What You Need to Know Before Deciding to Study in Australia?

Australia is a home to 1100 educational institutions and 43 universities offering over 20,000 courses in different study areas. Best of all, seven of Australia’s universities have been featured in the top 100 QS World University Ranking. The country is ranked 9th in the higher education system worldwide. It shows the robust and quality education system available in the country. Additionally, there is a conducive environment for higher learning like relaxed visa regime, low tuition fees, scholarship schemes, and others, making Australia the third most loved country by international students.

Are you also planning to pursue higher education in Australia?

It is necessary to know certain things that would be useful in making your education journey convenient and fruitful as an aspirant.

First, you need to decide where to study in Australia based on your preference for lifestyle and universities. The cities overseas students prefer to reside are Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane. These cities are ranked highly in the list of students favourite cities, with Melbourne in the top. The ranking is made based on these factors like the presence of reputable institutions, affordability, accommodation facilities, and others.

Second, you need to choose the best courses available in the universities based on your career goal. There are courses for undergraduate study in Australia for international students. It is essential to find out the chosen course is recognised to get valued certification to get high career prospect globally. Know the favourite courses of overseas students, and some of them are engineering, accounting, IT, public health, social work, medicines, and nursing among others.

For example, the nursing courses in Australia are recognised and popular among aspirants looking to start a successful career in the health care industry. The quality of education in nursing is high as the training modules are set under the strict guidance of Australian Quality Framework (AQF).

Additionally, you need to know about the education system, lifestyle, environment, and accommodation facilities available in the chosen place. But, you will get all these information consulting with education experts. You can get a smooth education journey right from visa services to enrollment in the top institution taking help of the experts.

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Why do international nursing aspirants intend to come in Australia to study nursing?

Nursing is the noblest profession of all. Every industry may run short of employment opportunities for any possible reason, but when it comes to health-care, nursing is such a field which will not get affected by any global trend or adversities. It does not have any impact of global recession and all. The global market of nursing is expanding with each single passage of the day. It also depends on the skills gained by the nurse which is directly linked to the availability of the scope.

If you intend to be a skilled nurse, you better to choose nursing courses in Australia. The education department of the country is very advanced and those who study nursing there are counted as ‘highly fortunate’. The entire world knows well the value nursing studies offer to the students pursuing the courses. There are different kinds of courses and programs offered in nursing. The system of nursing education in Australia is unique and advanced. The programs help aspirants gaining of knowledge, skills and thorough ethical understanding leading to make the overseas students into competent and successful nursing professionals.

All the Australian nursing courses prepare international students into professionals capable of delivering the high quality, patient-centred healthcare services in different situations. The courses mainly focus on developing the practical aspects of the students. Nursing is a popular course for undergraduate study in Australia for international students though there are many other different courses currently on offer.

Universities offering the nursing courses are all scattered with each breadth and length of the country. And aspirants won’t have any issue in finding the right institution.

The main cities where overseas students can choose to study are Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Canberra etc. These are the major beautiful cities, and you can opt anyone of them and won’t run short of option where to study in Australia.

Few of the major advantages of studying nursing in Australia are as follows-

Be part of Australian healthcare industry: When you choose to study in Australia, after completing your course, you can apply for job after applying for the visa. The healthcare industry is in progress and expanding at high pace.

Quality education: Choosing this country means you are going to acquire the best quality education and degrees obtained from any of the country’s universities draw global respect. So, you will not have any shortage of employment issues anywhere in the world.

Study and work opportunity: Many international students choose the ‘Island country’ because they can both study and work since Australian student visa allows to work part-time. Extra expenses can be easily managed by engaging in part time work.

Enjoy the high standard of living: Every aspiring student willing to study desires to settle down there permanently because of high standard living one can enjoy.

After Graduation: Nursing is one of the highly paid occupation and has migration possibilities too.

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Rely on professional Australian education consultants for admission to nursing courses in Australia

You love listening to your heart like many others. The study in Australia is the call of your heart now, but considering the challenges you are required to deal, you feel discouraged, right? But never mind, make your mind more determined and never shy away from taking the bull by the horns. Just imagine, how amazing it could be to study abroad. Studying nursing courses in Australia would truly mean a lot. It is like a gate-pass to make entry into one of the most lucrative and noble professions. Students who study nursing in this country always turn into highly qualified nursing professionals. The degrees or certificates they hold, fetch them respect from around the world, and they never stay unemployed.

It is no lesser than an achievement being able to study nursing in this part of the world. This Island country is an educational paradise for international students. This beautiful country has many breathtaking cities which are all equipped with top rated universities and other educational institutions. So, if you are aspiring to study, you can decide where to study in Australia with so many options currently available.

Education consultants guide overseas students and solve the challenges lying on their path

As an aspirant, you may not know about the top universities, norms, and criteria for admission in the Australian universities. You will find the new procedures confusing creating obstacles in the admission to the best institution.

But, you won’t face these problems after consulting with the education experts for guidance and help while taking admission in the chosen university. The undergraduate study in Australia for international students will be fruitful receiving the counselling from the experts before enrollment in the selected field.

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A glimpse into undergraduate study in Australia for international students from Nepal

Australia, the ‘Island country’ is filled with high-quality education system imparted through highly developed institutions with all kinds of facilities and amenities. Along with the quality, aspiring students from Nepal can have various options of course and institutional selection. The country’s education department currently runs around 22,000 courses and 1,100 institutions. However, the figure of this number of courses may include the higher and advanced level programs and degrees.

Undergraduate study in Australia for international students from Nepal became easier than earlier. The introduction of work and study opportunity has made all the difference now.

The aspiring students who have financial challenges can manage now. It is only because of work and study scope that they can engage right after arriving in Australia. And they can participate in different kinds of part-time works. Student visa in the country allows working for 40 hours per fortnight. But during holidays or vacation, the duration of work can be extended to the unlimited number.

Some of you may not know why international students from around the globe are more willing to pursue their higher studies in Australia. The scope of receiving the high-quality education and increasing employment prospects as degrees obtained from Australian universities are globally respected. And degree holders from this beautiful Island country get top preference when it comes to employment opportunity.

These are the major factors why study in Australia became popular among overseas students from every corner of the world. If you are mentally prepared to study there, then you can also choose the best city in the country.

Choose the best destination for quality education in Australia

This country, though smaller in both geographically and population wise when it comes to world-class cities, it never sits at the bottom of the list. Many internationally recognised and famed cities can be found such as Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and Sydney. These are the names which have been tagged as the homes of some of the prestigious universities. And if you think where to study in Australia, you can then choose any of these cities.

In case you need any assistance or guidance while choosing the best courses and universities, you can approach Australian education consultant who will extend assistance to you when required.

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Four reasons you never say ‘no’ when it comes to study in Australia

Everybody dreams to enjoy luxurious life with high living standard and plenty of scope for earning. But the hard truth is without any quality education the dream will remain as distant dream ever. Hundreds of overseas students apply for admission in Australia, the land of educational excellence. The number of international students applying for various courses is on the increase every year. And here are the five reasons why every overseas student wants to move out to Australia in pursuit of higher education.

Educational excellence: Students looking for quality higher education will find Australia as the best destination. The quality education heralded by unique and typical Australian approach towards imparting education with high quality is the reason why study in Australia became a dream for many students. The technology oriented learning along with practical aspect equipping students with right skills relevant to today’s market demand is one of the important aspects of education in the country.

Widened scope of opportunities: International students can find one of the major motivating factors pulling them is broadened scope and possibilities. The educational scope is one aspect of it where the education department has around 22,000 courses imparting quality education through 1,100 institutions. Aspirants can choose where to study in Australia in advance is because the country got many beautiful cities which are excellent education centres. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth are the major cities in —

Scholarship availability: Different kinds of scholarships can be applied as the country presents many scholarships to international students. Australian Government has been generous investing around AUD 200 million only for the scholarship for overseas students. There are two categories of scholarships found in the country. One is the Government offers directly to the brilliant international students such as Awards scholarship which is helping many students. Another category of scholarship is the one which individual university and institutions avail to students. The procedure of applying for them will differ from one another.

Work and study scope: International students willing to study in Australia can enjoy work and study together. It is because Australian Government allows students from abroad to work with the student visa. They can work for 40 hours per fortnight while still attending the classes in universities or institutions. And during holidays or vacation, the number of hours can willingly be stressed to unlimited. It is one of the best support for undergraduate study in Australia for international students.

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Reason why study in Australia turns out to be a boon for overseas students

Australia is a country where overseas students from different parts of the world throng for quality education. This developed nation comes third when it comes to preference by students from abroad regarding quality right after USA and UK. However, based on affordability, it gets preferred over both USA and UK. The education department has around 22,000 courses and 1,100 institutions and offers various options for choosing both the institution and subject course.

Availability of scope in the ever-growing Australian market is also another attraction for overseas students. The high standard of life led by people who have settled in the country always have been the inspiration for students from Nepal. These are the primary pull factors which attract students from abroad in large number and why study in Australia became popular.

Important locations where to study in Australia

You know about the employment scope available in this beautiful nation but clueless about where to study in Australia, right? The country has many beautiful cities which are the best locations for the pursuit of higher education. Here are the best locations for international students in Australia are Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra. This country has got some of the world-class universities which have also featured in top hundred’s list. Some of those universities that you can seek admission to are University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, University of Queensland, and Monash University.

The best part of education obtained from them is the quality learning and mastering the skills through the practical approach. The department of education focuses on developing the practical aspect of the students using the latest advanced technologies. The scope of undergraduate study parallel to master study is also high.

Widened scope for undergraduate study in Australia for international students

Undergraduate study in Australia for international students can be the turning point towards realising the career one eyes for. It pays rich dividends when one chooses the course carefully considering the long-term benefits. For instance, undergraduate courses such as engineering, medicine, science, accounting, information technology and nursing course open numerous career options for candidates. International students who want to settle in the country for permanent choose these subjects. It is because these courses provide the scope of for further programs.

Even the overseas students graduating in these subjects from any of the country’s universities can choose to take up professional year program. This year long program fetches five extra points of immigration towards permanent residency. Hence, selecting the courses will serve students more than one way.

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What does it mean to study in Australia for overseas students?

Do you want to give a kick-start to your career with study in Australia? Many overseas students have been willing to study abroad in countries like the USA, UK and Australia. The ‘Land of Kangaroos’ has become the most preferred country as an educational destination joining the league of elite countries consisted of USA and UK. Equipped with the education system with global respect and popularity for the fame quality this country has played a significant role in drawing number of overseas students for higher education. Most of the international students from many developing countries prefer to study in the ‘Island country’ because it gives widened scope both for education and employment. These are the many other pull factors responsible for attracting overseas students.

The educational system has as many as 22,000 courses and 1,100 institutions that are widespread in each breadth and length of the country. So, it provided an option to overseas students who can choose where to study in Australia in advance. Major study destinations include Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra, etc. and candidates willing to review can have the correct measurement of the cities. This beautiful country has always given access to its quality education to the international students. There are many scholarships and other financial grants offered as Aides, fellowships, etc. to many overseas students. The government invests around AUD 200 million per annum in scholarships, and it has boosted the accessibility of country’s quality education.

Reason why study in Australia became common trend among international students today  

The opportunity to work and study is also one of the huge factors for which many international students aspire to move out of their countries to Australia. The overseas students can avail the facilities, and importantly they can work along with their studies. The student visa allows them to work for 40 hours per fortnight and limit of working hours get unlimited during vacation and holidays. This fantastic destination has earned global fame and popularity in all over the world as one of the best educational hubs with world class cities all around the country carrying many pleasant surprises and fascinations. Today people consider study in this beautiful country as prestige, and this is the reason why study in Australia became an attraction.

When you find problems in plenty when it comes to choosing the best courses, you must be little smarter here. It is because making the correct choice would mean half of your fulfilling career dream gets completed. However, for the undergraduate study in Australia for international students, some of the major courses are engineering, accounting, nursing, computer science, and information technology. The students with far-sighted vision are the ones who choose these subjects. These courses can be made to be the best pathways that lead to permanent residency in Australia.

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How study in Australia for international students became easier today?

Australia became an important destination for quality education attracting international students in large number from far and wide. The increase in overseas students moving into the country speaks volume about the level of educational quality, scope available and easy immigration processes. Australian experts expressed that the country is likely to face the shortage of skilled professionals shortly. It made the Government to amend immigration and educational policies making them more overseas students’ friendly than earlier. Today, most of the Asian nations are enjoying the benefits and widened scope opened.

Nepal has joined the list of Asian countries from where students preferably opt Australia as their best-chosen education centre. Undergraduate study in Australia for international students provide plenty of options for choosing both the subject courses and institutions. The education department in the country is rich with as many as 22,000 courses along with 1,100 educational institutions.

The Island nation is a home of some of the beautiful and world-class cities. Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne are the leading cities which are the primary sources of pride for the country. The breathtaking attractions, excellent education system, availability of affordable accommodation and friendly natives present the cities as best educational hubs for overseas students. The ‘Land of Kangaroos’ takes pride with eight of its universities having featured in the list of top world universities.

Title: Why do students from Nepal love to study in Australia?

Australia has been an ideal destination for higher education for Nepalese students. The continued affair with country’s quality education is evident from the fact that Nepal became the eighth largest sources of overseas students for this beautiful island country. And contributing to it is the major factors such as low fees, easier immigration process, work and study scope, scholarship programs, massive job prospect and of course permanent residency. These are the primary reasons why study in Australia became a trend for Nepalese students.

In the year 2016, the number of Nepali enrolments in the Australian universities rose to around 20,463. As per the immigration sources, the rate of increase was high, and it was as much as twice the number of enrolment in 2015. If you are aspiring to study, you can choose where to study in Australia after careful analysis considering all associated benefits and other factors. In case you do not know how to decide, you can approach Australian education agent who will help you in making wiser and important decision.

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Incredible reasons to opt undergraduate study in Australia for international students

When it comes to building a career, it is very crucial to choose the right courses and institutions carefully. Giving good start of pursuing a course from reputable university holds much significance. So, are you looking for the opportunity to move abroad for your higher education to give it a right start for fulfilling your dream career?

If yes, set your eyes on Australia-The land of fortune for quality education seekers! The country could be your best destination for several reasons. Here let’s talk why study in Australia is quite popular among today’s international students and the factors associated with it. The ‘Land of Kangaroos’ is not only one of the leading quality education providers, but it also has some of the amazing things to discover. The laid-back nature, high standard of living, beautiful cities and friendly locals make the country as one stop-destination for education.

Reasons making Australia an excellent destination for global education

Australia as a growing Destination: This Island country is currently the third most preferred country after USA and UK when it comes to undergraduate study in Australia for international students. The cultural diversity, friendly natives along with the high quality of education are ensuring the country to be one of the leading global destinations for overseas students.

Global Recognition of Australian educational degrees: The education system of this beautiful country is respected and known in every part of the world. The employment opportunities for graduates of Australian universities are not confined to the job market of the country. The scope for them is widened, and they are highly sought-after candidates in other parts of the world.

Low Cost of Living: For international students, the study in Australia is comparatively less than studying in America and the United Kingdom. So, who does not want to avail quality education at lower expenses or budget? Along with the less education cost, the country also allows overseas students the scope to work and study through the student visa. There are plenty of ways to earn for extra expenses as the country is richly filled with many service industries intermingled presenting widened scope of job opportunities. The scholarship available for overseas students is also another attractive part of an education system which helps international students to enjoy receiving the quality education. This financial aid covers tuition fees, living expenses, and health cover costs.

Educational Diversity: Australian education system is truly outstanding with diverse ranges of courses on offer. It has 22,000 courses comprised of varieties ranging from diplomas, degrees, masters, research, etc. The country also has around 1,100 institutions engaged in offering quality education with a focus towards improving practical aspects of students through technology oriented education. Those enthusiastic students thinking where to study in Australia may find many cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, etc. which are homes to some of the world class universities and other institutions.

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Why is Australia considered as the best place for higher studies?

Australia has emerged as an excellent place for higher education. It provides an exclusive type of education which encourages students to be creative, innovative and think independently. Australia offers the right value for money as the living standards of the country is among the highest in the world. But, the tuition fees are lower in comparison to universities of the US and UK. The undergraduate study in Australia for international students help them to kickstart their chosen career. The questions arise in student’s minds are why and where to study in the land down under.

Places To Consider For Higher Studies

Many international students think of where to study in Australia? Australia has a lot to offer, and it depends solely on you. If you’re going for the business and management studies, then choose Sydney. Sydney is the economic and financial capital of the country. The city offers an incredible infrastructure and standards of living. If you’re looking for a liveable city with a multicultural population and great environment, then go for Melbourne. Some of the best Australian universities reside in Melbourne. The city is a melting pot of different cultures, and you will witness numerous artistic and sporting events in this city throughout the year. Brisbane is a great option if you want to surf and stroll on beautiful beaches besides study. Living in Brisbane is less than the cities mentioned above, and the famous Gold Coast is near to the place.

The second question arises in overseas student’s minds are why study in Australia? Apart from being a much smaller population, there are seven universities ranked in top 100 best universities in the world. The education provided by universities is among the best and most innovative in the world. Facilities for training, research, and education are best-in-class in the country.

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