurses enjoy high employability in the Australian market as the country is reeling under skill crisis. Graduating from an Australian university is a good opportunity for Nepalese students to grab a job in the niche industry.

Top Privileges for Students Studying in Australia

Australian education system aims at preparing professionals for the future to carry out development activities in Australia and elsewhere. In this endeavour, the country allocates an AUD 200 million as scholarships to help financially struggling aspirants. The award is available for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Australian universities.

Additionally, Nepalese students can work part-time in the departmental stores and hospitality chains. It helps in earning money for additional cost while studying at regional universities.

In addition to nursing, engineering courses in Australia are other popular study option for Nepalese students with high employment opportunities in the domestic market.

The process of studying higher education in Australia is not easy. Take guidance from the education consultant for Australia to get accurate information about top courses, institution, and immigration process. Taking the advice of experienced consultant is the first step towards a seamless study experience.

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Two Popular Courses for Nepalese Students in Australia

Australia is rightly called the land of opportunities for overseas students. The country has a renowned education system which offers 22, 000 courses at 1100 educational institutions in different study fields. Pursuing a right course from the top-ranked university helps students get bright career prospects. It is an important tool for the career growth and success in the professional front.

As stated above, there are ample of study options for students in Australia. However, students must select the in-demand course to enjoy high employability. This is highly important if you are eyeing for work and live in Australia after graduation.

Here are two popular courses that help international students including Nepalese to reach their end goal in Australia:


It is by far one of the popular study options for overseas students in Australia. The high employment prospect is the driving factor of its popularity. The nursing courses and programs are meticulously designed to impart high standard training to students. With the use of cutting-edge technology coupled with internationalised curriculums, the decision to study nursing in Australia proves helpful in starting a successful career in this field.

Further, the recognised degrees bring high career prospect for graduates across the globe. Most of the graduates are absorbed in Australian healthcare settings due to high demand for skilled nurses. It is a crucial opportunity for students to land their dream jobs after completion of studies.


Engineers are rightly called the architect of modern society. No country can progress without the help of skilled engineer in different fields. Unfortunately, Australia is facing a shortage of qualified professionals to carry out economic activities.

More than 40% Australian engineers are of foreign origin. It is a significant data that reflects the shortage of skilled engineers in the country. Study engineering courses in Australia to get the best value education and quality training from renowned faculties. With a greater emphasis on the practical aspects, the students get ready for professional life.

Consult with education consultants for Australia to get more information on scholarships, lifestyle, career options, institutions, and best cities for study. In fact, you will get accurate information concerning your higher studies in Australia from experts for a seamless university experience.

Want to study nursing or engineering in Australia?

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Why Nepalese Students Prefer Studying Engineering in Australia?

Engineering is one of the most preferred courses that students around the world choose to study. A career in engineering provides you with high job satisfaction and poses different challenges. If you want to earn an engineering degree which is recognised all over the world, then you must reach Australia to make that happen.

Top-ranked Australian universities offer numerous engineering courses in Australia for both local and overseas students. In fact, ANET (Australian National Engineering Taskforce) reveals that international enrolments in engineering courses have increased by more than 80 percent between 2002 to 2010.

So, why is Australia a popular destination for engineering aspirants? Read this piece to find out the major benefits of earning an engineering degree from an Australian institution.

A Variety of Courses

No matter whether it’s mechanical, civil, electronics, chemical, marine, petroleum or aerospace, Australian institutions offer a variety of engineering courses right across the country. This gives you an opportunity to specialise in the field of your choice. If you are already working as an engineer, Australian universities offer a wide range of postgraduate programs in engineering, which will make you take next step in your career.

Excellent Career Prospects

At present, Australia is experiencing a shortage of engineers, especially in the cities and states that are experiencing the high growth in mining and resources. This high demand for skilled workforce means that Nepalese students pursuing engineering have powerful prospects of gaining employment in Australia. Overseas graduates are crucial to meeting the country’s engineering skill shortage. You will see many Nepalese students seeking advice from education consultants for Australia to make an excellent career in engineering in Australia.

Work Experience Opportunities

Work experience is an essential part of Australian engineering programs, ensuring that engineering graduates have the practical knowledge and skills needed by employers in the workforce. The Australian Government and professional bodies have launched Professional Year Program for international students who have completed an engineering degree in Australia. The program lets overseas graduates gain experience through an internship program in an Australian company.

In addition to that, Engineers Australia (EA) is the professional body which is responsible for the accreditation of the undergraduate engineering programs. The accreditation ensures that Australian universities and institutions offering engineering programs meet high standards and produce professionals with the skills and knowledge required by employers in the local market.

So, if you have plans to pursue engineering, study nursing in Australia, or studying anything else, you better hire an expert consultant from AECC Global, a top-class education consultancy and agency in Nepal.