Study in Australia: Some Facts About the Country

Australia promotes creativity, innovation and independent thinking throughout all its universities. Overseas students who study in Australia soon find that their education is fun, challenging and rewarding. As a Nepalese student in Australia, you can expect to live, grow and learn new things in an energetic, and friendly country packed with opportunities.

For the ones who successfully complete their degrees, they’ll find that they are competitive in the international job market. The following are some facts about undergraduate study in Australia for international students:

Living in Australia

Australia is knowns for its diversity and culture. Living in a foreign country can be a bit difficult, and your lifestyle will undoubtedly change.

The Australian climate varies depending more on the area, as the country consists of a variety of environments: from white-sand beaches to deserts and grazing lands to coral reefs.

Being an international student in Australia, one of the first things you will have to determine is where to live. Some Australian students live off-campuses, hotels, rentals or through homestay programs while others prefer housing options provided by the Australian universities.

Choosing the Right Programs

Australia provides overseas students with many study options, from graduate degrees to ESL programs. The country also has substantial technical and vocational programs through the TAFE system. When it comes to Nepalese students, they often choose to study engineering, accounting, social work and nursing courses in Australia.

Work While Study

One significant benefit of being an overseas student in Australia is that you can work part-time while completing your degree. Australia gives those with an Australian student visa automatic permission to work.

Overseas students in Australia must find a job on their own, but once hired, they’ll gain hands-on experience in various fields including retail, hospitality, and administration. This is not only a unique opportunity for international students to gain real work experience in Australia but also helps them to cover their living and miscellaneous expenses along with improving their business English fluency.

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Why is Nursing a Top Choice for Nepalese Students in Australia?

Nepalese students are going abroad for higher education these days. The primary destinations are Australia, New Zealand, US, UK, and others. Majority of students are moving to Australia for further education.

Over 22, 000 courses are provided at 1100 educational institutions, but nursing is one of the most favourite courses for undergraduate study in Australia for international students. Excellent benefits are associated with studying nursing in the regional universities of the country.

Let us see the benefits of studying nursing for Nepalese students in Australia.

Recognised and Quality Education System

Australia has a quality education system which is known worldwide. Australian Quality Framework (AQF) is the body responsible for maintaining the quality of courses and programs offered in the local universities. The curriculums of the courses are strictly checked to ensure international standard education for overseas students.

The nursing courses in Australia are recognised and accepted by governments worldwide. Training is offered on the simulated projects help students to acquire professional skills and get ready for the healthcare industry.

Top Cities to Study Nursing Courses     

Australia has many student cities which are famous for providing a perfect environment for higher study and modern lifestyle. Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Gold Coast are the favourite student cities for overseas students. Decide where to study in Australia from these cities based on your preference for living standard and universities.

High Career Prospects

The nursing degrees are of Australia are recognised and accepted by different countries. After graduation in nursing, you will enjoy high employment opportunities globally.

Many countries are experiencing a shortage of nursing professionals. Australia is one such country facing this crisis. Studying nursing in Australia is a crucial step if you are looking to work in Australia after graduation. Upon completion of studies, you will enjoy high employment opportunities in the domestic market of Australia.

Scholarship Opportunities

Australia offers AUD 200 million as scholarships to the international students every year. Being from a partner nation, Nepalese students too can apply for a scholarship while studying nursing at the regional universities. Selected candidates will get concession in admission and tuition fees, airfare, and contribution to living expenses.

Do you want to study nursing in Australia?

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Top Three Student Cities for International Students in Australia

With over 22,000 courses and 1,100 institutions, there is an excellent scope for undergraduate study in Australia for international students. 7 out of the best 100 universities in the world are in Australia. The Australian university system ranks 8th in the world, ahead of countries like the UK, Japan, and Germany. Moreover, Australian qualifications and degrees are recognised by universities and organisations across the globe, meaning you can work anywhere you wish to.

Apart from the quality education, the country is home to 6 of the 40 best student cities in the world. In 2012, a survey revealed that 88 percent overseas students are satisfied or very satisfied with living in Australia. No surprise, Australia is one of the four happiest countries in the world.

There are many world-class places/cities for overseas students to study in Australia, but the ‘problem of plenty’ often creates chaos for students. That’s the reason why the question ‘why and where to study in Australia’ keeps bothering Nepalese and other international students planning to study on this fantastic land of opportunities.

Providing an answer to the question mentioned above, we are telling you about top three Australian cities best for international students.


According to 2013’s QS City Index, Sydney is the fourth best city for students in the world. It’s also the most populous city in Australia. It’s a popular tourist destination for its marvellous structures such as the Sydney Opera house and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Also, the city is home to the oldest Australian university, the University of Sydney.


Better known for being an international centre for arts, Melbourne is recognised as a UNESCO City of Literature. It has the Royal Exhibition Building and the National Gallery of Victoria. Melbourne has the world’s largest tram network.


With two million houses and three major universities, Brisbane has the world’s highest student ratio. It is also popular among tourists for its proximity to spectacular white-sand beaches.

So, these were the top three student cities in Australia. If you want information on IT, engineering or nursing courses in Australia, visa process, accommodation etc., you should meet one of our expert education consultants at AECC Global.

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Top Class Undergraduate Study in Australia for International Students

Today, when we have explored different branches of knowledge and progressed unprecedently, teaching methods, education standards, and curriculums have also been upgraded immensely. Alike other fields, the clouds of competition are looming large upon education as well. And, parents around the globe want to leave no stone unturned to get their kids into the best colleges and making them able to compete with other students.

Keeping all these aspects in mind, students in the third-world countries are opting for pursuing their higher studies abroad. Sighting the quality of education and fantastic job opportunities, students are finally turning up to well-known study destinations like Australia, New Zealand, the UK etc. In fact, Australia is the first choice for Nepalese students planning to study abroad. They often make plans to study engineering, IT, accounting, social study or nursing courses in Australia.

Over the last couple of years, the number of Nepalese students studying in Australia has increased significantly. So, what are those reasons that attract these students to study in Australia? Let us find out!

Top Quality Education

Apart from being a beautiful country, Australia is known for its world-class education system. Australian degrees are accepted across the globe, giving students an opportunity to work anywhere in the world.

Seven Australian universities are included in the list of top 100 universities around the world. These universities offer excellent undergraduate study in Australia for international students hailing from different parts of the world.


There are various scholarship options available for international students looking to study in Australia. Every year the Government of Australia sets aside more than $200 million specifically for overseas students going there to study at Australian universities. The scholarship option is open for students from all over the world.

Great Environment

Australia offers you a multicultural environment where people learn so many things interacting people from varied races, nationalities and ethnicity. If you love to have some fun on a sunny afternoon, Australian weather will impress you. The climate there remains moderately warn throughout the year. So, it’s excellent weather for beach activities.

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Top Three Student Cities in Australia

Are you looking to study abroad in Australia? If yes, then you will get the opportunity to study in famous universities and enjoy a highly cosmopolitan environment. The country also allows you to experience a vibrant city life, complemented by beautiful landscapes.

However, finding out the best student city in Australia is always a chaotic task. Let’s have a look at the top cities ensuring the top-quality undergraduate study in Australia for international students.


Ranked 5th in the list of most livable cities in the world, Melbourne is a cultural centre of Australia. Many top-class Australian corporations are headquartered in Melbourne. The city is a home to some renowned national organisations like the Australian Council of Trade Unions and the Business Council of Australia.

The city allows overseas students to complement their studies with different leisure activities, such as attending music events and seeing sporting events and comedy shows. University of Melbourne’s Melbourne Business School and Monash University are two reputed institutions in Melbourne. Monash University is one of the best universities in the world and the largest university in Australia.


At an average, over 50,000 overseas students come to this city each year. The top reasons for that are the high quality of life and high rate of employability. Being the largest economy in Australia, Sydney is a financial centre of the country.

The city features five world-class universities that offer globally recognised research degree programmes. With a great mix of students, you can admire Sydney for its lovely beaches and green spaces. Meaning, if you are still searching an answer for where to study in Australia, Sydney could be the right option for you.


Brisbane is often called a ‘new-world’ city. As an international student, you will feel a truly multicultural environment here. Four well-known universities in Melbourne are present in the QS world universities rankings. Brisbane is one of the most affordable cities to live and study in Australia.

Local universities of Brisbane charge low tuition fee, and you can choose from more than 9,000-degree courses offered at Bachelor, Master and PhD level.

No matter whether you are planning to study engineering or looking to pursue nursing courses in Australia, above mentioned cities will offer you an amazing study and living experience.

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Undergraduate Study in Australia: Courses, Qualification, Cost and Entry Requirements

Australia is a remarkable country that has built an excellent reputation for quality and excellence across its higher education programs. A huge number of overseas students looking to pursue higher education in Australia amply reflect this global reputation.

Higher education courses in Australia are offered by private colleges, universities and some TAFE institutes. Some professional courses- such as veterinary, medicine, architecture and law- are offered only by universities.

Let us find out more about undergraduate study in Australia for international students, top courses, average cost, and entry requirement.

Courses and qualifications

Australia has a countrywide set of qualifications that are endorsed and accepted by the Australian government. Meaning, there’s a national and international recognition of each qualification and the level of education it represents.

The most common type of undergraduate qualification offered by the majority of higher education institutions are:

Bachelor degree: An Australian bachelor degree provides initial preparation for professional career and postgraduate study. It includes a minimum of 3 years of full-time study (some universities and institutions offer a fast-track system, allowing students to complete a three-year degree in two years). Entry generally requires completion of an Australian secondary school certificate education or the overseas equivalent, or an advanced diploma or diploma from the VET (Vocational Education and Training) sector.

Bachelor degree (honours): Honours program may require an optional additional year of study following a 3-year degree or may be awarded for an academic achievement in degrees of four or more years.

Tuition Costs

The average cost of a bachelor program in Australia is A$15,000 to A$33,000. However, the fee or cost may vary depending on the course, university and state you have chosen to study. Cost often influences your decision when you find an answer for ‘where to study in Australia.

Entry Requirements

Entry into most higher education courses in the country is highly competitive. Apart from the academic requirements mentioned above for each qualification, candidates must meet high-level English language requirements. In some courses, additional entry requirements may be needed, such as work experience; prior knowledge in certain subjects; or the successful completion of a portfolio, audition, test or interview. Each university or institution will have different entry criteria, so it’s essential to contact individual education providers to check.

Starting dates for programs or courses also vary widely. Higher education courses mostly run from late February to mid-November. The academic year is often divided into two semesters, though some institutions adhere to a trimester system or offer summers school from December to February.

Popular Courses

As far as popular courses are concerned, Engineering, Information Technology (IT), Accounting, Social Work, and nursing courses in Australia are some of the most popular courses among international students from Nepal and other Asian countries.

The decision of selecting a program or college is often influenced by personal choice and interest of the student. However, seeking advice from an education consultant may help you make the right decision.

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Why is Australia a Top Destination to Study Nursing?

Nursing is one of the top career options in the healthcare industry. As a nurse, you will serve patients to regain health and provide services to fellow human being. There is no profession which offers so much of job satisfaction and good pay with higher growth. With rising population and epidemic, there will be no dearth of jobs for qualified and experienced nurses around the globe.

Looking to start a successful nursing career in life?

Providing the right medical services to patients needs experience and knowledge. One can develop these skills through practices and extensive studies. As an aspirant, it is essential to study nursing in the top universities to get quality and skills.

Australia has seven student-friendly cities which are ranked high in the list. Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Gold Coast are the top favourite places where student prefers to study in the country. Choose one of those cities while deciding where to study in Australia to get better studying experience.

Studying the nursing courses in Australia help candidates to get industry-relevant experience. The curriculums are advanced and designed based on the international standards. There are many universities which are popular for providing quality training to the aspirants. Thus, studying in the regional university is an important step to become a successful nurse.

Australia is the third most preferred destination for higher education for international students after the UK and US. Undergraduate study in Australia for international students help to get valued certification and enjoy high career prospects. Further, students enjoy privileges like scholarship, lower tuition fees, accommodation facilities, and others.

No matter which course you decide to study in Australia, research the internet or consult with an expert to know more about them. AECC Global is doing the same thing for Nepalese students looking to study in Australia. It provides counselling on education journey, cultures, top universities, and courses to realise their dreams. Contact our education experts for counselling today.

Why is Australia An Ideal Destination for Higher Studies?

An increasing number of international students are choosing to study in Australian universities. Currently, the country stands third as the most popular destination in the world for higher education. The recognised higher education system, top-ranked universities, and numerous privileges are responsible for attracting thousands of international students in the regional universities.

Do you want to pursue higher studies in Australia?

Studying in Australia involves financial costs, effort, time, and of course, dedication. Avoid hurdles in the educational journey with better planning and gathering information from experts. New norms and rules for admission in the top courses and universities may create confusion.

Decide where to study in Australia to get quality education and lifestyle based on your preference. Fortunately, there are many desirable places for higher education. Some of them are Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Gold Coast.

These cities are also called student cities and ranked higher in the Global Student Cities Index due to the presence of favourable conditions for international students.

Another important thing you need to consider is the selection of a course based on your career goal. The Australia Department of Education and Training has 22, 000 approved courses in different study areas provided at 1100 education institutions and 43 universities. So, you can easily find your dream course in the regional universities.

However, there are certain courses that overseas students prefer to study in Australia. These courses have numerous benefits to graduates like high job prospects, PR possibility, and a chance for nomination from the states with range of scholarships available to deserving students.

Here are the top courses for undergraduate study in Australia for international students in the regional universities:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Engineering courses
  • Information Technology
  • Nursing courses
  • Social Work
  • Building and Construction
  • Automotive courses
  • Bakery and Hospitality courses
  • English Language

Among them, the nursing courses in Australia are one of the most popular among the international students. Aspirants find quality education and skills in the top-ranked institutes of Australia. It is an important study for students looking to start a successful nursing career in life.

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Top 7 Australian Cities for International Students

Ranked 3rd in the list of hottest study destinations for international students, Australia is one of the most attractive countries, offering students top-quality education in stunning locations. Following are the best seven cities in Australia to be a student- all offering minimum two internationally ranked universities and a unique study abroad experience:


Sydney is the largest city in Australia and known as an economic and financial hub. Thanks to a winning combination of a quality life coupled with a paradisiacal blend of green spaces and beaches. Apart from providing enjoyable student experience, Sydney is home to some of Australia’s most prominent universities perfect for undergraduate study in Australia for international students. The city also receives a high score for employer activity.


If you are the one interested in live music, comedy or sporting events, Melbourne, the cultural capital of Australia, is packed full of things to do. With the high standards of living and beautiful beaches, the city gets a strong score of desirability.


Having large and internationally diverse student population, Canberra has plenty of attractions- including numerous nature reserves, and a human-made lake right in the city centre. The city also has Australia’s top-ranked university, Australian National University.


Next in our list of the best cities in Australia for international students is Brisbane. The city is home to three major universities and a sizable student population. Considered a very friendly city, Brisbane offers an exceptional mix of students searching a balance between urban and outdoor lifestyle.


The fifth largest city of Australia, Adelaide is known for open spaces, wide boulevards, parklands, and navigable city centre. The Adelaide Nursing School in Adelaide is relatively small, but an ideal place for the ones want to study nursing courses in Australia.

Situated close to beautiful beaches and islands, Adelaide is within easy reach of the Adelaide Hills, great for cycling, hiking, and wildlife-watching.


Offering all the cultural, culinary and recreational amusements, Perth promises an idyllic climate and access to some of the stunning beaches you will ever see. Though the most isolated cities in Australia, Perth has the University of Western Australia ranked 98th in the world. By far, you might have got the answer to “where to study in Australia” for sure.

Gold Coast

Located in Queensland, Gold Coast boasts 52km of golden sands and 300 sunny days each year. Surfers and general beach-lovers will feel right at home here. Away from all the skyscrapers, Gold Coast has beautiful rural hinterland surrounding, numerous mountains, natural rock formations and spectacular waterfalls.

Top Places to Study Undergraduate Courses in Australia


Students decide to study abroad for a variety of good reasons. Of course, the first reason is getting the quality education necessary to take your career forward. Studying in the internationally recognised universities will help in getting cutting-edge skills and knowledge that lay the foundation for a successful career. Acquiring a valued certification, rich experience, and learn many ethics and culture to become a global citizen.

Have you decided to pursue higher education abroad?

The first thing you need is to choose a country where top universities offering your dream courses are available. Assess the quality of lifestyle, living accommodation, friendly locals, and other factors necessary for a comfortable stay.

Top Reasons to Choose Australia as a Study Destination

Many Australian cities are ranked in the Best Student Cities Index due to the presence of favourable conditions for international students. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and Gold Coast are the top places for international students. Peaceful environment, pleasant weather condition, adventure activities, and other conducive conditions make these places favourite for foreign students.

If you’re thinking where to study in Australia, choose one from these top cities to experience a good studying experience. It may be a good step towards a successful career in your life.

Students prefer to study in these cities due to numerous reasons. Most of the globally recognised universities of Australia are available in these places. These are the prime reasons for pursuing postgraduate and undergraduate study in Australia for international students.

Some of the favourite undergraduate courses which international students prefer to study in Australian universities:

  • Information Technology
  • Nursing courses
  • Accounting and Finance courses
  • Engineering courses
  • Social work courses
  • Medicines
  • Public Health
  • Hospitality courses

Among the different career options, the nursing courses in Australia has gained popularity among the international students. It may be due to the presence of quality educational institutions offering quality training and certifications.

Another reason may be the job opportunities in the local market. Australia is facing a shortage of Registered Nurses and occupation is listed in the MLTSSL and STSOL published by the states. International nursing graduates, after completion of nursing studies from local universities, get high employment opportunities in the domestic market.

Do you want to study higher education in Australia?

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