How will accounting and engineering courses in Australia help you obtaining permanent residency?

Today the significance of studying in right and quality institution has substantially increased. The job markets became fiercely more ‘battle fields’ and meant for only highly skilled professionals. Many international students prefer these days to study abroad at reputable and quality institutions in the pursuit of higher education. When it comes to studying abroad, developed nations like USA, UK and Australia are the most trending destinations.

However, from the last few years, a new trend has set up. Many students from developing nations like Nepal have been shifting their focus to Australia. And this country has turned out to be a ‘nation for building destiny’ as clearly reflected by increasing enthusiastic students preferring to study there. High-quality education, beautiful landscape, high standard of living, advanced health care, plenty of scopes of employment and courses offered by institutions are the primary pull factors.

So, won’t it be exciting to study there and trying to obtain permanent residency? Permanent settlement in this advanced country is one chief reason making overseas students choose it as their study destination. Now, here the course selection holds significance determining if you will find a clear path to permanent residency. And this is the reason students are choosing engineering courses in Australia.

Aspiring students choosing engineering course can further take up the professional year program of engineering right after the graduation from any of the Australian university. This year-long program acts as job readiness program, enhances the skills of overseas graduates and prepares them for employability. Apart from these, extra five points of immigration towards obtaining permanent residency visa are also awarded to graduates after successful completion of the program.

How easier to obtain PR in Australia for accounting and engineering graduates?

Similarly, study accounting in Australia also provides the same scope for getting the permanent residency. Though not to mention the vast job opportunities for accounting graduates after completion of the professional year program. Many Nepalese students settled in Australia and contributing to the country’s economy have the same story how they obtained the PR.

Studying engineering and accounting courses in Australia has become easier now. The aspiring international students with financial challenges can also dream to study with the number of scholarship schemes introduced by Australian Government. So, all you need now is to be mentally prepare yourself and apply for any of your preferred courses from 22,000 courses currently on offer. If you require any guidance for making the right choice of course and institution, you can come approach to expert Australian education consultants sitting at AECC GLOBAL right now!

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