Things to Consider Before Hiring Overseas Education Consultants

Studying abroad is a big decision that needs a thorough analysis of different aspects. Which course should I study? Which country or university will be the best for me? What’s the process of obtaining a student visa? These are some of the prime questions that may occur to every student who aspires to study overseas.

Australia is the most sought-after study abroad destination in Nepal. Every year thousands of Nepalese leave their country, family and friends behind to work and study in Australia and achieve their career goals. However, as we have mentioned earlier, realising your study abroad dreams needs a vast amount of knowledge about the culture, language, education system, lifestyle, and job market of the country where you have decided to go. No matter whether it’s Australia or New Zealand, you will need expert advice.

Here is where the need for expert education consultants arises. An education consultant knows the education system of your chosen country and can assist you in choosing the right career path. You can collect information via the internet, but internet can’t suggest you the right and suitable career path. On the other hand, a consultant will help you with the visa application, admission applications and can offer advice on anything you need.

Owing to the rising demands for expert overseas education consultants various agencies have emerged. The abundance of consultants often confuses you in picking the right one. Here are some things that can help you find the right consultant.

Registration of the Consultancy or Agency

First of all, you need to check the record of the company before seeking any help from the agent. It’s mandatory for consultancies to get registration from the concerned bodies authorised to validate the expertise and skills of the agencies.

Knowledge and Expertise

Your education agent must know the top universities, courses, the market conditions, and job scenario of your chosen country. Based on their experience, they can suggest you better career options.

Also, you need to cross check the success ratio of the agency you have chosen.

Read the Testimonials

Going through the testimonials of previous clients will give you an idea about the quality of the services that the agent or agency provides. In fact, the testimonials are nothing but the indicators of an agent’s performance and professionalism.

So these are some the things that you can keep in mind while choosing an education agent. Apart from that, you can easily find the best Australian education consultants at AECC Global. AECC Global is a popular education consultancy and agency in Nepal and other major parts of the world.

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