Top 3 Factors That Make Nepalese Students Choose Australia to Study

In recent years, the trend of studying abroad has become quite popular among Nepalese students. Right after completing 12th, plenty of Nepalese students start thinking about study abroad destinations and other options. Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada and the UK are some of the most popular education destinations for international students, but Australia continues to be the first choice for Nepalese students.

So, what are those significant factors that still attract these students towards Australia? Have you ever thought about it? If not, let us find out!

Quality Factor

With over 1100 world-class educational institutions offering more than 22000 courses in Australia for international students and native students, Australia is listed among the top 3 student destinations in the world.

Advanced technology, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and top-ranked universities ensure that students in Australia receive the best quality education. And, that’s the reason why Australian degrees and qualifications are recognised across the world.

Growth Factor

Since Australian qualifications are accepted everywhere, you can gain an employment anywhere in the world. There are various fields, such as nursing, accounting and engineering, in which the country has been facing the shortage of qualified professionals.

To address the shortage issue, the Australian Government and professional bodies have launched some programs, such as Professional Year, and the NAATI. Meaning, if you opt for an accounting course or study engineering in Australia, you have high chances of getting success. Once completing a degree, you can find employment in and outside Australia.

Cost Factor

When it comes to tuition fees and living expenses, Australia is far affordable than other English-speaking nations like the US and the UK. According to the DIBP, the average living cost for an international student in Australia is $19,830 per year. However, the accommodation charges and other living expenses may vary depending on the place you choose to live and your lifestyle, respectively.

In fact, when applying for a student visa, you must provide the evidence that you have sufficient fund to afford your living expenses. Moreover, you can work up to 20 hours a week during the semesters and unlimited hours during the semester breaks. Also, you have the option of availing scholarships offered by the Australian Government to Nepalese students. So, there shouldn’t be any problems related to study in Australia cost.

These are top 3 factors that often influence the decision of Nepalese students while picking a study abroad destination.

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