Top 3 Courses for Nepalese Students to Study in Australia after 10+2

Though Australia is one of the top three study abroad destinations in the world, it has now become the first choice for Nepalese students. Each year, thousands of Nepalese students apply for a student visa to study in Australia after 10+2.

Comparatively simple student visa process, world-class education, low tuition and living costs, and beautiful landscapes are some of the most common traits of Australia that allure overseas students not only from Nepal but also across the globe.

However, there are certain things/tasks that often leave us confused. What to study, where to study, what are the available scholarship options etc. are some of the frequently asked questions that occur to every aspiring student with an Australian dream.

In an attempt to ease your efforts, we are discussing here top Australia courses for international students:


Never seems going out of the trend, accounting professionals are always in demand on both personal finance and corporate levels. In the majority of cases, accounting students gain professional status through an accredited university course, work experience and further study. Australian-qualified accounting professionals often find employment overseas.


Nepalese students pursuing an engineering degree in Australia have the peace of mind knowing that they’re obtaining a quality degree. Thanks to Engineers Australia (EA) who ensures that Australian degrees are equivalent to degrees in countries like the UK, the US, Canada and Japan.

Computer Science/Information Technology

With advanced infrastructure and latest technology, several IT conglomerates such as Canon, Google System and IBM have set up their software developments in Australia. If you study in Australia, you will be exposed to the latest technology and infrastructure, making you receive advanced education and become future innovators.

The University of New South Wales and Charles Sturt University are two leading institutions offering several IT courses for native and international students.

If you know more about Australian courses and degrees, scholarships options, top Australian universities etc., you can get in touch with one of our education consultants at AECC Global.

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